UDK Reinstall, Tempus gets a new Padawan, Esc online.

All right, with the new rig in place and Win 7 reinstalled? Time ot get UDK Feb reinstalled. Got that taken care as well. Got on yahoo this morning and I saw a name I knew from UDK on my webchat for yahoo. It was one the guys that wanted to join the team a few monthes back.

Well after talking with him and findoing out what his skillset was at? I thought it best to set him with Paulo. Paulo needed some extra hands on texturing and helping with modeling the buildings since we have to do it all by hand now it seems. The two seem to be hitting it off ok as well too. I’m slightly worried with regards to the vehicles however. I haven’t heard from chris in over a week since I sent him the backups to help him start work again after his own machine took a nose dive as well. I am hopeful to see some work from him as well soon. Paul is working on the Pilot Model for the Firebee, Hornet, Wasp vehicle set. Turning out pretty well too.

Next is Esc on moddb, I decided to check on that and see how it was coming along? found out some asshat decided he was going to be funny and try to troll the mod, because there weren’t any screenshots on that page. SO I took the liberty to upload some. Then I reported the little troll’s image to the staff for removal. I’m waiting to hear back from one the moddb staff on taking over the project with Spanky’s and DJPaul’s permission of course. UNLESS of course they decide to take my idea to heart and launch a UDK edition of Esc? Which personaly I’d pay 15$ for it on steam.

CoD 4 MW2 and TF2

Well, with what I want downloaded at the moment? I think the machine is doing pretty good. My 1st Game of TF2 in a week or so ran like glass finally. CoD4 MW2 got my ass handed to me, but fun none the less, especially being my 1st time. UT3 was SWEET! I love it! It kicks MUCH ASS! Oh yea, Who’s your Daddy! Finally served some vengence today on a poor slob who thought he was slick because he tok advantage of my good nature and piece of crap Video card at the time.

Logged in today and clocked to 2011, and left saying be careful who you toss around, you’ll never know if they’ll come back and throw you under the bus a few times. It was just grand, I’m finally back on my game! woohoo !

Recovery from PC disaster.

Ok well then, seems I was able to recover all three machines with some help. I did lose 2 hdds and a dvdrw in the process. But I gained 1.5 extra gigs of ram, getting those 2 17 in monitors repaired. Adam got his ram, and some extra as well.

I’m in the middle of reinstalling my games and installing some ones I can actually play now too with these new upgrades installed. Oh I will be able to at least RMA the sata drive that died on my main box. It’s a WD 250 G from 2006 which means it has 1 yr left on the warrenty. OH an I am going to make sure I get my replacement for it.

The other sata drive is whats running in the house box now. Clean fresh install of Xp with all the trimmings and updates taken care of. But I do need to find a replacemnt dvdrw for my main box. Which should hopefully not be too hard to do? Anyways, back to steam and getting things back into proper order.

Got my wife’s Dell CPi installed with Win 2k Pro and 256 of ram and Office Xp Pro. That 20 gig hdd I found really did come thru in a pinch for me and her. With Adam’s help we were able to get the windows update to get the laptop completed and updated as well. So now she has a laptop for her girlscout troop and for everyday buisness stuff too. Maybe I should invest in a wifi router soon and make a really good WAP setup? }8^) Hehehehe!

I’m going to bed, I’m gettting punchy just typing all this out. See ya in the morning then all.


Well got home from work this morning from work to find out my 2nd PC is down for the count and its either going to be the mainboard or the PSU. So far it seems to be the PSU due to the fact that I can bypass the drives save for the hdd and it works then when you hit IE it crashes.

But then again this also started after dealing with some asshat names Jon Alto or otherwise known as Chili Palmer on MB2 Vendetta on Facebook of the AOD Mob started shit with me and after I retaliated he goes off on some hate spree so I blocked him. Then he starts posting and trying to start crap with me on other profiles. SO wtf am I supposed to do? But what I think is strange is the crap that started happening only started happening *AFTER* I had left the house for work yesterday.

The twink just doesn’t know when to stfu and just play the game properly or at least apologize for beating someone down for Xp. Its just proper game etiquette, just because the game can be barbaric at times does not mean you have to be a barbarian either. Most of the times it’s a show of maturity and that person will respect that and want to join up or extend a hand to have you join theirs.

