Kickstarter and my kick to the teeth

Hey what’s going on peeps? Looks like I am employed again after all, I start Monday at software firm not far from the house either. I’ve got the repairs and formatting done on this Dell 8300 that was given to me a week ago. I am looking at a replacement side panel for the case the right hand side seems to have all the clips tweaked off. It’s nothing too hard to resolve.

Here is a real pisser for you to laugh at or to be like “wow, just wow” to. So, a person I admire asked a group I am a part of to help them out by giving them some feedback on what we as consumers would like to see on a re-release of a product, and what type of cool swag we’d want to see to be included. They also requested us to be quite about it with a hyper low profile as well. I for the most part kept quiet about it but some little twatwaffle decided to start posting it up on their FB profiles and ruin it for everyone.

I took the blame for this because when we we’re asked “Can you keep a secret?” I should have closed the group’s public access viewing right then and there but I had other stuff going on at that time as well so I posted sure can, and left to go do what was needing to be done, but forgot to set the privacy settings to the group and that falls on me, it also falls on me to try to do damage control which I failed at horribly when I saw the damage done this afternoon.

When I replied to the offending article, and stated that it was supposed to have been a private project in the works, my post vanished soon after, and someone who I thought was a friend and fellow podcaster ended up talking with this guy saying OH if you got a msg from so & so, don’t worry he’s a “nobody” . Well this nobody has heard his “fair weather” friend had been talking shit about him behind his back a few times, but now this just confirmed it being true. The thing that really hurts was if the roles had been reversed? I would have been there for him defending him. So, I’ve basically killed all contact with him, Facebook, The AoY Podcast, WP, Twitter and Google plus and email have been disconnected/blocked/muted because I don’t deal/associate/socialize with backstabbing double talking sasafrasa 7^!$#!$*@ people like that.

I’m still going to give feedback, and make a few suggestions for the project, but we’re still also waiting for the kickstarter to be approved before we go further and announce the whole thing everywhere else. Just because other people want be assholes and twatwaffles doesn’t mean we have to follow suite. I am however disappointed at the attitudes some of us have in regards to this and how easily dismissive they were when the leak did come about. It makes one sad on how keeping someone’s word can be dismissed so easily.

Weekend Madness! @o; I’m not crazy!

Morning, It is for me anyway. Well I have to say I feel a little better this morning now that we have one the rooms finished over the weekend. I swear I thought I would never get that carpet in the old office clean again from al the dirt everyone tracked in to be on the computer. It took me 5 passes and 2 bottles of carpet cleaner and 3 mixtures of 1 cup Oxi-clean 1 cup Vinegar and 1 cup of Freebeeze and boiling pot of water to get that carpet clean. I was also glad to be able to disassemble and move one the beds upstairs and put it back together by the time lights out were called for the kids.

There just wasn’t enough time to podcast either this weekend, which was disappointing because I wanted to go over some of the CG Rendered Movies that have been out from Japan as of late and to go over EVA 3.0 the Movie. I also wanted to touch base with the crew on Genshiken Nidaime and discuss the possible Release date for the upcoming anime series this summer (2nd Quarter) for the anime schedule. Is there anyone out there reading this, actually reading Genshiken Nidaime as well and enjoying it enough to engage on a discussion on it? Ping me if you would.

I’m going to be watching RiderBackers from start to finish this week also for the podcast discussion. I’ve seen the 1st 4 episodes and loved it, but had to return the DVD set to the library and it was on backorder as well so I couldn’t just renew it. BUT a mutual fan that had to move out and get rid of some of their collection gave me the boxed set, so I can now finish it with much gusto and glee.

On the sad side of news, the 3 in one has become 2 in one. Seems the sensor on the HP Wi-Fi Printer is gone since I cannot get rid of the stupid paper jam error on it. But the upside of it is that we could still buy a new one with an extended warranty for ½ of what the latest all in one HP as to offer. But I feel a need to research more before just jumping in and getting a new one sent. Ink and paper cost, how well does it run, what are the other reviews like on it? I’ll update that when I’ve made a decision on that.

