Things to come before the end of the World I mean 2012.

Yes, it’s me again! I’m almost fully recovered from my acute PCD, and have been talking with a few people and I can say I can’t wait for next month’s Podcast recordings session. We truly have a fantastic lineup coming up here in the next few weeks. Coming up in the next 5 months I will be attending AnimeSaltLake, dates are March 22nd and 23rd. This will be the 2nd convention and the main guest for the Convention will be FUNimation’s own Chris Rager.

Those who know his work need no list to know his work, but for those who are just getting into the anime scene? #Chris Rager has been known for his Voice Acting Talent in series such as Blue Gender, Case Closed, Black Cat, Desert Punk, Lupin III, Full Metal Alchemist to name a few. He is also in quite a number of recent video games as well of the past few yrs. Stuntman Ignition, Bloodrayne, Roadkill and most recently BORDERLANDS 2 WOO! and a plethora of others as well as lending his narrative side to advertising as well.

Also Brett Young one the US Anime Gamers on the Western US Coast who on the whole has been living abroad in Nagoya Japan and will be attending AnimeSaltLake for gaming coverage and podcasting. He does reflect upon Persona 4 and GG, and brings his A+ Game to the scene so beware! Also he’s a Gundam’s Best friend when it comes to the pilot seat and a dog fight. You can catch Brett on “Twitch TV’s Website” This proves to be one hell of a convention. I am hoping to do some live coverage on the convention as well thru our podcast channel/Google Hangout “The CyberNaut’s Hang” other than that, this is me for the here and now. Be sure to catch us on The Cybernaut’s WP Site as well. Opps, I have an incoming transmission it seems,……

“Rosenkreuz to Commander Lundberg, we have a Borg Sphere inbound on your location Sir”

“Understood Rosenkreuz”

“Lundberg to Rosenkreuz”
One to beam up………..

Anime Banzai 2012 Review

Hello everyone just got back last night from Anime Banzai 2012. It was fantastic time had by all. We took off as soon as I got home. We arrived about 5:30 checked in settled into the room went across and got our badges. I saw Dan for the 1st time since last year and the 1st words out my mouth were “Ok, where do I start assembling the Audio/Video equipment?” It was like nothing had changed, just 361 days had passed by like nothing and we were just resetting up the anime viewing rooms. We got everything set up and asked Dan if anything else was needed. So I walked down the hallway and Adam needed help setting up the Anime Banzai Merchandise Store. So I ended up folding about 400 Plus shirts for the store. Mind you I was volunteering yes, but I didn’t write down any numbers or anything, why?

It’s Banzai and some the staff needed a hand, so I lent it without anything in return. While folding shirts I got to meet with Amanda Rush, LB Bryant, and Micah Solusod as they were given the guided tour of the center. I headed back to the hotel around 10:30 pm just because my body started getting sore through the shoulders and heading down, figured time for some sleep. Next morning it was time to wake up and tackle the day, got down stairs the family was already eating breakfast, so I grabbed some grub washed it down and headed over to the con early to yes, create neko ears! I was one the early birds and snagged myself a nice light blonde material for the ears and a tan headband to accompany it with, afterwards headed back over to the hotel to drop them off after showing off a bit. The girls had already headed out and hit the game room, while my wife and oldest hit the convention hall and took in a panel or two.

While that was going on I ran in to a number of people from last year with their cosplay on and I decided to take a pic of a few the great ones. While this was happening I ran into Steve Nunez, AKA Warky T Chocobo to his friends and family, we chatted how things had been and the general chatter, he seems to build up some muscle since last year. I was impressed because I had gained 7 lbs. since the last time we spoke in person. We exchanged some ideas, nodded and enjoyed the rest of the day. I also ran into Amanda and LB while I was taking in the convention and the crowd. I then ran into Chris Patton and David Vincent and Dan Miller as they were taking in the crowd and atmosphere of Banzai, I asked if it would be ok to possibly sit and interview Chris at some point before the end of Banzai. He agreed and best of all it was on Saturday 4:30 pm. Off and on afterwards I just hung out at the anime viewing room and watched a few 1st and 2nd Episodes that had come out recently from funimation who is one the sponsors of Anime Banzai it seems. I could be wrong, but most of the anime was Aniplex/Funimantion I did however see one Manga Entertainment DVD during the weekend.

