Hello again readers, and to myself as well. It’s Aug 12th and just past 20 years of happiness with my beloved. Twenty years? Wow that just bellows your mind when you think about that. The events you’ve shared there turmoil and joys and with kids as well. The braces, the emotional rollercoaster fits in some cases and the moments where they need you to just hold them and let them know it’s ok or it will hurt less as time passes and they grow. Well me and the Mrs. went to Las Vegas spent our 20th anniversary at The Hilton Grand (Marketing Compound) Hotel and had a great time exploring the Strip/Casino areas.

We checked out the hourly fountain shows in front of the Bellagio and The Mirage which at night are absolutely wonderous with the colored lights and the musical sequence. We also took in The Blue Man Group Show at the Monte Carlo as well as a DVD set and audio CD of the show which was also great, save for some small back pains which seems to have traveled back with us and has decidedly hung around with me for the past 4 days since our return. I finally got one of those “Keep Calm” shirts, although it says “And get Drunk” I still like it, it’s not torchwood or reminds us of the tardis, it is still a “Keep Calm” shirt. Took some photos from the trip

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Meanwhile after the return home.

PC had an issue where the o/s would freeze and lock up and out forcing the system to be softbooted. Well there is a shop that I took it to have the issue confred that it was CPU causing the issue. I got it back with the owner saying it was infected with several viruses and malware and that my thermal paste had been dried up for sometime (Which that I could see maybe happening) funny thing is AVG and Mcfee scanned the system and found nothing save for some info tracking cookies. Malware bytes didn’t detect anything either, so I’m a little hesittant to believe my freezing and lockup of the O/S was due to undetected viruses and/or malware. I can see maybe a CPU overheat whch they said they did apply some gold thermal paste at no charge. next step, I will then hook it up and fire up #Titanfall and see how it stands up now and whether or not I freeze up again.

Soon, I’ll be 47 and I’m still nowhere close to where I’d like the game project to be. so many setbacks still much to do and its mostly programming I think at this point. Still have a unfinished map, got a decent and talented yet untapped artistic resource, just waiting to see what she has in store for us. Bruce is doing well but super busy on his side of the west coast BUT! he will be coming to #SaltlakeComicon and this will be a 1st time meeting 3 of the Team Jade Phoenix will be at one place at the same time!

And we’ll be doing this the entire time! PARTAAAAAAY!

The Start of July, and what a start!

Hello everyone, well it’s now July & I have rebuilt & recovered my PC & OS without so much a hiccup excluding drivers for my new gt520 2 gig video card that is replacing the 1 gig 8600  both from NVidia both awesome cards but the 520 is superior & gave my pc that extra needed boost in resources. After getting back in I also received an email from Xfire & my account is now recovered & in working order again. One of my BFF’s had his birthday on the 24th & I was able to get him the IRONCLAD High Seas Collection, man….each one by itself through steam is like 9.00 on its own. With him being the civil war hobbyist, I think he’ll enjoy that game pack.


I’m also doing call out to cabinetry shops to see how much drawer fabrication & installation will be for our cutlery drawer since it has seen better days & is on its way to the sawdust pile in the sky. One of my other BFF’s sent me his code for SC Classic since his mac doesn’t support the classic games anymore due to what would be a technological leap backwards for Mac Users. You would think that Apple would “want” to keep some level of classic gaming support around for their user base. Doesn’t seem like it though, especially all you Space Marines types that love WarHammer & StarCraft & marathon & the ilk.


Well, at least Mark will know that his SC is alive & well & being put to good use on my new rig, & will be enjoyed immensely & right next to StarCraft II as well.  I also won a great auction with a steam gift code for Nuclear Dawn, a great game by looks & media clips, haven’t had a chance to play it yet but will do sometime this week. I’ve also started on a writing collaboration of sorts or at least I hope so. I’ve started off in an alternate version of the BGC 2040 Universe in where both Leon McNicole & His Partner on the police force Daley Wong have gone above & beyond the call of duty & service for their country. In this it’s a Temporal Crossover with historic data relating to: Hellgate, BGC Universe, Sliders, & Ghostbuster as odd as that may sound but yes ectoplasmatic technology will be used in this fanfic.

