Replacement Mainboard arrives and This just in a Ghost in the Shell based Cyber Security Software from NCIT.

Hello everyone,

Hope your day is going well? It is Wednesday, and my replacement mainboard has arrived at the house. I want to get a new set of screws though for mounting. Chris at Hero PC is going to hook me up with a set. In return I’m going hand him a set of 4 case screws, it’s an equivalent exchange of equal value I think. Besides, he’s done a bit for me out the kindness of his shop, and I appreciate his help.

Also in the tech news side of things it seems that NICT has developed a cyber-attack alert system entitled Daedalus. Daedalus renders a 3d Layout overlay on attacks on the networks visible in real time. The sphere in the center represents our global net; the circles moving around it represent networks under surveillance.

The state of an attack shown in the video represented in 3D format is viewed by any perspective. This is also very reminiscent of how the global internet is represent in Ghost in the Shell a Series produced by Production I.G. Studios.
NICT is also the creators of a system called nicter for cyber-attacks surveillance. They are also responsible for the observation network in Japan, entitled “the Darknet Observation Network”, to keep an eye on IP addresses not used in nicter. D.O.N is observing over 190,000 IP addresses in Japan at its current status. Daedalus is an alert system using this particular network.

Today’s cyber-attacks breach boundary defenses from inside and outside organizations, including the spread of malware via USB memory sticks and mail attachments, as well other normal every day distribution . Applying Daedalus with a conventional boundary system is expected to improve network security within companies and small businesses.

If you’ll notice in the video and see that the blue array in this company shows IP addresses that are being applied, and the black array shows addresses that are not being applied. This character marker is indicating an alert. When you click on this alert, a message showing the cause appears. In this example, only two packets have been sent. But because the packets go from an address that’s used to an address that’s not used, this indicates that there is a viral issue starting to spread within the company network.

“If this kind of situation is inputted into the observation network, it can observe it, and studied. The system automatically sends an alert, saying, ‘This IP address of yours is spreading a virus using this protocol at this time. The technology for this system will be transferred to clwit, which will include it in a commercial alert service called SiteVisor. NICT also provides the system free of charge to educational institutions where nicter sensors can be installed and placed into service.

The fact that this resembles some of I.G.’s Artwork and the style it was created in reference to Ghost in the Shell is another win for the otaku generation in my opinion and I hope to see more software leaning to leaning towards these GUI Structures.

Well, just got home and got things together, but I’m not confident enough atm to plug it in and test it, so I’m taking it to work with me tomorrow and having one the guys I trust take a look at it and make any adjustments that might be needed. So hopefully by this time tomorrow evening I’ll be back pwing n00bs and weebos. Till then night and happy fragging!

Such a busy season Summer time is.

500.00 + that could have been spent in better ways, -_-; 105.00 $ spent on a Side Panel and a new water pump for the swamp cooler and mounted myself, status: Running and house cooled, so at least people can now sleep at night in this heat. The kitchen underside sink wise had a leak anytime we used the front hose, seems even though the piping was graded, the pipe insulated and the hose OFF the faucet before the winter freeze. Somehow water was left in expanded and left a small crack in the copper piping all because there was no anti freezing siphon on the tap. An Anti-freezing siphon, I never even heard of them till the plumber told me about them. This made me angry because why didn’t the disaster recovery team see that 4. Yrs. ago when we had to rebuild that underside of the kitchen?

The girls are getting ready for camping and it’s going to be an odd week with all this going. I have a letter that was sent cod that I don’t have any clue on what it would be about. That will have to be updated once I get home tonight. The Girls are getting ready for Summer Camp and that will leave me and the wife to go in and re-arrange their room a bit to provide more space and to get rid of some of the stuff they’ve out grown and pack it away. Seems I’ll have the van being that I’m driving up to camp with them and then taking it back down the mountain and to work. Then on Saturday they come back in her GS assistant trooper leader’s truck that afternoon. Then unpack wash and pack then rest on Sunday and OFF for extended GS Scout camp on Monday. It’s definitely going to be busy summer.

Another Rant in regards to “That person” we do not really like to talk about.

