Game Review Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

I am really enjoying Borderland the Pre-Sequel and running around as claptrap finally able to shoot things and alien lifeforms for fun and folly rather than money! It’s funny because I try to act all serious as a Comical robot with an ego issue that sometimes backfires on him. I haven’t played any of the other characters as of yet, because I want to play thru to the end with each character but I chose Claptrap because he’s a cocky little robot with a ton a heart and Gumption!

Are there many out there reading this that has the PC edition and would like to team up? What are your opinions on the characters and skill tree? Are you enjoy enjoying the back stories involved with the former set of vault hunters that you see in Borderlands 2 that are portrayed as villains? I love the environments as well plus the less than normal gravity adds to the humor and gameplay that seems to give you a slightly more challenging feeling than the previous games.

The musical scores and songs are great as well, love the environmental mood settings. The baddie AIs are a pretty intelligent giving you some really cool shoot outs or hand to hand (Yes I like to smash across the jaw with my clap every once and awhile myself.) Post up comment; reach out to the ones that play!


Hello again readers, and to myself as well. It’s Aug 12th and just past 20 years of happiness with my beloved. Twenty years? Wow that just bellows your mind when you think about that. The events you’ve shared there turmoil and joys and with kids as well. The braces, the emotional rollercoaster fits in some cases and the moments where they need you to just hold them and let them know it’s ok or it will hurt less as time passes and they grow. Well me and the Mrs. went to Las Vegas spent our 20th anniversary at The Hilton Grand (Marketing Compound) Hotel and had a great time exploring the Strip/Casino areas.

We checked out the hourly fountain shows in front of the Bellagio and The Mirage which at night are absolutely wonderous with the colored lights and the musical sequence. We also took in The Blue Man Group Show at the Monte Carlo as well as a DVD set and audio CD of the show which was also great, save for some small back pains which seems to have traveled back with us and has decidedly hung around with me for the past 4 days since our return. I finally got one of those “Keep Calm” shirts, although it says “And get Drunk” I still like it, it’s not torchwood or reminds us of the tardis, it is still a “Keep Calm” shirt. Took some photos from the trip

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Meanwhile after the return home.

PC had an issue where the o/s would freeze and lock up and out forcing the system to be softbooted. Well there is a shop that I took it to have the issue confred that it was CPU causing the issue. I got it back with the owner saying it was infected with several viruses and malware and that my thermal paste had been dried up for sometime (Which that I could see maybe happening) funny thing is AVG and Mcfee scanned the system and found nothing save for some info tracking cookies. Malware bytes didn’t detect anything either, so I’m a little hesittant to believe my freezing and lockup of the O/S was due to undetected viruses and/or malware. I can see maybe a CPU overheat whch they said they did apply some gold thermal paste at no charge. next step, I will then hook it up and fire up #Titanfall and see how it stands up now and whether or not I freeze up again.

Soon, I’ll be 47 and I’m still nowhere close to where I’d like the game project to be. so many setbacks still much to do and its mostly programming I think at this point. Still have a unfinished map, got a decent and talented yet untapped artistic resource, just waiting to see what she has in store for us. Bruce is doing well but super busy on his side of the west coast BUT! he will be coming to #SaltlakeComicon and this will be a 1st time meeting 3 of the Team Jade Phoenix will be at one place at the same time!

And we’ll be doing this the entire time! PARTAAAAAAY!

Genshiken Nidame get Anime Series !

HEY ! It’s Official! Genshiken Nidame HAS AN ANIME! *Victory dance* I read this at Oguie-p’s WP; I have to say I for one have been hoping for this. Now we can pick up where we left off at and it won’t seem as much time has passed at all for us fans.  I can’t wait for the fansubs THEN grabbing the official releases for the archive and random Genshiken power watching marathons.  Anyways,

So after the Madarame/Saki arc Genshiken would seem to relax a bit before going onward but Chap. 84 has some on edge.  In our last chap. Madarame announced was quitting his job at the Sakura Piping Company close the campus stating he’d be unable to visit the club often as he used to, disregarding Kasukabi’s advice from quitting his current employment.

