Otakus Unite! One LIFESTYLE One LOVE!

They called us geeks, dorks, dweebs, and other such derogatory type names in hopes to make us feel inferior. But seems the joke is indeed on them! We have invaded the mainstream media, we help control you’re TV, your entertainment, your reading habits and such. We’re spreading across the global more rapidly with each passing year.

We are the otaku; we are the ones that helped out with the audio and video departments, the cosplay events, the comicfests/conventions the gaming guilds. We volunteer when the “popular” trends don’t want to touch it. We may love anime, manga, figures, games, capsule toys. Pocky addictions and such.

But we’re also the ones people look more towards as well when it comes to the fun stuff as far as events go. Why? Because we’re not afraid to show who we are and what we are o-t-a-k-u.  Fanboys, Fangirls and yes -_-; even furries (DON’T SAY IT ! if its rude) seem to be more fun than your average because we like our shows we even at time emulate our fave characters or even take on some of their behavioral quirks from time to time depending on the situation.

We wished we had maid cafes in the U.S. and have photo events like that in akihabara and such. We want more events we want to spread the word of the otakuism, we are your past. Future and present.  We will be involved in your everyday aspect, and you won’t even know we’re there. Anyways, my day is done enjoy the segment and realize we outnumber you, just accept it.