Thought I’d just post a post.

Updates, hmm… what to say? The we got snow, after I got the backyard cleanup and ready for a BBQ that we’ve been wanting to have for 3 weeks now. My mother in law sold us the explorer and I got registered on friday, just replaced the air filter cleaned up the tapedeck which still remarkably works, so I can jam to some of 20 yr old tapes now…

Why did that comment make me feel old? Is that how dad felt when I told him 8-tracks were old hat? Heh anyways, the explorer looks good and now I might be able to expand the employment horizon. I don’t like sitting at home cleaning and doing the yardwork and laundry and such for 14 hrs a day. it get rather old. Don’t get me wrong it keeps me busy, but I liked being on the phones helping people and their PC or internet issues. I just have to keep looking is all. Anyways thats it for now TTYL.