Tuesday Morning.

Hello all, just popping in for a sec, some new cool stuff on the new firmware for the ez-builder module from DJ Sures. This will be in regards to ver. 11 to ver. 12 which addresses the color and motion tracking for the Wi-Fi webcam and some other cool features using the Omnibot project as the prime example.

I’m still working on a way to address the software and apply it to a Virtual Construct so that one could assemble their code then execute said code within the virtual lab and see the code interacting with the construct. Being a complete and utter n00b at this doesn’t help either but it’s one the better ways to learn. Plus I’m pretty sure; I’d be able to get a lending hand or two from the robotics group I hang out with online nowadays.

Some of you on steam have been inviting me to groups and such, please stop. I don’t do many steam groups I’m rather particular in the groups I choose. That’s not to be mean, it’s more to the fact I like to work with a group that I’m going to learn from and in turn they can learn from me as well. I belong to a select set of groups now because I joined way in the beginning of these groups, and I’ve established a good rapport with them and will leave it at that. You may also notice you’re not on my list anymore, again not to mean, but some of you I think just added to be added, I haven’t even talked with some of you for over 2 yrs, some not at all, so please don’t take offense to it. I’m just trying to keep things fresh on my end list and friend wise.

Had a chance to reconnect with the place that started me on the net to begin with. A place dubbed “Anime Muck” was there from 95 to 2002, afterwards we parted ways after a disagreement btw characters. I think the time away was good, people I didn’t get along too well back then now get along swimmingly. I think that time away either bonds peeps a bit closer or wedges a gap further apart. Same goes with the old group at coolsurfin.com seems they want to gather peeps from the old forum, not sure if I’ll jump in at the moment as of yet did let two fellow peeps that freq’ed the site as I did that it’s there to hop on if they like. Other than that, nothing new on the robotics project yet, I haven’t even got the dremel kit yet, nor the extra servos I’d like for the Omnibot. If you have servos and you’re feeling charitable let me know, I’d be more than happy to put them to good use.

Hope your day’s going well.

Recovery from PC disaster.

Ok well then, seems I was able to recover all three machines with some help. I did lose 2 hdds and a dvdrw in the process. But I gained 1.5 extra gigs of ram, getting those 2 17 in monitors repaired. Adam got his ram, and some extra as well.

I’m in the middle of reinstalling my games and installing some ones I can actually play now too with these new upgrades installed. Oh I will be able to at least RMA the sata drive that died on my main box. It’s a WD 250 G from 2006 which means it has 1 yr left on the warrenty. OH an I am going to make sure I get my replacement for it.

The other sata drive is whats running in the house box now. Clean fresh install of Xp with all the trimmings and updates taken care of. But I do need to find a replacemnt dvdrw for my main box. Which should hopefully not be too hard to do? Anyways, back to steam and getting things back into proper order.

Got my wife’s Dell CPi installed with Win 2k Pro and 256 of ram and Office Xp Pro. That 20 gig hdd I found really did come thru in a pinch for me and her. With Adam’s help we were able to get the windows update to get the laptop completed and updated as well. So now she has a laptop for her girlscout troop and for everyday buisness stuff too. Maybe I should invest in a wifi router soon and make a really good WAP setup? }8^) Hehehehe!

I’m going to bed, I’m gettting punchy just typing all this out. See ya in the morning then all.

Borderlands PC – You Getting yours? I am

Oct 20th will be a day of downloads on steam. Borderlands the MMORPG/SHOOTER will hit the DLS and servers will be hit hard! But its definitely worth the buy, great thing is? I’m not paying a cent due to work I did for a friend and his pc.

This game will be off the hook! So those reading this and getting it as well? Post up lets rip up the roadways with the vehicles. I swear I love Road Warrior games and this one will be one for my collection as well. Remember Steam can be your friend indeed! MWhahahaa! Borderlands, PRE ORDER TONIGHT!