The guy above deserves more than some public shameing spread the word on this please share with your buddies. Dude went to listia, posted up several numbers of PC Items like a Number Sharkk Gaming Mice, 3 Antec PC Cases and NXT Cases I won 1 Antec Case and a Sharkk Gaming mouse the shipping said 5.00 for the mouse and 5.99 for the Antec Case which I paid thru paypal. Yea, I thought it cold be sketchy but I’ll take a small chance that this person was a honest individual, boy what a fucking joke that was on me. But I curse this kid gets cock rot before he hits his 21st birthday.


Two weeks later nothing nadda a empty mail box. So when I decided to attempt to contact this “Wally” person seems I had been blocked from his page said it didn’t exist or some such but since I had a older account I decided to play detective and logged in with my older listia account and yup that fucking little twatwaffle blocked me and took the money and ran without any a word.

So I got my points back after demanding a refund and I have already escalated my case with Paypal and they are investigating it to get my money back from this little shit but BUYER BEWARE @LEO4WIN is NOT to be trusted. is a great place, but there are assholes there as well that think it’s funny to scam people to hold their credits in escrow and not do anything about  it.

Jan. 1/2 Way Mark through the month.

This is the 1st entry for the year. Christmas came and went, kids got what they wanted the wife got what she wanted. I got a Wacom 460 Tablet and 2 steam games from bros I know on steam and off the the game grid. Suffered through Christmas to the following Monday in bed due to someone or thing giving me that stupid $!@#! Flu bug, even now I still have a tiny touch of it.

Was able to buy 2 dressers from Ikea and build them and haul them up to the bedroom which is in dire need of them. It also allowed me to see how many t-shirts I had. Cripes I did n’t realize how many I actually had, so decided to go through and donate what I did n’t want and keep those I liked. My anime t-shirts are pretty old (Circa 1992) so those I am keeping and will have them stitched into a quilt of sorts.

I also trimmed out a few people in my life I just did not need nor want to be involved with any more. You just get to a point where certain actions just rub you the entirely wrong way and you just want to strangle them and dump them by roadside. With that said I will more or less be getting some message privately somewhere from someone because they think I am directly calling them out, which isn’t the case. They were nto the only ones so they shouldn’t feel special in that regard at all. Oh and I re-installed steam and and seems it sent out invites to people I no longer have contact with and also no longer want to talk with me for whatever reasons involved. Which is fine, that’s their choice and I can live with that.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales go live Jan 17th and got the troops rallied and ready to strike out for cookie sales. Setup of the media center for the master bedroom is almost complete, I just have to set the Media PC and hook it to the TV properly and set right HDMI port and I should be able to play what we want on the TV from the media center and even play on Steam as well with my other steam user account.

Been watching #Kemeko-DX a 12 Ep. Series Harem Genre and have to say it is pretty hilarious. Just check the opening and you decide. Leave a comment down below if you’ve seen it as well, I will say if you’re blue and need a laugh ? This is one for that funny bone. 😉

Otomen 4 is here YAY ! Oh and 1 yr at work

FINALLY! Otomen #4 hit my library hold request box! I love this series, I wish they would make this into an OVA at least. I know it would be a hit right from the get go. I’ve read this 5x already and still laugh at some of the hilarity that ensue in this volume. For those following this series #4 is a hit! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have so far.

Oh, and I just realized I’ve been at my job for a full yr today. Happy Anniversary to me.

V The Next Generation

Old Generation

2nd Gen.

Looks like tonight had a outstanding audience count. The old as well as NEW fans enjoyed what seems to be a rebirthing of a Sci Fi Classic from 1984 – 85 Mini series V. I’m hopeful that there will be more on this and that the fandom will seem to have its revival earlier than expected…….

My deceased LJ

I’ve decided to get rid of the LJ thing entirely. It just sits and the more time I spend trying to keep it up to date is time that could be spent elsewhere and in more productive ways. I also just didn’t want to deal with certain aspects of my past anymore either. We all have responibilities of one form or another we take care of on a daily basis, my lj isn’t one them anymore.

Although, I have left word and URL to those I wished to stay in contact with from LJ on their respective LJ’s. I mean, it was good run all in all but things just need to end at some point. I will more or less be here or the other places I still maintance and keep to date as much as I can factoring in time and all.

Soupy Sales a Legend in his own time Passed on Age 83

Milton Supman AKA Comical Legend Soupy Sales passed away at age 83. His comedical stunts and wit were obtained During World War II oddly enough. During his time in the U.S. Navy he entertained his shipmates using the ship’s PA system. After the war he decided to the airwaves as a DJ like Kasey Kasem. Using his material from his military duty he aquired and soared into Television History with The Soupy Sales show!

My dad and Grandfather grew up with Lunch with Soupy Sales which was live in 1953 and lasted till 1966 when I was born. Soupy was a Do it all type of person. Not only did he do his show but game shows, voice acting in cartoons in his life. It was also his wonderful sense of comedy and bringing laugther to us all thru television that endeared him to us all in heart as well as mind. We will miss you Soupy……