Ok, looks like this will be yet another rant/complaint post. Yes, it is about the same person we usually discuss “phantomgrift”, yet again and with the same mostly the same subject. Why? Have no idea but bottom line is I may have to just go back on my word and remove him from the forums as well. Yes, I know you’ve all told me I should I just ban him and be done with it, and for the most part I have, no more emails, he can’t contact me on FB or MS or even WP  (Or at least I think) He doesn’t know my cell phone (Thank god for unlisted). Even people at CB have started to think he has some unhealthy obsession with me.

It’s like he has to go out of his way to troll someone he thinks he’s superior over so his self-inflated ego can be slated. I left a forum because of his and a few others stupidity, and when I came back, I was profusely removed with nothing more than a reach around and coupon for a whopper on the nightstand. But I left and yes there entries here to that as well. But this is about someone who threw a bitch fit because I added an entry in on their move to somewhere after the fact had happened and at the time we were barely on speaking terms. I made comment to him in regards to a situation at the time and he went off on some tangent and it wasn’t like the person we we’re speaking about liked me in the first place anyways, but I had some concern on the matter. He didn’t like it so he removed the FB entries, and this wasn’t the first time both he had done this and I was through with it. I was furious, stick a fork in me I’m done type of anger.

I disconnected all ties as of April 4 2011  I thought from there with regards to him and his.  He didn’t give up in fact he ran to the community we shared a mutual interest in and posted all types of shit and some of it was altered as well to make me look like some creepy stalker which was a new low added to the list. People told me to let it go just let it lie, well how can I let it lie if this retard refuses to get the take the hint to go away. Now his excuse is I posted something AWFUL and completely out of context on his wife’s post on Facebook on may 26th 2012 I had seen through a mutual contact. Well, I really don’t think that, it was that much of a big deal, and yes I will be rehashing this, which “I disagree with memorial day being an excuse for BBQ’ing and being lazy”, that’s what I said in reply to her post.

Later on in the day it still bugged me and I decided to post it on my own Facebook profile not mentioning her by name, profile or even any tags she has elsewhere, yet later on that day I got a few emails from Phantomgrift lambasting I was stalking them again ALL over again, not that I simply replied to a post his wife made, which personally I could have left alone, but I didn’t agree and voiced it, my bad. BUT it didn’t stop there he went out and googled my wife’s name and found information that should not have been even looked at nor brought up and personally? I’d have done everything in fiber to cripple him with what was shown. I will not discuss it, it’s nobody’s business and if we ever meet in reality he best walk the other way, because he’ll be wishing he never found the information he found regardless of possibly easy it was to find, it wasn’t his to find mention or know of and I can personally say I hate the fact he breathes the same air I do.

So, now I have him over at JP posting and more or less for trolling purposes, and he does this for kicks, he’s on duty detail and I know how boring it can be but I’m sorry googling people for the intent to try to find a subject to troll is not only sad but creepy. You’ll excuse me if I have serious personal issues with this person, but knowing the surface of the cause do you blame me? I know no one but Phantomgrift will reply back to this but I wanted to put it out here because I wanted people to know what type of person this guy is in my opinion. Trish Ledoux referred me to this article and I have to say its about 99.8 % correct to the letter.

6/14/2012 Entry

So what have I been into, up to and involved with lately? Well, I got our stove replaced and it’s in where the old one was nice and comfortably as well. I have really got into Accel World, I’m enjoy the story progression and to be honest I’m personally liking the whole underdog get the popular girl them going on. I’ve always been a sucker for a good team/friendship building series, but that’s partially due to a personal taste and opinion.

I’ve also been into Wasteland by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten on the Oni Press Publication label, Abi and Michael make an odd pair but a well matched one nonetheless.  It’s like being on vacation in Borderlands, save for not as weirder ass mutant wildlife. Then there is the manga selection for this month, Dragon Girl from Yen Manga Publications. I got the collected edition from the library when it opened two weeks ago, I couldn’t put it down, in fact I read it twice so I made sure I didn’t miss anything through the first pass through.  It most revolves around Rinna Aizen a young woman attending her first year at a former All Male Senior High School gone Co-ed.

This school is also the one her father attended when he was younger and on the cheering squad. She vowed she’d go to this school especially since she made a promise to a certain young boy make in her youth in grade school that she’d follow him there. Well years later, she’s here but where is he?  No spoilers on this one, you’ll have to read it to find out. But the friends Aizen makes and the ones causing her trouble for her and the cheering squad she becomes involved that makes this a great a story.

