Game/Journal Update

Ok so, long time no post? I’ve been busy with the family and work and team and school and visiting relatives from out of state. On with the updates, I made a bad mistake with the Yellow Jacket. I didn’t notice but the Yoke and gear box position needed to be retooled and now Chris is backlogged on having to make the corrections. Bruce will more or less need to redo the UV as well afterwards, crud. However, Paul has got nene pretty much finished, and we just need to send Leon and her to Michael for rigging. Bruce and I were discussing an old idea I had for the community anime fans out there and he likes it and has started off work on it already. No spoilers, but will say it will be a welcome set for those that do use the anime characters in dm and team death match. We also made the move from to and had the project imported over there as well, thanks IndieDB and staff, you guys rock! Tomorrow is preview night for comicon 40. It’s the 40th one, Milestone 4 and I again do not get to go! FU**!!! FU** FU**!!! Especially with Tron being the theme this year and maybe even a hand on testing of tron evolution as well being at hand to test play! ARGH!

*Calm down calm down bro…..* I have been assured by a friend that swag is to be saved and even sent to me since I can’t be there personally to bask and enjoy the radiance that is comicon but the fact that it’s the 40th comicon. I wanted to be there at the 30th but my oldest was still only 6 years old not old enough to go with dad to the convention now at 16 she’s old enough, but we just lack the funds and the vacation time to do so. 50th mile stone however (if I live that long.) will be ours! And I will be able ad that to the small list of feats I have been able to do in my life. Hardware wise the old 15 in. LCD has about given up the ghost image; I was able to find two replacements for the family pc a nice 17 in. Gateway LCD free from a friend I knew on craigslist and said she’s pull it from the site and have me come get it. The other LCD monitor is my 22 in. Samsung SyncMaster 213T with rotational screen. It really handles games and editors much better as well. I’m attempting to code one the weapons we’re planning to use in the game and it’s an uphill battle but all battles are uphill. I am also having to change my eating habits again, somehow I slipped and gained 15 lbs back, how not sure but I have try to figure out what it is that is making me gain it. This will be another obstacle to deal and lock horns with I guess? Oh Harry Potter world is next year on our agenda as well so that should be really cool too! We’re in the middle of planning it out arranging the timeframe and such OMG have to run, have to get the oldest from summer school! BBL

Maps, coders, Oh my !

Seems tempus is hard at work on attempting a few ports to the map. As well as Zach on AquaCity he’s got the interior of one the buildings finsihed he says. Now what we need to do is also get the elevators/lifts working in the buidlng to with a gui for the elevator ctrls.

Game Mechanics can be brutal, just studying makes my head hurt and now I’m expecting a feb UDK release too. but will that hamper some of our current WIP setups? Might be interesting to do a read thru on the improvements on this release/update. I’ll do that when I get home tonight though…..

Sunday sunday sunday

Discussed a few things with paul. The current leon may need to be scrapped and redone to a point as far as the head goes. It was not exactly what was expected. The body however wasn’t badly done, a few folds into the some of the fabric should be added. but other than that it looked ok.

Still tryng to get the email server working and coming up with some odd errors on the sql database. Will try to address those on thrusday. Seems like my sunday is going to be busy as my saturday was. Off to work I go people tttyl

My Friday and how I want to sleep

Greetings on this fine evening of evening, it’s my Friday and I let MechZilla go to head home at his respectful time. But here I am at the last legs of my work night typing to get this in by the end of the day. Well to give a brief update. Our Resident character modeler Paul has Leon McNichols of The MegaTokyo 2041 Project created and textured. Now we have the fun part! Rigging this character and getting him animated and getting the 1st person arms ready as well.

We also just had word this morning that we’ve been given permission to go forward with planning our next project as well. Photon the Laser Tag FPS. Not a lot will be said here but we have also been allowed to use assets from the original photon promotional CD from the mid 90’s The Moddb submission has already been accepted and authorized as well. The planning stages are already being discussed and music as well as our Armory as well as a few surprises too.

Well Good Day to you blog and daily readers.

Seems today is a good day indeed! I made contact with the person I wanted to ask permission for on a game concept and he is more than happy and has agreed to allow us to not only develop the game and bring it to 3d thru UDK. But to also be allowed to use assets from the music and floor plans as well.

With this said I am also during my spare time btw calls at work and what I can get at home when I am not doing housework or helping the kids with homework. I’ll be sketching up weapons for the game and some maps of my own design as well. So far the idea is pretty good at least 2 of my team members have voted positive for the go ahead after our 1st project is completed.

Now with what happened with our missing vehicle modeler for our team? Seems Chris has an accident of some sort and was in the local hospital in his neck of the woods for a few days and that’s why he wasn’t able to contact anyone in regards to his whereabouts.
Still have to stay I was indeed concerned. Especially after sending him the old designs specs package I recovered the other day and the vehicle concepts we had from the original project as well. Going refine the models and optimize the texture sheets for them and then see how the import/export goes and see if the models look new and improved! I’ll even share a few images for the fact I feel like sharing at the moment.

Experimental Remote Anti Voomer Combat Drone

Shibuya N-Police Metro Class Squad Car

Megatokyo-2041 branch concept Patrol Bike

Tis not a Good day to die as of yet…….

Ok, so I’ve been away for a week or so. Deal, I’ve been doing some music research thing for my oldest for her science fair project on the behavioral patterns based on music the subject listens to. Finaly got that taken care of last night. Girl scout cookies are selling now and I have to try to help my little ones out by seeing if anyone at work would want to order and seems like a good time is being had by all on this one. Good for me!

Project is starting to go well, Paulo has been able to recover 3 of the 5 weapons that were missing. Bad news is they’re just the models and textures, they were not the fully coded versions. I did search however. This however does save us time on having to build from scratch and saves us a little bit of time. niteFlarer is doing an excellent job on rebuilding the lost player models we had from the original project. He’s started on leon’s shoes and trousers, minus the belf which I think will be with the bottom part of the torso. Whoch should look good when the model turns the belt wil move with the torso. So good body movement on that.

We were also debating on whether or not to use cityengine to help port over the Megatokyo BSP map or just to build from the BSP and add in the statics as we go along and build from the inside of the buildings from top to bottom and place in floorplans as needes. Waiting on Joseph now on the firebee progress but we haven’t heard from him in like almost a month. During a search on Voomer designs and such ran across some of the OLD ova Genom designs BU-33 and BU-11 designs and a few vehicle designs that might actually prove to be fun if we can get them built/animated/rigged and then in game for flight testing.

Upgrades needs ! UDK Demands it!

Ok, as you know I’ve been with the help of a number of friends and fellow anime fans, we;ve been attempting to create a BGC universe and using select key characters from the 3 series from said universe and create a game using these characters and some the different vehicles used from each series, plus introducing some fan based vehicle creations as well.

In doing so, we’re also having to hand scratch build the buildings and roadways so far. We’re trying to figure a way to import some of the existing map assests from the previous incarnation of the city. As to alievate some of the hassle of having to rebuild some of the static meshs again. We recently recovered our lost beta weapons pack we were goign to release? We’re right now in the middle of developing then scripting some the weapons for the project and should hopefully have something to show video wise for everyone soon.

So because of that I myself am having to upgrade my mainboard up my ram and cpu and finaly wlk into the PCIE era of graphic cards, NVidia by choice! So I should be operational myself soon again, and will have to work on learning the scripting a little bit at a time as I go along on my little putt putt of Family PC. back to work I ago ttyl everyone.