I’ve had to yet again try to get someone with some brains as well as the talent to deal with a 3d Project I have been involved with for quite a while and I think David will the guy to do it. Why? Because for the time I have known him online, he hasn’t ignored his responsibilities, he goes full out on completion of an item or project work when asked and accepted. He’s a team player, and he listens and gives feedback and follow ups. So I can say I am looking forward to his updates on the project. Well that is it for me for time being. Next report my twins will be 14 and I’ll feel older for some time. Anyways, catch the podcast soon peeps, Max, Bruce, David and myself will be on next Sunday to discuss things of a Fanperson nature.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Let’s start off with *Facepalm* why? Because excluding the weekend shopping? This weekend was totally screwed up. We went shopping found some great stuff for the kids for Christmas. However for the lights at the house?  I have 2 of 3 mini trees that are out, and the top of the 4 ft. spiral tree is deader than most fruitcake. The PSP I was bidding on for my eldest daughter? Out bided again, that’s part of the frustrating part of it.


Then to top it all off the icing on the cake was a message I got from our illustrious podcast leader, stating that they wish to part ways due to the direction I am supposedly taking the podcast from podcast to talk show status.  Really, how am I taking over a podcast from podcast status to talk show? I made mention that I could invite Vin Diesel on to the podcast, so we could review and get some feedback from him on Dark Fury and what type of insight he could share with a number of us his fans. That and a few other people I know out in the community.

Let’s get this correct shall we? I know a number of people; I know the guys would like to have an awesome podcast. I’m willing to give them quite a number of them. My opinion is there is not enough communication involved. My idea of a podcast is at least meeting once a week as a group, go over what topics we want to hit what media to review, who to invite to the podcast if viable at the time.  Write up questionnaire for each other to ask the guest/s while recording. I like the fact we have a good reputation so far on the net and I want to keep it that way. Best way to keep a good thing rolling is communication because without it? You’ll eventually run into a sandbank and get stuck. “Communication” is the key to opening all doors and sometimes a few windows.



Ok done *Facepalming*   Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Let’s reflect whats happened so far this month.

We have some sad news this month, 2nd voice actor for Sazae-san’s Norisuke Namino, Taro Arakawa, has passed away on last Thursday, Nov. 15 due to multiple organ failure. He was 56 years old. He is survived by his wife Atsuko Satō, and our hearts and prayers go with her. Taro Arakawa was born in Tokyo by the name Yasuo Satō. Taro Arakawa started his career as a Voice Actor in 1977 in the original Yatterman as Cha Manjū and Nikuman-Mecha and Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo as Dan Gorobee. He was also Col. Lando from the 1989/90 Anime Series Bubblegum Crash sequel of The Bladerunner’ish OVA Bubblegum Crisis.

His career comprised of voicing a number of background roles in series such as the Dirty Pair, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Magical Princess Minky Momo, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Wedding Peach, Yū Yū Hakusho and Speed Racer. Arakawa also played Matsuchiyo-sensei in Nintama Rantaro and he also voiced in several episodic characters in the Great Detective Conan series. He’s also known to be a great asset as a voice actor for Japanese dubs of European and U.S. Media. Arakawa voiced Norisuke Namino from July 1998 to July 2000, after fellow voice actor Ichirô Murakoshi stepped down because of health issues. At this point now, Yasunori Matsumoto currently is voicing the role.I also saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, which is not bad on the whole just a real mindf**k of a movie. The whole experience was just wow, really? It was like that? Geez, I need some aspirin *again* but also it did explain and few things. The ending credits were a nice touch I will not spoil it but I do suggest you sit through it all to the very end.

Finally received closure over what was at one point a decent online friendship till over the recent 5 to 6 years. I won’t go into details, I’ll just say ties are finally broken and neither one will contact the other under –no- circumstances even if life threatening information is available and could save the other. It was agreed I even went as far as asking the proper and required channels to see if said information was expunged from place of origin. Since then I have heard nothing from or about said place, which is where I will leave it at. The Podcast Nov. 16th was pretty bad, so bad as a matter of fact, that I am going to each guest and will record the segments and have them sent to the editing department for corrections audio balancing and let them insert the segments in the order they deem fit. This would have/could have been avoided had someone on the crew denied access to the trolls in the first place to begin with.
This is not an emotional reaction but more of a logical one, due to the fact that the perpetrator is guilty of said actions in the past. His actions as well as his accomplice were not only unwanted, but embarrassing and disrespectful not just the guests, but to the group as well as their selves and I would have expected that they would have learned from the last time this happened on an entirely different podcast early this year. The perpetrator in question is nothing more than a young unruly man-child who should go back to their X-Box controller and attend conventions for trolling rather than acting like such a tween with a sugar VS Ritalin condition. Most of my concerns were heard but were not taken with a more serious reaction or reply.