Madarame seems alienated with the current club’s atmosphere, Yoshitake doesn’t help matters much by attempting to convert him to the BL circle of the Club, and Hato is having trouble coming to grips with his emotions being at odds with himself.  Ogiue asks him to help out with a “Tiger & Bonny” doujinshi, Hato begins to think about his friendship with Madarame, and the thoughts of doubt Kaminaga placed in Hato’s head on whether he’s straight, gay or bisexual.


Now, Sue of all people has shown feelings for Madarame in the process too, though her character might make it appear stranger than that.  This doesn’t change the demographic in Genshiken as the base issue for Madarame’s decision. I think that Madarame’s relation to the Genshiken as an on-campus club is waning. I had the same type of experience when I attended SCAN at SDSU but after I moved out to Utah, things gradually changed.  I’m still friends with people I knew from back then, however our friendship has survived in a certain sense, which even though we’re not around together to meet up and watch anime and RPG together afterwards doesn’t mean we’re not still friends.

Seeing as how Genshiken has this focus on Hato, the realization he will more or less be the most psychologically complicated character in this part of the series. Ogiue as one thing, as her story cuts to the bone, but Hato’s situation you can’t say Oh gee he’s gay! That might be a possibility, or it could be something else entirely and we’re all reading more into it than we suspect. However, with what we have read in the recent past about he doubting his sexual orientation it’s easy to see that it’s not the only thing going on behind or in front of the curtains everyone.

Tanaka’s proposal, or “I want to make Costumes for only Ohno!”

SO, here it’s everyone! A Month plus a few days and we get quite a bit for our patience. We not only get to see how Ohno deals with the employment prospects, while Sue is in tow, but we also get a glimpse of her facing the realities of the real world and her coming to terms as she wraps her head around it.  Meanwhile we fade to the Genshiken Meeting room where we find our 5 Ladies (Hato in Girl mode) talking about the whole prospects and what Ohno could do self-employment wise, and of course COSPLAY! Is the first thing that comes to mind, is a COSROM.

Ohno and Tanaka discuss the prospects of doing a cos-rom and Tanaka is from my view a bit torn on it, where as it would be a possible income, there are the ramifications of reputation on campus as well as the Japanese employment market. In truth, Ohno would like to get married while still having a degree in a field where she could support herself and Tanaka is push came to a shove at some point.  During the photo shoot however, Tanaka has seemed to have given the whole situation some thought and while taking some pose shots proposes to Ohno. Needless to say she accepts but also it comes to light that she’s also quite inebriated thanks to the new members and a huge bottle of sake they gave her to build up the courage to do the shoot for the cos-rom.




Rika and Hato go back to the meeting room to find Madarame sitting there browsing one the manga on the table and in casual clothes as well. The girls thought that was quite odd and asked why he wasn’t at work? He simply stated “I quit” and with that we get a quick peek at what Kuchiki is doing which is well doing some OTJT at his father’s banking firm, while Oguie is working on her manga for the Winter Comifest and juggling her college studies.



SO we will have to tune into Next month’s Scanlation of Genshiken Second generation and find out “Madarame! What were you thinking?”

Metro 2033 Serial Key Giveaway By Nvidia and Genshiken CH. 82 Reviewed

Hey everyone, we’re down to less the 10 hrs before the supposed Mayan DOOMSDAY OOOOGA BOOOOGA! SO THQ/PCGamer/Nvidia is handing out keys for the steam edition of Metro 2033 <—- Click there for it. I’m not going posting till after Christmas so for some you there is a lucky break for you. In the interm though, I did hear recently from a friend I haven’t heard from after a few years. It is good to hear that he’s still among us out here, and has taken to getting out and having a social life and getting involved in the world.

My hope is he’ll be getting back to the webcomic he’s authored. I think it could actually make a decent Graphic novel once completed. As far as the podcast goes its on Haitus till Jan 2013 for transition period and the fact that it is the christmas holidays. But we will pick back up around Jan 5th. We’ll have few guests on that show and I’m prety sure you will all get a kick out of it. Some musical cuts and voice actors galore will be part of the podcast off and on all 2013 and as always we promise to make them not only interesting but fun as well.