Site wise, I’m going to do some clean up and hopefully involve Simon in helping out just a wee bit with securing and blocking certain IPs from the site. I really hate the fact that I have asshats from china and North Korea trying to get in just to spam their stupid knock off Prada and Gucci fashion ware in the articles and have their script bots running through the processes and making in that much more difficult to clean up after their crap and spam. I haven’t heard from he who must not be mentioned lately so no loss there at all. Still pisses me off though however regardless of the method or way on what he did.

I’m going back to work after posting this up since I’m on my last break at this point of the day. Till next entry Space Marines HO! Give new meaning to the word RAID as far as the Zerg is concerned damn roaches.

Monday an hour ahead makes the day seem short

Currently at work, on break so don’t get up in my grill. Weekend “sucked” 250 gig Sata Hard drive died just after doing an image backup of it, thank god I was able to do that much at least this time. So, I worked on it had about 4+ hours of sleep since Friday IM’d a few peeps on tech support *off the click* to maybe see about getting an extra pair of hands to help guide me where I might be going wrong on the restore.

Restore wasn’t restoring as it should have been. No reason either to explain the incident. Image verified as clean, BCD/Bootable according to the hard drive after restore, I even went to the bios and told it that it was safe to boot from the hard drive again. Still Disk Failure insert a system disk press enter. After about 7 hours of testing and diagnosing I placed in a support ticket out of frustration and sheer stupidity on my part. But Darren was cool about it and just said bring in today and we’ll test it out to see what is going on with it.

So, currently while I’m at the front desk, the OS backup image is being re-verified so I don’t look like some crazy nut that is off his rocker. Maybe the logs will show tier 2 something that I didn’t see or had passed up not seeing it for what it was? In either way I am hoping that the system will be restored and operational by the time I get off work to take care of the house and other daily duties that await my after work hours as well.

Computer issues and Followup on the Battle Royal High School Drama fest precording.

What have I been doing since the last podcast? Well, I took the plunge and went x64 bit on Windows 7, that said I have an code 641 I have to beat to wrap around my head and learn what is actually causing said issue. I thought it was this POS shit HDD I had, a 60 gig Hitachi “Deathdrive” I had in an older machine and was throwing issues at me and not wanting to become a slave drive for a cooler much more impressive machine it was used for beforehand. Seems the aftermath of Drama Diva Queen CG is not at an end as we thought either.

Even though it’s doesn’t officially have his name on it, I found a post on our podcast site here http://www.toonradio.com/2012/02/kool-kids-klub-podkast-episode-43.html#links saying we’re assholes and it’s all our fault and might as well say CG isn’t at fault at all OH no, he just a victim and everyone picks on him and he does nothing to have people blame him for the events that transpire around him, OH NO INDEED! The guy just needs to seriously grow up, calm down, and maybe go on Ritalin and get some therapy to confront his own issues such as foot in mouth disease for one.
Some advice points for you CG,

1. Don’t divulge private information on a community forum and not expect flammage.
2. Don’t slam someone for mentioning it when it was already publicly accessible information
3. Don’t come on to X-podcast state that said podcast crew does not have that many listeners
4. Especially don’t insult people on the crew old and new, it’s disrespectful and really justifies certain actions.
5. Don’t go to X-podcast’s webpage/Facebook/wordpress/MySpace and leave anon msgs on how they’re assholes and no one listens to them anyway.

CG brought this on himself, I’m not going to give you his real name, that would be plain disrespectful to his privacy. I will simply state that CG is very immature, has a very low understanding and grasping what privacy means and having some decorum and common sense in acting during certain activities and or how to report them properly. These are my opinions and I am speaking for myself on this one since I do not know how the others really feel about this. I did apologize for how I went about telling CG on what happened and how some of us felt at the time and I still feel that way and if just not a little creeped out over the whole thing.

With regards to my machine? Well it is what it is and I will be working on it between home and picking up Girl Scout cookies and doing the podcast tomorrow night at 8 PM MST. This week, we’ll be discussing OVA 3 of BGC and the ADP, as well as some possible betas and the posting the links for said betas so please focus your attention to our FB group because we’ll be posting those there! The CoolKidClub Facebook Link Join up if ya like we don’t bite honest!

The week’s end.

Let’s see what did I do this week? Got the lawn mower in the shop, helped get the family just that little bit more squared away. Moved the TV back to the family room and help setup the cables as they were before. Took the twins to their Girl Scout Earth day Event and planted a cute Quaker Aspen up in the Draper today as well. They both were awarded with the other Girl scouts and they earned a Green Earth patch for it as well.

