JPS UT2004 SideCar Project update

Here we go people, Daley Wong at 92 % complete. Head needs to be sculpted and then bodyrigging and voice acting done, and we should have both ready for beta field testing. I have to say from the shirt to the laces on the buster brown shoes, this is one the best models I’ve seen being made.

Next thing will be a progress report and we will unveil what Allen has been working on over the past few weeks as well. Which might get some reactions for our BGC/ADP fans out there. It will prove to be a “blockbuster” of a weapon, I can tell you that much if everything goes as plan.

Daley Model UT2004 Update.

A posting for those that don’t have facebook. Here is Daley and the progress that bruce has done while we’ve been working on this part of the side project. Bruce even commented that while after building leon it seems that his skills have improved as he’s been building up to the second model for the pack. I am quite pleased with it myself. Anyone out there have any comments/feedback?

Update Game wise and a Old rant.

So I find myself in a rut at the moment. I’m trying to learn how to do the skeletal mesh for UDK and I’m getting frustrated at the fact that I feel like a developmental disabled chimp with only hand to work with and a the brain capacity of a gerbil. Then I have the car to deal with, stupid thing had the timing chain, not belt but chain break on me. One place quoted 2.5 k SCREW THAT. Bill & Randy’s got it for less than 2 K that I can deal with, I’ll just work myself in a sick pile of mess again is all I have to worry about.

Plus I have this person I know of that as of late has been inquiring on my stomping of some place we used to hang out at together. To be honest it’s got really frustrating talking with at times because he keeps bring the place up and even accused a number of times of lurk/stalking the place again as if to spy on people. Here’s the problem though, he’s the one that told me to quit lurk and register again or just stop lurking there.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told, I’m not lurking there they don’t interest me anymore, most there to be quite frank were a bunch of narcissistic self centered, conceited bunch of individuals it was my displeasure to meet with. I know I am hashing over an old stale mold encrusted issue, but people keep bringing it up and I am annoyed with it. I registered when the new location came up, thinking hey I might be able to start a conversation and just see how things are going? Wrong, my account was immediately locked and not even a burger king coupon was sent to my email for the cyber reach around I got for my troubles. Here, I’ll give a sample of one these people and how they refer to me there back then.

By Phantomgrift » Well, this is true Rip. The inherent nature of all mankind is one of selfishness. We are like that upon birth and spend most of our lives trying to overcome it, deal with it or find justification for it. So, while the idea may mirror that which appears in Leon. Well, unlike Leon, I can put together valid points and arguments when I wish, in a manner that does not match that of a 14-year-old script kiddy.

I am also aware that while the internet does hold a social aspect to it, it does not mean I throw a snit-fit because someone whom I messaged once, three years ago, failed to respond wherein I crossed them off of my best friends forever list and wished upon them a steaming pile of burning whatever.

This is what was said by the person who was also telling me and assuming I was lurking at said place again. This was just used as a sample. But this person is also saying he’s my friend. Do friends say that about friends behind their backs? I don’t think so; I certainly would not want to retain that friendship either. There are a few people from there that I have done exactly just that. I no longer associate myself with them, just for the fact they bring me down and I don’t have time to deal with their crap and their issues, I have my own issues to deal with. They can’t figure it out on their own? Why bother someone else and heap their problems on to me? Do I look like I have the answers, no I might be slightly older than they are but by no means am I the old man at the crossroads of knowledge. As far as bringing an olive branch to my door? Shove the branch up your ass and hit the sidewalk, because I just don’t want to waste the energy to do that also for you as well. In closing on this part of the post? Don’t ask, I will not discuss it, will dodge it as best as I can to avoid any exchange of anything remotely leading to said subject. It would be in the best interest of everyone not to mention the sore spot that was that place of discussion. I know several people who have not even come back since the move and I think it’s actually on purpose that they are avoiding it. Why? Weren’t you reading above just recently? NO MORE RANT!

On to the game business Bruce is helping out so much btw gaming and working at the studio for long hrs at a time. I have hand it to him, it this was a regular job he’d have earned at least two promotions by now. The Leon Model is 100% done model wise, & Daley is about 85% done, we just need to place in some gear and he’ll be done as well. Need to find skinner with the ability to UV map it and use their artistic skills to graph out the facial features and clothing material for the models.

While that is going on Bruce & I will be doing the voice acting for the characters unless we can find two people who have the right voice tones to match up with that of Toshio Furukawa & Kenyuu Horiuchi. If we can achieve that, we have succeeded where there was failure in the past. My fingers are crossed a prayer and blessing have been made. All we can do now is walk the path and follow it where it guides us to. After we get this model pack out finally, we’ll be able to mainstream on mapping and the vehicle rigging.

Chris should be working on finishing up the APC Command unit here shortly, he’s been pretty busy with his studies & the thesis he is writing up. But that doesn’t stop him nor does it stop Paul, Paulo * Youri with help on the character designs and Building constructs for the Downtown Area. Oh and if you have facebook? You can search for Jade Phoenix Gaming Group to follow the current work we’re doing. I think any BGC fan will be surprised with work and effort that has been done to bring this to the UT community.