Now, to Chapter 82 of Genshiken Nidaime. I found this to be quite comical due to the discussions that happen between Yamacchi (Mirie) and Youitake and Hato-kun with regards to Yamacchi’s birthday and a odd item they think is one thing but in reality another. *Don’t believe “everything” you read on the internet btw*
-_-; some of the topics were quite funny, especially when Ohno and Sue coming searching for said item JUST before Yamacchi takes it upon herself to ask Hato if the item in question was his in the first place. LOL

Anyways, CH. 82 was indeed a laugh-o-matic chapter and we enjoyed reading several times and I have to say I almost blew chunks my sides hurt so bad from laughing, which hasn’t been that much lately. Ok everyone, this is me signing off the blog till 2013 and I hope everyone one and all has a decent Christmas spending time with the ones you love family and friends alike. And to those trolls out there, yea even you, have a safe, friendly holiday season and I know we’ll be seeing you as well in the next new year, but till then take care of yourselves and Happy Holidays to you from me.


What’s been going on overthe past few weeks?

So some big changes have come along the lines. The Cybernaut Podcast has been turned over to me in full. The reasons given were that Dustin and Dave wanted to concentrate on their college courses more for now and may start a new podcast in 2013 at some point. Josh is still onboard for the time being and stepping into to fill Dustin’s shoes is one of my old friends from San Diego California, Robert Jone aka Tobias Steele and One of my friends from one the older and still operational mucks on the net Anime Muck, one Ken Akamatsu AKA Max Sterling/Jenius. Our European field operative hails from Her Majesty’s own Carmarthen/Carmarthenshire UK David Treharne an up and coming Game Developer and Current Games Review for an online Magazine publication site.

We’ve had our first podcast here two weeks ago with Arik R. Avila of D7 Studios and his Production Assistant and current love interest 😉 Ms. Ciara Flynn as well as Actress, which went over well save for an audio issue where we picked up a reverb echo over the broadcast and we never could track down who it originated from. Anyways, we’re almost done with the reedits and will be posting it at the podcast WP here by the end of the week. Next podcast is going to be pretty cool as well, we have from Funimation’s own Voice Acting troupe Mr. Christopher Patton, along with Mr. Richard Davis who has been teaching over in japan on again off again for over a period of six years collectively and will share some insights to you listeners out there on what to expect if you’re one of those few that wish to make a career overseas in Japan. We also have Steve “Warky” Nunez, infamous Convention Keyboardist extreme and a dubiously funny voice actor himself and have been noted for lending his voice for the Anime Parody of Card Captor Sakura Abridged.

And it’s been snowing here off and on but seems to be melting off pretty fast too. The end of the world supposedly will be in ten days from this posting so let’s all hope the Mayans had it wrong eh? Christmas tree has been placed up the house has its lights up and all seems ok with the world for now, but I still have the feeling for the other shoe to drop and ruin everything for the holidays. Who has something to share for their Christmas list this year? OH COME ON PEOPLE!

Someone out there must want to share at least one thing they want for Christmas? Really? No one? Ok I’ll start then.
1. Assistance installing a MP3 Page for jp-studios
2. Someone to Rig and Animate the 3 models I have that need them to be ported into UT2k4
3. A Madarame Harunobu Genshiken Cast Figurine – Ebay has them
4. I have Volumes 9-8 and 7 of Genshiken the Manga and I’d like to at least be able to have 1 thru 6 or 10 thru 13 of the NEW Genshiken 2nd Generation so at least I’ll have either collected the old series up or I have picked and have collected upto date the new series.
5. One decent environmental game artist that will stick with the team and not wander off somewhere because all of a sudden “Gee, this seems like actual work” feeling comes across their brain.

My youngest made it to the school district’s Honors Orchestral Symphony and tonight is her last night for the Christmas circuit. My eldest has an appointment for a college essays one night course tonight has well but we have it all juggled to where it should work out just fine.