I sometimes wonder why I even bother to offer my input or to attempt to rescue the situation with the proper courses of action. It’s like “I’m” the wrong one “I’m” at fault the people am looking at me with astonishments upon their faces, and all I can do is look at them and say “You really can’t see it?” I know the podcast is for fun and that is more of a hobby and a way to relay things of interest and have cool guests like Robert Woodhead the CEO of AnimEigo and One the Greater Political Figureheads in EVE Online. If I ever decide to get involved in that MMO you know whose Political Party I’m in! But also guests like Amanda Rush and LB Bryant both remarkable journalists from one the recent websites to come out for fan created by fans to relay the anime and manga and convention related news as it happens.

But when stunts like what happen on Nov 16th? It makes me cautious on whom to bring on the show. I love podcasting myself, its great and when I got the chance to pop on the current crew I’m casting with, I was like wow, ok yea this would be fun and enlightening and a bit educational from a fan’s point of view. So after a half a year of being with the crew I thought I’d ask some of the people I have met in the media industry on the show and to get some insight from the creators of series, voice actors and how they work and have fun at the same time while doing the voice tracks for characters, the odd things that happen in media at conventions and expos. Its disheartens a person when things like trolling happen to a point where you can’t even use a recording you spent 90+ minutes on 55 of it with the guests themselves. Am I angry? Yes I am because the people that ruined the podcast don’t care and personally I would ban them myself especially if it was a second offense which it was in this case, but I’ve been told to leave it alone, so I am left to blog an entry on it and that’s all it will be.

The office Thanksgiving get together went well. Fun and good eats were had by all and the wife and I shopped for a bit after the raffle, and no, I didn’t win anything this time, but there were some pretty awesome prizes the best and last one was a 61 inch Plasma flat panel TV. We were also able to get some food items for this Thursday’s turkey feast. Been bidding on a certain platform hand held console for our eldest daughter, who had her first one stolen out of her backpack because she took it to school and left in the locker unlocked and unattended. Normally I’d be “Sorry” your screwup,  your loss, but I’ve think I’ve let go on far enough. She still misses her console and I think she may have learned her lesson finally. So I am doing what I can to try to get her one used off listia. Sure I know, I still Halo II for the PC but what’s more important? Game or Family? Derp no brainer…… so I get to see her smile, which is far much better than fragging someone in Halo II OH WHO AM I KIDDING I WANT BOTH but our daughter “is” more important. It’s close to getting off work and heading home and I’ve been working on this on breaks and lunch.

So here’s to you readers! Remember, reading doesn’t meant crap unless you can walk away having learned something.

Things to come before the end of the World I mean 2012.

Yes, it’s me again! I’m almost fully recovered from my acute PCD, and have been talking with a few people and I can say I can’t wait for next month’s Podcast recordings session. We truly have a fantastic lineup coming up here in the next few weeks. Coming up in the next 5 months I will be attending AnimeSaltLake, dates are March 22nd and 23rd. This will be the 2nd convention and the main guest for the Convention will be FUNimation’s own Chris Rager.

Those who know his work need no list to know his work, but for those who are just getting into the anime scene? #Chris Rager has been known for his Voice Acting Talent in series such as Blue Gender, Case Closed, Black Cat, Desert Punk, Lupin III, Full Metal Alchemist to name a few. He is also in quite a number of recent video games as well of the past few yrs. Stuntman Ignition, Bloodrayne, Roadkill and most recently BORDERLANDS 2 WOO! and a plethora of others as well as lending his narrative side to advertising as well.