Adam came by and dropped up the other 1.5 gigs of ram for my machine so NOW “Officially” I have 4 gigs total on my machine. The most ram I’ve had on a machine ever. I was also able to get rid of the old lawn mower as well, the one with the busted wheel. Someone knew how to fix it and wanted to do it so I let him. I am Installing Photoshop 7 on the main machine so that I can start using the tablet again. I placed Photoshop 3 on the Xp unit so our oldest can get familiar with it. She’s already got pretty smart with gimp, so best to take it up a notch and get her involved with Photoshop 3 proper like.

I’ve also asked my vehicles modeler just what the heck is going on and why there hasn’t been any progress from him as of late? Any responses I’ve sent have got little or no response out him and I am at the tail end of the fuse. I mean our player modeler is hard at work on getting the models done so they can be rigged and tested. The maps themselves, I’m not sure what’s going on with them to be honest. Our Mapper and well my 2nd in charge has been laxed as of late and I really need to find some way to motivate him more. Well anyways in other news this week which has been rather interesting to say the least.

I recently reconnected with an old and very cool friend of mine who was at my wedding, whose wife helped out with the preparations of my wife’s nails for the wedding. Now 15.5 Yrs later, things have changed, he’s a bit distant, closed off, not sure why? It’s not like I didn’t try to look for him after we got married, when we got back to Utah I had to get back to work and get things ready for creating a home environment, being a father and husband.

I still at times wonder am I doing things right? I think we all get that way sometimes, but you have to step back and look from the outside in and see if and where you’re messing up at and correct yourself or look at what happened and go why and what could have been better and make sure you correct yourself next time. On the net however there are just trolls and you have to figure out how to avoid them and to steer around them or divert them elsewhere than near you. Maybe I just want to say the world is still a very confusing place and also quite vicious as well. Good thing that I have a few people I can call friends to help step up to the plate to help me out.

It’s almost time to leave, so I’m just going to post this up and let you all ponder what I’ve said…..

Day off

Spent mostly cleaning up, taking care of laundry and the daily routine. Had some odd network traffic though when I was bumped off a few times today while playing Tf2. I’ve sent the logs to a network engi buddy of mine at the it dept at my work. to see if its just a sign of a failing modem or if someone was trying to brute my modem. Although, I must say it would be pretty stupid to do so since I have no “critical” info on my machine. I just use it for 3d Development and schooling.

I did take the family minus 1 to dinner tonite, but to be honest the place was lacking in taste this time instead of past visits. Rigth now I’m reading the 4 minus 1 Volume set of “return to labyrinth”. You remember, that David Bowie/Muppets movie in the early 80’s? Seems we get to see what happens 13 yrs later after toby’s sister rescues him from the goblin king. I like that fact tokyopop is the publication that did the release. I think Chris lie’s rendition of The goblin king is quite well done, almost looks like David as well. but currently I have 1,2,3 but 4 is missing so I have ot hunt that one down in the library system.

Pretty tired heading to bed ttyl

MY FRIDAY! YAY !Who’s FAB-O-LOUS? “I” am !

It is my Friday and it was been actually pleasant for a change. I was able to pick up the fridge replacement parts and get them installed. I received word that the upgrades ship tomorrow morning, via UPS which should be here soon then. Went to the used book store and got “A beginner’s Guide to manga step by step for one of my daughters.

We also found out our oldest is allergic to the cats, Kentucky blue grass and some other allergy related substances. So I washed her sheets and tomorrow I do the floor in her room steam cleaning away! YAY! Oh and I still have that stupid router on craigslist, you’d think 10 bucks for a decent NG router would be snatched up right away? Odd, anyways back to work for me I have another 4 hrs left.

Borderlands PC – You Getting yours? I am

Oct 20th will be a day of downloads on steam. Borderlands the MMORPG/SHOOTER will hit the DLS and servers will be hit hard! But its definitely worth the buy, great thing is? I’m not paying a cent due to work I did for a friend and his pc.

This game will be off the hook! So those reading this and getting it as well? Post up lets rip up the roadways with the vehicles. I swear I love Road Warrior games and this one will be one for my collection as well. Remember Steam can be your friend indeed! MWhahahaa! Borderlands, PRE ORDER TONIGHT!