Oh before I end this entry, let me promote firefall first. Firefall has been in closed beta for a few months now and I’ve just started myself like 2 sessions ago and have to say this is a MAD CRAZY MMO SHOOTER ! Damn I haven’t had this much fun since Quake came out. The Environment is lush and the palettes and textures were well thought out. The Questing w/o giving away too much is pretty cool as well. The game and questing definitely promotes great team play and a balancing of solo missions with some nice swag to go with you as well. This is one FPS MMO I’ll promote as well. That’s it for now, comments as usually are welcome but keep em clean and be a tad respectful, we do try to keep the maturity level to a PG-13 level around here.

Genshiken Fanlist found and listed

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Greetings everyone, this is basically a shameful but much needed recruitment drive post for Genshiken fans! I’m a fan of slice of life anime and manga always have been to one sense or another. Bakuman, Otomen, Genshikn, Love dot com and related. But none have reached more than Genshiken because it takes me back to my old days at SDSU and S.C.A.N. at Nastor Hall.

Genshiken Music Tribute

Genshiken is Manga/Anime series that delves into the lives of one of the many types of circles (A University approved Group/Club in Japan) this one being for the visual studies of modern culutre.  I always saw it as an Oasis for Otakus. A place where one can be creative with one’s self and related interests. Like Model bashing/casting/assembly, doujinshi writing and publication, cosplaying and costume design. Video Game programming and creation. Just to name a few.

So, not only was it cool to find the Genshiken Fanlist Group, but I have built up my own group on facebook as well. I hope that some of you that have read this will join up on both groups and have fun interacting as a group.  Till then happy reading and may the imaginative portals open to wisk you away to those places you yearn for……

Anime Banzi 2 weeks away and WARKY!

Great weekend got the system backed up, and taken care of. Oil change for uplander taken, need to place up weather stripping though, winterized the swamp cooler and made sure the vents were closed and oiled properly beforehand. Podcast recording went well, however we didn’t get the manga review taken care of like I was hoping for. Anime Banzi is now less than 2 weeks away, have to get the rest of the house and yard decorated for the season before we go.

Reconnected with an old online friend, chatted It up for bit catching up slightly and see how things have been found out his friend/manager are having the 1st child soon, exciting! I remember when we had our 1st. He’s in for such a ride though ha ha ha. Things at the studios are going well planning another movie and my friend has his 1st CD out 1st Quarter of 2013 which is exciting news as well.

Talking with him I mentioned the fact that the old podcast group I was involved with disbanded and reformed up under a new name and site altogether and mentioned we had Robert Woodhead on the show and I asked my friend if he’d like to come on and discuss a few things that are going at the studio and what to look forward to in the next year. He wants to be on and I am strongly looking for November, maybe in the middle of the month for the recording session.

Also Warky has got some really cool new tunes going. Can’t wait to hear them at Anime Banzi on Oct 20th. Proves to be quite the funny. Here is a smaple from last year’s AB 2011.

Trolling wise, no news on the frontlines, those that speak of have spoken in the past badly about me seems to have finally shut their pieholes proper like, and about time as well. People need to just grow up and move on. That being said I need to do the same as well in that regard. Lots of drama in the past seem to have finally floated away downstream. Let’s just hope no one tries to swim upstream.

ERT Ghostbuster group wise, Gizmo has tendered his resignation due to time constraints and a variety of drama issues within the group as a whole. Reason I know this is because he placed his proton pack up for sale and sold it the same day. He will be missed by many of us. I hope to still get together and design a Weapon pack of my own design rather than a standard proton pack. I’ll just have to see how things go and take one day at time on that note. I also found out recently for those Star Trek fans out there that there is someone developing a Windows 7 64 bit friendly edition of the LCARS Operating shell. So you trekkers out there can still upgrade to the latest o/s from ms and still have a SF shell to contain it.

Another Rant in regards to “That person” we do not really like to talk about.

Ok, looks like this will be yet another rant/complaint post. Yes, it is about the same person we usually discuss “phantomgrift”, yet again and with the same mostly the same subject. Why? Have no idea but bottom line is I may have to just go back on my word and remove him from the forums as well. Yes, I know you’ve all told me I should I just ban him and be done with it, and for the most part I have, no more emails, he can’t contact me on FB or MS or even WP  (Or at least I think) He doesn’t know my cell phone (Thank god for unlisted). Even people at CB have started to think he has some unhealthy obsession with me.

