Fictional Character for Defiance RPG.

Classification: ArkHunter/Engineer

Name: Stephen B. Lundberg

DOB:  8/19/2010

Age: 22

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’1

Weight: 197 lbs.

Physical defining features: One minor scar left of the skull. Damaged tissue stretches from the lower temporal region to just inside of the Zygomatic section of the Skull.

Biographical Archive:

Stephen Baker Lundberg, son of Scott and Shannon Lundberg born on Thursday August 19th 2010 eastern side of what was at the time still the United States of America. Grown and educated in the Tennessee educational system till the age 15, where he had shown remarkable aptitude in mechanical engineering. He was enrolled into Clemson University‘s Engineering program. Grades excellent, attitude was stoic and studious.  Events of his studies were somewhat surprising and remarkable when he had accidently received designs for some new generators that were meant for Prof. Lou Hollister in the psychics and engineering department of Clemson University. Prof. Hollister was to be working with the dept. of homeland security and the global protectorate division of the United Nations.

But upon discovery of what Stephen Lundberg had achieved, he had Mr. Lundberg and the generators transferred to Area 17 Hanger 21 on the Utah Salt Flats by the Dugway Proving grounds.  Where project Ananke was still in production/development.  The generators were of Castithan design and technology but with some minor re-design cold fusion technology was easily incorporated into the design for a power source for the generators which were then in turn installed and used to power fusion pulse cannons to be used in the pale wars. Once Stephen realized what the generators were being used for, he decided to leave the company of professor Hollister and the military and fade into the wilderness.

After quite an extensive search by the military and UN Special Forces had given up their search for Stephen Lundberg, the military then launched their attack against the Votan and for a 4 year span Stephen B. Lundberg has disappeared. till now……………………………….



Perfect World & Gosha goes Cherry Blossums!

A Brave new Realm

A Brave new Realm

I heard a friend mention this and decided, why the hell not? So I’m testing it out to see if I like it or not? Seems pretty straight forward. Like the Tao based beliefs I’ve seen on here so far as well. I just installed it this morning so I’m still pretty much a n00b on it. But I’m sure with the help of my friend? I’ll be able ot get used to the playing system.

I’m already at lvl II within 20 mins of being in game. Save for the fact as soon as I got in I started slashing and killing all the unfriendlies I could see on the horizon. Just have to learn how to use the save and quit function in-game. 😉
Online Bud Radio-Gosha

Gosha’s DA

Gosha will be sharing a booth with 2 other artists Appletrees & Kitty-ko-chan in artist alley this year! So if you are coming, be sure to swing by say hey! He’ll of course have some of his fantastic art prints and related items avlib for purchase. I’m waiting for a Jack Maverick action figure myself with a kung-fu grip I hope.

I like this MV it’s been my all time fave since his newer vids.
Radio-Gosha LIVE! I’m adding a picture of the flyer he created for the event. This even features a new character to join the ranks of the other ones profiled on and in his animations! Top right hand corner, looks very cool, I can’t wait to see what Gosha has in store of us this time around?
Gosha SakuraCon "09"