I’ve also got into the MMO Hellgate, but due to the mainboard I bought from Ascendtech and that board having a faulty PCIE Slot I’ve been delayed on getting back in and really raising some hell. I also finally got my collector’s edition of Hellgate London and the graphic novel that came with it. So once my mainboard is back and installed I’ll do an install and take it for a test spin. I also got a new a 2 gig Zotan NVidia GT520 as a replacement for the old Gt8600 I was using, which should provide some beefed up Video and broadcasting options once it’s all taken care of and setup.

We had our 3 month meeting with The ERT Ghostbuster fan group last weekend.  A great time was had by all, regardless of the snags we had that day and maybe I should have brought some sun screen for some of the others since there were some sunburns involved from what I heard. I also helped establish the fan group’s forum on my own site since I have a section just for that reason.  Excluding some asshattery from my past things seem to be going ok and well for the time being. That’s all I got for now hope things are going well for those that follow the blog. Keep it cool during this summer and have great week everyone.

Thursday 6/7/2012

Ok, so now I know it’s not the power supply it’s a 650 Watt PSU so that’s not the issue. It was tested with several different pcie video cards of varies memory size and each one failed to post at this point it has been determined by Hero PC that it is indeed a pcie slot issue from the get go because had a small issue at the assembly point but was not regarded as an issue because it worked for a week and a half before issues arose on this board. Thank god I took the 45 day warranty survey the staff sent me in regards of my opinion at the time. Now I have to pick it back up with the finding Chris made and copy and scan them as well for my records and ship the board back to them for replacement.

Now speaking on a different topic, we’re officially announced and running with 3 episodes for the cybernauts podcast show which we do twice a month now. Our to date great episode was with Robert Woodhead, all around CEO of Animego and Political Figure head of Importance with EVE online and a general all-purpose mad overlord. I had a blast and we also had an associate that Mr. Woodhead has worked with in the past on the show as well and can say I think that it was a great time by everyone, the only thing that wasn’t done was a battle session on EVE with Robert and divided teams amongst the crew and cast.

But this is just an example of what type of fun and what type of topics we bring up for discussion on the Cybernauts Podcast episodes. Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to invite a few listeners in on a open mic night with some of our guests. There is even a rumor of bringing “CG” back o the table and maybe on the show, so who knows at this point, anything is possible when you put your mind and willpower to it. I’m not even sure who’s still following me here on WP according to the stats I get up to 40+ on one day and 6 to 8 on others. Well anyways, back to work and then home to work some more.

Half way through the work week.

Hello everyone,


Been a busy week and I’m only ½ through it at the moment. So far, we have a new Library in our area which is now the flagship example for the rest of the county.  We have a new stove at the house and I installed a new range hood for it as well. Our Eldest Daughter had her six wisdom teeth removed yesterday afternoon and surprisingly she’s not a grumpy troll about it either.  She’s taking it rather well and easy. Soft foods, pudding, I’m making homemade mashed potatoes tonight for dinner as well.


The kitchen was fun because I had to install a matching range hood for the stove.  It was a pain in the #@#!# due to the fact it was original to the house and there was a gap between the hood and the cabinetry by a good 1.2 inches and mounting it under and up was utter failure. I was forced to install from the sides and although I had to do it I did it in a way that wasn’t messed up. I’ll upload the shots here to show you.


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I’ve been tackling this PC for over just under a month due to the video card issue I’m having with the card not posting at boot up.  I swapped cards and this one was a 128 MB card no juice at all, yet the 1 gig powers up sporadically if you reseat it properly.  So either it’s the card or the slot, the guys where I bought the mainboard from say that it’s the power supply unit not giving it enough juice. It might be possible it’s a 375 Watt PSU but still, I know Chris that he wouldn’t sell me a shoddy PSU that wouldn’t support my card. It’s at Chris’s shop now so I trust him enough that I let him diagnose it and see what he comes up with on his tech bench. For now I’m just going to use my laptop again and play starcraft with my friend mark , if I can find my old serial for it, but I swear one the kids that were over ganked it from the garage.