Also Brett Young one the US Anime Gamers on the Western US Coast who on the whole has been living abroad in Nagoya Japan and will be attending AnimeSaltLake for gaming coverage and podcasting. He does reflect upon Persona 4 and GG, and brings his A+ Game to the scene so beware! Also he’s a Gundam’s Best friend when it comes to the pilot seat and a dog fight. You can catch Brett on “Twitch TV’s Website” This proves to be one hell of a convention. I am hoping to do some live coverage on the convention as well thru our podcast channel/Google Hangout “The CyberNaut’s Hang” other than that, this is me for the here and now. Be sure to catch us on The Cybernaut’s WP Site as well. Opps, I have an incoming transmission it seems,……

“Rosenkreuz to Commander Lundberg, we have a Borg Sphere inbound on your location Sir”

“Understood Rosenkreuz”

“Lundberg to Rosenkreuz”
One to beam up………..

Friday 6th of July Anime, podcasts and other fun events this summer!

Announced on Friday Publisher Kodansha and creator Naoko Takeuchi, a new anime adaptation of Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon manga is in production. The new anime series is set for release summer 2013, and Idol group Momoiro Clover Z is doing one of the theme songs for the series. The announcement was a live event celebrating 20 Years of The Sailor Moon Manga Saga. Momoiro Clover Z was present and sang the first Sailor Moon anime’s theme song “Moonlight Densetsu”while attending “Japan Expo” in France as special guests and this was done via a live video feed, so many otaku were on hand to enjoy the festivities and help in celebrating the 20 year celebration..


Also on hand were Mitsuishi and Tohru Furuya, the voice actress and actor of Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino and Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba from the 1st Sailor Moon series, were present for the live event, however neither specified that they’ll be reprised for their roles in the new series. Kodansha editor Fumio Osano also explained this is not a movie announcement but rather as said a “Series” and I for one look forward to it as well as my girls who were lucky enough to watch the edited edition on TV while growing up.


In unrelated news, Cybernauts Podcast crew is doing ZZ and Zeta Gundam reviews for the summer of 2012. There are 3 Eps. Posted at this point and have to say even though I’m not there in some of them it is pure humor to listen to. I should be back on as soon as all these real life events subside and I can get back on full on and without interruption. Please feel free to swing by the forum if you have a suggestion or request on a series you’d like to hear about. We’re always up for a discussion.


Personally, I’m playing a few games currently as well, Star Trek online, Nuclear Dawn, classic StarCraft and Team Fortress II. At the moment I’m currently on the bridge of the U.S.S Genom and I’m battling Klingons (Yea, I know there are a ton of puns there) my guess is there is an event on Xp points and such that I am not aware and am too lazy to check at the website. I am however getting in there and rough housing it and locking horns with those battle hungry bastards. We’ll show them that the federation can dish it out as well as take it full tilt! Damn the shields and arm the Photon torpedos we’re heading in warp factor 12 and let send as many of them to Sto’Vo’Kor and we’ll take on the empire’s yo’ qlj! And send what’s left in an urn!  FOR GLORY FOR HONOR AND FOR THE FEDERATION!

Thursday 6/7/2012

Ok, so now I know it’s not the power supply it’s a 650 Watt PSU so that’s not the issue. It was tested with several different pcie video cards of varies memory size and each one failed to post at this point it has been determined by Hero PC that it is indeed a pcie slot issue from the get go because had a small issue at the assembly point but was not regarded as an issue because it worked for a week and a half before issues arose on this board. Thank god I took the 45 day warranty survey the staff sent me in regards of my opinion at the time. Now I have to pick it back up with the finding Chris made and copy and scan them as well for my records and ship the board back to them for replacement.

Now speaking on a different topic, we’re officially announced and running with 3 episodes for the cybernauts podcast show which we do twice a month now. Our to date great episode was with Robert Woodhead, all around CEO of Animego and Political Figure head of Importance with EVE online and a general all-purpose mad overlord. I had a blast and we also had an associate that Mr. Woodhead has worked with in the past on the show as well and can say I think that it was a great time by everyone, the only thing that wasn’t done was a battle session on EVE with Robert and divided teams amongst the crew and cast.

But this is just an example of what type of fun and what type of topics we bring up for discussion on the Cybernauts Podcast episodes. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to invite a few listeners in on a open mic night with some of our guests. There is even a rumor of bringing “CG” back o the table and maybe on the show, so who knows at this point, anything is possible when you put your mind and willpower to it. I’m not even sure who’s still following me here on WP according to the stats I get up to 40+ on one day and 6 to 8 on others. Well anyways, back to work and then home to work some more.