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The night fell and we ended up getting some greasy pizza from a place called NYPD Pizza, well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t NY Style pizza I’m used to, the cheesy bread was awful, I’d have rather spent the $ on Little Caesar’s than NYPD Pizza, it was just that bad. During the night I wandered back over because there was a few episodes I wanted to see so I took a seat and just relaxed and then 20 mins into the show BAM a fire drill some numb nut decided it would be cool to create some more fog in the Hotel’s Lounge/Bar while they attempted to do Techno mixes of J-pop tunes. We had to evacuate the building then we’re told false alarm it was ok to go back in. Next thing I know it goes off again this time we played it smart and just closed the door. This fire drill bit went off 2 more times that night I was woken up at 12:13 am by Richard I think letting me know they were closing down the room for the night, as I wandered back to the hotel room I met up with LB Bryant and decided to just to an informal brief “hey how are ya?” conversation with my cell phone. He was enjoying the convention loves the weather and the people and fans. He’s got the smoking bug and asked what his brand was? Marlboro 720 asked him if he had any problems with the smoking range rules we have here in Utah and he had no mind to it. Follow the rules to the best you can eh? Well I wished him a pleasant evening and ended up back in the room in bed and asleep.

Next morning same routine this time however with my wife’s help I was able to don on my cosplay as Tomodachi AKA Friend from 20th Century Boys The Trilogy Movie set. We walked up and down the hall for a bit walked thru the Artist alley and only “1” person noticed me I think. Afterward a bit disheartened I went back and changed back into my normal Convention wear and spent the day mostly talking with LB and Micah off and on as we ran into each other, and I was able to walk in on Micah’s Q and A Panel and caught a small bit of him doing the “Blackstaaaaaar!” shtick which we all got a great laugh out of. There David Vincent’s panel on the Business of Voice Acting which was pretty informative I must say. Afterwards got together with family discussed dinner the girls ran back to the game room again, my wife was on her laptop doing some work related project. I remembered I had my 4:30 interview with Chris Patton and indeed I was on time and we were able to do a short but cool interview, I got your autograph that you wanted Dustin! Merry Early Christmas present bro. After the interview I headed up the hotel and relaxed for a few and also ended up cleaning a broken glass from the ground in the kitchen area in our room. I was just glad that our daughter didn’t get cut or anything. After those things kind of blurred together, I remember going to bed but not too much before though.

Sunday came, we got dressed for our final day, where we attended a Japanese Fairy Tale Panel, a Sentai Panel and last the Make and Take bead bracelet Panel. After all that we went back to the hotel I turned in our keys and we basically just came back home from an awesome weekend. I did however invite the entire guest line up to the podcast I co-host on as well. So here is to a closing of a great Anime Banzai 2012 and start planning on Anime Banzai 2013.

Days of long past, remembering a place of my youth. SOMA Nightclub!

SOMA is a popular all-ages concert venue in the Midway District area of San Diego, California, right next to the San Diego Sports Arena. Over the years it has become one of the more popular concert venues in the city.

Claiming to be one of the best all ages venue in the “SoCal” music scene, Soma lets everyone in, no matter the age. There is a strict alcohol-free policy to provide a safe environment.

SOMA originally opened in the early 1990s by Len Paul at an old warehouse in downtown San Diego on 555 Union Street, just south of Market Street – hence the name “SO uth of MA rket.” At that time, the venue was mostly known

as a dance club, but eventually made the transition to hosting live music. One unique feature of the club was that in addition to the main concert hall located on the ground floor, it had a basement area, known as “The

Dungeon” that held approximately 100 people. It was in the dungeon that many local San Diego bands would get their first opportunity to play at the club. If bands could bring in a large-enough following, they would often

be given the opportunity to play upstairs on the main stage in support of more popular local acts, or even nationally touring acts. It was at this downtown location that such well-known San Diego bands such as Rocket from

the Crypt, blink-182, Unwritten Law, Stone Temple Pilots, and Buck-O-Nine built a strong local following before moving on to tour nationally in the mid 1990s.   In 1994 after I had left california, SOMA was moved to a former warehouse on Metro Street, just south of the University of San Diego. Major artists such as Faith No More, Fugazi, Pavement, The Ramones, The Smashing

Pumpkins and Weezer performed here, as well as many local bands. The venue closed in 1999.   In 2002, Paul reopened SOMA at its current home in a former multiplex movie theater that was renovated into a concert venue. Walls dividing individual theaters were torn down to create one large area for the main stage.