It’s like he has to go out of his way to troll someone he thinks he’s superior over so his self-inflated ego can be slated. I left a forum because of his and a few others stupidity, and when I came back, I was profusely removed with nothing more than a reach around and coupon for a whopper on the nightstand. But I left and yes there entries here to that as well. But this is about someone who threw a bitch fit because I added an entry in on their move to somewhere after the fact had happened and at the time we were barely on speaking terms. I made comment to him in regards to a situation at the time and he went off on some tangent and it wasn’t like the person we we’re speaking about liked me in the first place anyways, but I had some concern on the matter. He didn’t like it so he removed the FB entries, and this wasn’t the first time both he had done this and I was through with it. I was furious, stick a fork in me I’m done type of anger.

I disconnected all ties as of April 4 2011  I thought from there with regards to him and his.  He didn’t give up in fact he ran to the community we shared a mutual interest in and posted all types of shit and some of it was altered as well to make me look like some creepy stalker which was a new low added to the list. People told me to let it go just let it lie, well how can I let it lie if this retard refuses to get the take the hint to go away. Now his excuse is I posted something AWFUL and completely out of context on his wife’s post on Facebook on may 26th 2012 I had seen through a mutual contact. Well, I really don’t think that, it was that much of a big deal, and yes I will be rehashing this, which “I disagree with memorial day being an excuse for BBQ’ing and being lazy”, that’s what I said in reply to her post.

Later on in the day it still bugged me and I decided to post it on my own Facebook profile not mentioning her by name, profile or even any tags she has elsewhere, yet later on that day I got a few emails from Phantomgrift lambasting I was stalking them again ALL over again, not that I simply replied to a post his wife made, which personally I could have left alone, but I didn’t agree and voiced it, my bad. BUT it didn’t stop there he went out and googled my wife’s name and found information that should not have been even looked at nor brought up and personally? I’d have done everything in fiber to cripple him with what was shown. I will not discuss it, it’s nobody’s business and if we ever meet in reality he best walk the other way, because he’ll be wishing he never found the information he found regardless of possibly easy it was to find, it wasn’t his to find mention or know of and I can personally say I hate the fact he breathes the same air I do.

So, now I have him over at JP posting and more or less for trolling purposes, and he does this for kicks, he’s on duty detail and I know how boring it can be but I’m sorry googling people for the intent to try to find a subject to troll is not only sad but creepy. You’ll excuse me if I have serious personal issues with this person, but knowing the surface of the cause do you blame me? I know no one but Phantomgrift will reply back to this but I wanted to put it out here because I wanted people to know what type of person this guy is in my opinion. Trish Ledoux referred me to this article and I have to say its about 99.8 % correct to the letter.

Manga Reveiw of Kingyo’s Used Books

So what is Madarame reading this time? I’m reading Kingyo’s used Books, a 12 Volume series that revolves around manga and how it entwines with people’s lives in a regular basis. I’ve read thru up to volume 4 so far and the journeys some of these sedories go through all In the name of manga and its preservation as a media culture is really quite a read and an enjoyable one as well.

One of the things I did notice and quite contrary to what Mr. Santo Carlo says, the back of the books give footnotes and points of reference to help broaden the mind of those getting into manga or those already involved but did not know of X manga had this or that involved in it. I found it to be educational as well as fun.

So I have to disagree to what he said Mr. Carlos in his Anime News Network column “Right Turn Only” gave the manga a grade of “B”, saying that “if you want to get a non-manga fan into manga, this is probably not the manga to give them.” Mr. Carlos went on to say, “Kingyo is, if anything, too fixated on giving history lessons, trying to drown the reader in footnotes and details rather than letting the series speak for itself.” Which I think is the total opposite, I think has the footnotes in the back can clearly give more insight to the reader on the subjects being discussed within the manga itself.

It does give the reader some educational liners in there. I found some of the information enlightening in the way it was present and having the footnotes in the back was a good move as to not hit the reader right off the bat but rather when they did get to the end of the volume where they could check out the omake and footnotes IF the reader deemed to do so. But no spoilers, rather best to contact your local library and ask if they Kingyo’s used books from Viz Media in their manga section but if they don’t? Make the suggestion to getting it!