Anyways, I have some upgrades here I can hopefully use to rebuild at least one machine and with the help of a buddy of mine I might be able to repair the 2nd unit too. I’ll be installing Windows 2k on a dell CPI finally tomorrow as well and getting that ready for my wife and her Girl Scout stuff. Besides being completely depressed and wanting to tear someone’s head I’ve never met off and using it for a soccer ball? Yea I’m fine…… NOT! I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK!

Stargate Unreal – Unreal 1 Engine Build

Stargate Unreal is a project built on the Unreal 1 source engine. These guys move like phantoms thru the code and compile it like mad crazy. its been a yr developing it so far. I got involved I think at the 3rd beta test pack. Even then it ws fun to walk thru the SG1 base and thru the gate.

I think for true fans this game project will show you a lot of fun and replay value. let them know I sent you, for a warm open greeting as well. These guys rock, and if you have experince? Let them know they might even need a hand or two?

Stargate Worlds and Corruption in CME.

My friends’ pyronious & Sm1key are huge SG fans so this news is going to hurt them hard. Stargate Worlds and CME/Firesky has had some serious money issues and was forced to file for a chapter 11.

Seems the CEO of CME was embezzling then laundering the funds/donations/investments meant for the development of Stargate Worlds and CME for awhile now. Official CME/Firesky statement here at this article

This news revealed when tps game entitled Stargate: Resistance was announced and released as a show of strategy to convince the current investors that CME/Firesky could and can make profitable games to secure investments to further the Stargate Worlds MMO project.

This is also just rumorware at the moment, with everything that’s going on at CME/Firesky seem to working on the dedicated server patch that be or maybe not be released but if they do? This will mean people who bought the game will be able to keep the fandom alive!

A poem off the top of my head.

Life in general is chaos
You have to hone your own skills
Fight and claw your way up
Acquiring others as you transverse

Defeating that which causes you fear
Becoming your own person to be
Not what people want to see you be?
Truth before the rose tint lens always

Yourself, the true essence of your being
Burn and destroy the image cast upon you
True to thine own self first and foremost
Integrity and Self worth above all else

Its tuesday for me and we have snow! ARGH!

That’s right, I purposely steamcleaned the inside of the saturn, and scrubbed some of the seats and removed and cleaned the mats as well with the steamcleaner. Why you ask? Because tommarow I take the uplander in for a Oil change rotation and Safety/Emission done in one shot in the morning. Oh and I apologize, Phantomgrift left today not yesterday, saw this elsewhere so had to make the update and the apology.

Thinking about getting this AMD PIC for the kids, 40$ the guy is asking for it. if I can sell the TV card and the Sound Blaster I can get it, let the kids use that for the internet and thier homework and I can rebuild the other machine at a later time. Still wating for my upgrades to arrive even though it may be another 2 days. Its the waiting that eats at you. I don;t even know if anyone is even reading this stuff. I know Phant did just so he could keep tabs on me, but with him gone that’s no longer a possiblity.

Sent paul this last night to see if he can build off this concept sheet.

I want to be able to push his abilities, hone that character modeler strength into him. He’s ok, but he can be better, I see it in his work, he just needs to apply himself more and open himself more to different techniques and styles and even test his ability with other programs like Adobe PS/Gimp/Z-brush. I want to see him advance in life.

My Monday and just wow.

Ok, day so far has been ok I guess? Our daugther went to her baskeball team’s end of season party, I was able to get maybe 85% of the kitchen cleaned, washed some laundry. My wife and other daugther left to do power walking this morning did the grocery shopping and came home. Our oldest just sat on the couch like a lump and played rune factory for 4 hrs. Yea, 4 hours long.

Wife gets back I take the two out for the party drop # 1 off then pizza for #2 get pizza then car wash because the car needed it and she wanted to drive thru it with dad. Got home and then attempted to boot into the laptop to install and run belarc to get the cdl code for that install of Xp. I’ll rebuild with that cdl on the new pc when the upgrades DO finally showup this week. Also trying to sell off some of my hardware to get a AMD PIC for the kids to play and homework on.

Oh and yea, Phantogrift is now on a plane to go Guantanamo Bay for a year, I’m sure the bobs are going to miss him something fierce. My condoelnces go to his wife, I know to some degree the stress that they will go thru on this period of thier lives. The payoff however will indeed be worth it when he returns I am sure. It’s jst going to be playing the waiting game for that 1 year period that’s going to be well, interesting. But I am sure she’s with friends and family and that they will be a major help and support line as well. Anyways, back to work.