Located at 3350 Sports Arena Blvd., it can hold up to 2700+ occupants in its main hall, and the side stage can accommodate 500+. The venue has also turned many of the theater’s old production offices into dressing rooms

for the bands which overlook the audience. There is a snack bar and merchandise area in the lobby of SOMA as well. SOMA does not have an age requirement for their shows and does not have a bar, serve alcohol or allow the

consumption of alcohol or drugs within the venue. There are no seats in the venue and all concerts are general admission. SOMA holds concerts throughout the year and both local and popular bands have been known to play

there. Since the venue is located next to the San Diego Sports Arena, attendants often park in the free parking section of the sports arena near Chili’s.

THE ORIGINAL SOMA (555 Union St.near seaport village): SOMA was born Circa 1986 from a floral warehouse to a Venue/Dance Club for owner Len Paul to stage dances for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

the word spread like wildfire, and it became one the hottest under-21 concert spot downtown. Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, The Ramones, The meat Puppets, were some of the greatest punk bands to rocked the

walls of the first SOMA. Due to the renovation of the CityFront Terrace project however, SOMA would have to be pushed to Bay Park and sadly to its current Midway District location but it is still to this day one the

hottest concert/dance clubs in San Diego. Nowdays its the Children’s Art Musume but I will always remember the smell of clove cigrettes and exotic coffee from the espresso machine they had downstairs  under the entrance of

the club.

Stargate / Star trek and overall Awesome Composer Joel Goldsmith Dead @ 54

It is with terrible saddness that I report and post that Mr. Joel Goldsmith, famed composer for both “Star Trek” and “Stargate,” beamed out of this reality and unto the next realm and adventure, he had been dealing blows against cancer for some time now and Saturday 4/28/12 was the day that battle was lost. He passed away at 54.

Though he got his start scoring some classic  cult sci-fi/horror films such as  “The Man With Two Brains”. Being the son of Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith followed his fathers footsetps and his career  in television. Joel went on to score 350+ esp. of various “Stargate” series and contributed over 20 minutes of musical assets in “Star Trek: First Contact,”.

Goldsmith was a three-time Emmy nominee. First nominated in 1998 for “Stargate SG-1,” he was also nominated in 2005 for the main theme for “Stargate Atlantis” and in 2006 for “Stargate Atlantis: Grace Under Pressure.”

Fellow composer Neal Acree, who worked with Goldsmith on “Stargate” released a statement on his friend’s passing:

I’m utterly heartbroken at the loss of my dear friend and mentor Joel Goldsmith. He was like a second father to me and I feel like I owe much of my career to the opportunities he gave me including my first feature film and first experience scoring television. His influence on my life, both personally and musically, will stay with me always.”

My Condolences  go out to Mr. Goldsmith’s family, and friends and fans, we have lost another great in the music industry. He will however be remembered in our hearts thru his music, the television shows he helped give birth to and recently his involvement in Call of Duty 3 where his musical talents were created and placed as well. God speed Joel Goldsmith, may the heavens open their gates and welcome you .

End of Transmission.

Gundam 0083 StarDust Memories Reveiw

YOU LOVE GAINT MECHA ACTION! This is Gundam. MS Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory was the first Gundam feature with action sequences, a stable budget, which sat a high rank topped by only by the conclusion to the UC story, Char’s Counterattack. I can say certainly that is pretty slick, and with fortitude to take it to the bank. Beautiful mecha layouts and design schematics. The well-polished and the intelligence that is reflected in Anavel Gato, the Nightmare of Solomon, was the first of his kind to truly give us a reason to root for the bad guy (Like Anakin didn’t do that in Star wars).

