Tanaka’s proposal, or “I want to make Costumes for only Ohno!”

SO, here it’s everyone! A Month plus a few days and we get quite a bit for our patience. We not only get to see how Ohno deals with the employment prospects, while Sue is in tow, but we also get a glimpse of her facing the realities of the real world and her coming to terms as she wraps her head around it.  Meanwhile we fade to the Genshiken Meeting room where we find our 5 Ladies (Hato in Girl mode) talking about the whole prospects and what Ohno could do self-employment wise, and of course COSPLAY! Is the first thing that comes to mind, is a COSROM.

Ohno and Tanaka discuss the prospects of doing a cos-rom and Tanaka is from my view a bit torn on it, where as it would be a possible income, there are the ramifications of reputation on campus as well as the Japanese employment market. In truth, Ohno would like to get married while still having a degree in a field where she could support herself and Tanaka is push came to a shove at some point.  During the photo shoot however, Tanaka has seemed to have given the whole situation some thought and while taking some pose shots proposes to Ohno. Needless to say she accepts but also it comes to light that she’s also quite inebriated thanks to the new members and a huge bottle of sake they gave her to build up the courage to do the shoot for the cos-rom.




Rika and Hato go back to the meeting room to find Madarame sitting there browsing one the manga on the table and in casual clothes as well. The girls thought that was quite odd and asked why he wasn’t at work? He simply stated “I quit” and with that we get a quick peek at what Kuchiki is doing which is well doing some OTJT at his father’s banking firm, while Oguie is working on her manga for the Winter Comifest and juggling her college studies.



SO we will have to tune into Next month’s Scanlation of Genshiken Second generation and find out “Madarame! What were you thinking?”

Genshiken Fanlist found and listed

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Greetings everyone, this is basically a shameful but much needed recruitment drive post for Genshiken fans! I’m a fan of slice of life anime and manga always have been to one sense or another. Bakuman, Otomen, Genshikn, Love dot com and related. But none have reached more than Genshiken because it takes me back to my old days at SDSU and S.C.A.N. at Nastor Hall.

Genshiken Music Tribute

Genshiken is Manga/Anime series that delves into the lives of one of the many types of circles (A University approved Group/Club in Japan) this one being for the visual studies of modern culutre.  I always saw it as an Oasis for Otakus. A place where one can be creative with one’s self and related interests. Like Model bashing/casting/assembly, doujinshi writing and publication, cosplaying and costume design. Video Game programming and creation. Just to name a few.

So, not only was it cool to find the Genshiken Fanlist Group, but I have built up my own group on facebook as well. I hope that some of you that have read this will join up on both groups and have fun interacting as a group.  Till then happy reading and may the imaginative portals open to wisk you away to those places you yearn for……

What Type of Genshiken Character would I be?

What Genshiken character Persona am I ?

Name: Harunobu Madarame
Location: Suioh University
Occupation: Student/tech
Interests: Genshiken, Gaming, Manga, Anime
Website: Genshiken on Facebook <— Come Visit us.

Harunobu Madarame is not the leader of the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. That honor goes to the mysterious “original president,” whose name and personal history was never really revealed. Madarame is however the closest thing to a driving energy behind the club. His fanboy does outdo that of any other members of the club.

A Avid fanboy of anime, manga, and doujinshi from a very young age, Madarame does at times loudly defend his 2-D complex against anyone who tries to attack it. Once he gets in a ranting mood, he can be pretty hard to stop. He’s very intelligent, but sometimes that doesn’t quite come across through his lack of social skills. Doujinshi is Madarame’s particular weakness. OH and Madarame is SO not a Sou Uke! ARGH!


Ok, so I’ve found out I won a 250$ Men’s clothing shopping spree from Schells WOO ME! I also just found out that since May 2012 Genshiken has returned! which is good, this is one of those few self-indulgence moments where you can say life is good and actually be truthful about it. I’m almost done decorating the section of the floor I call our Client support area. Cobwebs are up, save for one section, section left to spread around and a few odds and ends like dead zombie squirrels and mind controlled rodents.

Also those that are following me that have an interest in Star Trek Online? I am also looking for some peeps to help form The Federation of Planets “501st Flotilla” . If there is anyone interested in laying into the borg and anyone else that would stand in the way of the federation, leave a comment with your steam contact and I’ll hit you up on steam and we go from there.