EveSLC to go or not to go?

I dunno, on teh one hand its been like 5 maybe 6 yrs since we last went to it. But the kids are still at that age where they’ll get cranky and sleepy at 9/10 pm. I doubt they’ll make it till midnight w/o a litttle provocation besides one the twins is showing signs of catching a cold and I can’t have that at all. So Chicken soup, hot cocoa, and some crackers for her. I think going ot lights before christmas at Thanksgiving point will be a cool enough new year’s event for us to share as a family. I have got to get to sleep ! ZzzzzZzzzzzz

What did I do today?

Hmm that is an excellent question for myself. What did I do? Helped clean up the house after The Christmas Chaos. Checked and reviewed music that I could use for my 1st AMV concept. Did a few things on My FB Mobster2 and MW and Champions online profiles. Afterwards fixed lunch for the kids, cleaned up and loaded dishes for washing. Had one the girls clean the family room as req’ed.

Got bathrooms wiped down and swept, showered shaved and shine. Take trashcans in and then left for work. Now I’m cleaning up images and rearranging and then running prints off so I can color in the color schemes and skin tones for the characters since I’d like so added diversity to this alternate BGC 2040 Universe We’re inventing and constructing. Cleaned up my DA account, removed unwants and adjusted settings contacted a few people and started some link sharing as well. Other than that? I’m at work currently and waiting to go home soon while lurking at a few places I “used” to haunt a loooooooooooooooooooooooong tiem ago, like 2001 A.D. … that long ago.

Hmm Video concept

I like the music on this video. So much that I think I may do one of my own with the help of some of my project teammates. So hopefully soon I can post up a cool Tokyo Girl AMV of our own with some added goodies I won’t go into as of yet.

Happy 50th Yr Shonen Sunday & More Steampunk Fun!

Figure I should post this up even in it IS 4 months late. It still makes me laugh something terrible. I can actually remember play my 1st Ranma game at Jerry’s Apt. on his Turbo graphics Console. Ahhh man those where the days.

Steampunk Edition Electromagnetic Field Detector Mark 1. a very cool gadget that can alow you to hear the electro magnetic fields that stuff like your monitor, microwave, even your old tandy calculator. Dude put a lot of work into it. I like the feel for it, but the knobs could have been done a tad different in my opnion. Overall though, seems like a very cool project to do.

The nerf Rifle you wish you had. I love this as well. I got one of my daugthers a Vulcan as well, after seeing this I’m almost tempted to do it. But nah, I won’t ruin my daugther’s Christmas prsent to convert to steamtech.

How was your Christmas?

Well, I got some clothes which was much in need. I go on diet at the end of this year. When you can’t fit in slacks you were able to at the beginning of the year? YOU have a problem! So looks like I’m going to be working out more after work here at the gym on the 3rd floor. Got my celphone working after charging it overnight. Just have to clear out some of the apps and then just have phone and text. any back to work for me the home and some ut.


Happy Holidays and Good Cheer to all, whether be friend or foe it matters none to this average joe. A time of getting along if for just one day, not evil or madness just Good cheer and Kindness are a glow. As goofy and sappy as this maybe I send it out with Christmas Glee! A bear like me is usually a grump but with it being 2010 makes this one smile from being a frump. To you I say good night with a sigh with a nod and turn under the starry night sky.

Brother in law and family

Well My Brother in law and family left today, kinda makes me sad because I would have liked to spent more time with them to get to know them better. But having met my 2 nieces and 2 nephews I can be thankful for that. I just hope it won;t be another 4 yrs before we see them again. I’m shopping today for my wife and getting her a timer for the stove and found an excelent dual timer for pennies of what it normally runs for. SO all in all an ok day, a little sad but also cost effective too. off to the store I go ! Yahoo !

I got free Tickets!

I got tickets from my work to see light before christmas 6 pf them so I think I might take the WHOLE Family out next week for this. As an added bonus its in Imax 3d as well. WOOHOO! So look like next week will be a merry one as well while my girls are off track. The Lights at Thanksgiving point are pretty cool to see during The Christmas Holiday season. I might even take some pictures and post em up at some point. Anyways back to work.

new phone activated!

Wohoo got a new Cel phone along with some extras a swell and got a rebate with it. So basically I renewed my contract and got a new samsung solstice for free! I have to to use it. Christmas day will be the day indeed. People I know who have my old number wishing for the new info please post up and leave a comment. I’ll get to you with it asap.