Enter Anavel Gato, Nightmare of Solomon, 2nd from the zeon roster next to The Great Char Aznable. Azabael, had his turn with the throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of the earth federation gearbox Operation Stardust is the next plan and earth is the theater, where Gato plans to hijack a top secret Gundam Designated as the GP02 with a nuclear payload added. There are 13 eps, not going to spoil the surprise, which would be rather rude.

 The Federation is weak handed and does not take of the mantle of Power and Glory. Anavel Gato is your new found sovereign and lord, and a tactical nuke to back up what he says. Push him I dare you to force his hand and show you the true might of Zeon. Of course there is Kou

Enter Kou Uraki, a test pilot stationed at the Australian base where the 2 classified Gundam units GP01 and GP02 are being held for their initial trials. The supporting cast surrounding him, there is the crew of the Albion and one Ms. Nina Purpleton, test lead representative of Anaheim Electronics. There is also no mistake Zeon and Gato definitely make their presence known throughout the series

The Plotline

The Historical here is Circa 0083 is the 3rd Gundam series in actual chronological order, and the 2nd major one, the 1st and through the 0080 OVAs had 2 stories within the same wartime frame. Stardust Memory starts 3 years and change since the Antarctic treaty; Zeon sued for peace and ended the quest for orbital dominance.

Enter Kou Uraki, a test pilot stationed at the Australian base where the 2 classified Gundam units GP01 and GP02 are being held for their initial trials. The supporting cast surrounding him, there is the crew of the Albion and one Ms. Nina Purpleton, test lead representative of Anaheim Electronics. There is also no mistake Zeon and Gato definitely make their presence known throughout the series

I am king of the orbit!

Now while during this stage of Gundam and the series’ development. Lemmy Kilminster explained his hobby of collecting WW2 German Nazi memorabilia and that the bad guys always get the best stuff because you know they’ll be the ones to lose the most. Such as khaki uniforms wi/ kangaroos insignias on the shoulder plates vs. gold eagle emblems and short pleated capes. Generic designed Mobile suits vs.  Zeon issues Zakus and with the Dom. Sheer.

Now, if you’ll take notice, the canon, Giren Zabi was an overzealous upstart of a leader and with the Zeon already guilty of murdering billions of people on the 1st day of the 1Year War. The Zeon put Kou Uraki through the ringer when he attempts to engage them throughout the series. The battles between Kou and Gato are also well orchestrated and designed I love the animation and character creation and the interaction between the cast and the main characters and the mini plots the whole love hate relations that Kou, Nina, and Gato have. Overall this gets an 8.9 out of 10 ranking from me.

Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Week 3 – and maybe the last beta before Launch on Dec 20th.


Ok, so another great weekend of SWTOR. reached level 11, got my lightsaber, got T7 got to Corusant and was able to complete like 5 of the quests I could before the servers shut down for the data gathering. All in all this MMO is one the very few I’d consider actually paying a year in advance to play on regular basis. The worlds were designed quite well especially the High tech ones. There was even a seperatist battle going on one the other worlds beach side. again this just further reinforces my opinion that this will be the Killer that puts Star Wars Galaxies into Carbonite and launched into deep space.

Anime Banzi 2011

Ok so I’ll finally talk about Anime Banzi since I’ve been able to get some of the photos off this smartphone. Well there was definitely a lot of cosplaying around and a good measure of steampunk lets say that right off the bat. Also some people of notoriety, such as Wendy Pini of ElfQuest, and The Great Rando from MST3k who was one the best , Chuck Huber, Chuck’s expansive performance career has danced between being a TV, film and stage actor for over 20 years, (most notably at Chicago’s Steppenwolf and Goodman Theaters); He has played Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho, Android 17 in Dragonball Z, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Austria in Hetalia, Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Ashe in Black Butler, Mohji in One Piece, Hiro in Shin Chan, Reever in D Gray-man… among many others. He has written Sgt. Frog, Hetalia, Baccano, Oh Edo Rocket, Strike Witches…among many others.

We also had Lisle Wilkerson who is probably most well-known for her work in the Tekken franchise where she is the voice of Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro, and Zafina. She also played a role in the Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola film “Lost in Translation”, There was also Mr. Musician and Entertainer Steve “Warky” Nunez Steve Nunez, aka Warky T. Chocobo, raised on video games, 1st on his commodore 64, and at age of 5, playing on his NES. Steve recalls from his youth popping in Super Mario Brothers, and LO’from the moment that first note played, he knew his destiny. Not only were the games entertaining, he was also entranced by the music from The Final Fantasy franchise as well.

Overall a great time was had by me and mine at the game room, making neko ears, getting a chance to make a few connections with other collectors like myself. With that I’m going to leave you with a few pics from Anime Banzi 2011.

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The A.D. Police saga is one of the fan loved series spin-offs from the BGC anime franchise. As the cyber crime ratio rises in MegaTokyo escalates, political pressure mounts towards the A.D. Police to stop the increasing numbers of mutating cyborgs known as VOOMERS. During this surge of outbreaks, the friendships between members of the AD Police’s Elite team are stretched out a bit to one degree or another.

Small Background history

The year is 2020, and after a devastating earthquake, MegaTokyo also known as Genom City, was being rebuilt at the hands of the cyborg VOOMERS—Voodoo Organic Metal Extension Resources—built by Genom Corp, whose office tower now dominates the skyline. The machines, known as Voomers, have become an integral part of life now, doing heavy construction and maintenance, in addition to more mundane and menial chores. A number of these nits have been known to go rogue for one reason or another, and their destructive rampages can be fatal. To counter this increasing menace, the Advanced Police were formed as an elite police division, focused on Voomer crimes.

Setting is 19 years later after the Quake and the ongoing rebuild of MegaTokyo – Circa 2039

ADP Officer Kenji Sasaki has to come to grips when accepting Hans Kleif as his new partner. He has his own personal demons to deal with, if he is to deal with what faces him and faces the A.D. Police as well all the while investigating the Cyber-espionage and keep the VOOMERS from wreaking havoc on MegaTokyo into a Techno-Warzone. He tends to be the lone point man in his own regards, he takes risks, he also has attitude adjustments that reflect on being someone who is not really that much of a “team player”, but he is good at what he does, and that is what it takes when dealing with machines that have the capacity to take down a building with a few well places blows to the infrastructure, and where lives are at risk.

Unfortunately, the free spirit does not work well with social skills, Kenji’s first meeting with his new partner Hans Kleif, who transferred in from the NP (Normal Police) of Germany, is well let’s be honest, it was less than friendly. Kleif is the good looking Action Hero/Officer type, being shot in the line of duty and losing part of his long term memory and with a possible love interest with the doctor, who is supposedly help him out in trying to regain those memories makes him one the characters the viewer will somehow relate with and stay engaged with the story.

Let’s introduce the rest of the team! We have Jose Collins, who is also the team leader and the demolitions expert. Next the rather tall and blonde explosives expert, Karen Jordon who hails from New York City USA. Then there is also her partner and bud at the bar Ms. Mary Malone who hails from California USA, the resident firebee and aerial combat vehicle pilot. Then comes the part of who they report to, El Jefe Ms. Nancy Wilson also from New York USA as well, who is over the operations of this ADP Squad. Being involved over a city with a growing Voomer threat, crimes are high, as well as something new developing in MegaTokyo.

The Voomer market has expanded worldwide, creating opportunities to insert a criminal element involving mafia/yakauza organizations one especially known is The Backers syndicate, exporting Voomers of questionable background to other companies in need of said merchandise. One of the more notorious of these crime syndicates leaders is Mr. Liam Fletcher, who becomes a major suspect for the A.D. Police, since a series of incidents start to end connecting and centering around the Backer syndicates operations.

Now I love the BGC Franchise as a whole, I have watched all the OVAs, The TV Series, The Manga and Magazine articles over the years. The Three part OVA Set from 1989 comapred to this 1999 pre-quel, you can’t really compare the two series. I liked the OVA as well as The TV series they are both engaging but the TV series has a more intertwinging and plotline which was what got a hold of me and kept my interest. Now with the OVA series it was more due to the individual stories and how they intertwined and yet didn’t as well.

It did have a equal gritty feel to it but a different sense on a social scale, there is a better interaction with cast development and intrigue, and there is a definite sense of “Action Hero” involved in it as well. Back to the TV series, as I went through I got a sense of familiarity growing within the team structure and how Hans and Kenji started to work more as a dynamic duo (No pun there huh?), but at the same time also building a better working force as well as you’ll see as you watch it yourselves. Lots of great involvement on character interacting and some plot catching scenes to keep the viewer engaged and wanting to watch to the end of the series.

The story development has some weak points like any other story, but the character design was well thought out, however the uniforms were a bit inconsistent as far as uniformity was concerned. This world here shows a more realistic environment of a Japan that has been hit by an earthquake and is still recovering from said disaster even after being 19 years later. The story has a gritty but enjoyable feel to it for those of us out there that enjoy a cool cyberpunk type environment, RPG games, graphic novels and the ilk.

ADV has this out on the Market as a 2 DVD Boxed set, in my opinion its well worth getting and the pricing is more than reasonable. Some of you may not be a big fan by reviews, but I have seen and read what’s out there regarding the BGC/ADP Franchise that’s been translated in English and I am impressed and own a copy of this box set myself. The Artwork and the fact that it also has a decent opening and closing textless video theme sequence was also an added bonus as well.

Cool things in Robotics and arduino! PLUS Daicon III is 30 Yrs old this year!

I was recently checking out some more of the Omnibot projects there were out there & came across a Robotics Hobby Master the Bot Master, who admins & I emailed him requesting a possible guide on the project he did with his Omnibot. Here on this link you’ll get a feeling on how he built his using Arduino as the control module for it.

Now he used the arduino as the controller but he an add-in from here to control the motors, & used this ping back sensor to avoid collisions. He did a great review/write up on this project hold the same concept. Once I get the necessary parts he & DJ Sures will be able to lend me some advice & help. Here take a look at his & DJ Sures projects involving The Tomy Omnibot, l I think you’ll find them as enjoyable as I am. The one that especially creative was the one that was repainted and converted into a pc, with a mouse cradle for the right arm, which I though was a nice touch.

In anime related news, it had occurred to me & I kick myself for it because its been 30 Yrs since it was made & shown at a Particular Tokyo convention mainly the Nihon SF Taikai Cons Daicon III (1981) & IV (1983)Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga Music by Koichi Sugiyama, Yuji Ohno Kitarō, Electric Light Orchestra –ELO (Twilight which is also used in the TV series Densha Otoku ).

Distributed by DAICON Film Release date(s) 1981 (III) 1983 (IV) Running time approx -5½ mins for III & – 6 mins (IV) creation point was Japan Language English & Japanese So for Hiroyuki Yamaga and Crew and the cutie that is the Daicon Bunny-Chan We say Happy 30th Anniversary and we love you and the work you brought to us which still goes strong to this day and is loved by otakus around the globe!

Gosha-san at Sakura Con “2011”

Gosha made a post about where he’ll be next weekend! Sakura Con [link] is pretty much next week (April 22-24) in Seattle, WA. He ‘s in the artist alley this year. He’s be sharing the booth with Disko Warp Music. On Saturday he’ll be joined with his brother, he’ll be promoting his Rune Hunters comic [link]
There will be plenty-o-swag! on hand, and Disko Warp will have multiple CDs available for purchase as well! YAY! Gosha will of course have his gear from his online store (shirts, key-chains, charms, puzzles, etc) as well as prints, and the new charms set that are not available online as of yet. Artist alley will be open for all three days on the following hours.


Friday – 12 PM –10 PM
Saturday – 9 AM –10 PM
Sunday – 9 AM –3 PM

Artist alley is room 6B. You can find the full schedule here as well, [link]
Gosha is also involved in the AMV contest with Space Space Shooter, possibly. We’re not sure as of yet but if he is OH MAN OH MAN winner winner chicken dinner!
Head over to his booth, say HI! Tell you heard about it through me! He might get a small laugh out of it.