Saturday 5/26/2012

Hey, great weekend so far! Got the garden weeded and partially planted in till it started raining, but the hard work did get done. Now if I can get rid of the stupid dead quake in the back and grind the stump down I’ll be set and done as far as major work in the backyard for the summer is done.

The HALO 2 auction is about to end soon 17 hrs to go and still in the lead on it. After I win this, I’m looking on the site for Halo 3 and see if I can find that to bid on next.  Just waiting on the 4gig MicroSD card for my wife’s celphone and I might be able to use the 2 gig she has now in there, also charging and editing the mp3 player she got for mother’s day from the kids (They worked together and I told them they could earn points to go towards her mother’s day presents for her).

Taking another image of the family PC O/S so the image is fresh and up to date so once I remove the bad drive and place in the new one I can image it without any trouble or at least minimal issues on restoring the image to the new drive.  Working with After Effects is difficult especially when you have projects that you need plug-in for and the plug-in don’t resolve the issue you’re having. Well  hopefully I can get some help with it so I can wrap it up and upload it to where it needs to go. Off to bed for me, it’s late I think its Sunday already *yawn* night or morning pending how you take it.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off tonight for me !

Where to start? Ok!  My PC is back up save for my pcie video card my 1 gig card is dead! But I am surviving off the onboard video for the time being. I am looking at a Zoltac 2gig pcie NVidia chipset which will take care of a lot of issues development and gaming and video rendering.  I’m selling off a few items of my own on eBay to help raise the means to purchase said part.

In lighter news The Cool Kids Club podcasts are done and over there is not more CKC, however we do have now, The Cybernauts Podcast now, featured on here on WP, and soon a mirror at jp-studios as well. I think our kick off episode is going to come out quite nicely once the editing is done.  We also have now on the cast Amanda, Dustin, Josh, and Jon plus me.  We’ve also got a number of guest spots on the show as well, no name dropping just know that it’s going to be an extreme honor and pleasure to be able to talk with our guests in these upcoming episodes.

CONduit is this weekend and I’m not going due to some of the way the convention and events were handled from what I have been told and I just decided that this year I’m not even going sweat piss or moan about not going. I do wish the SLC ERT-GB well on their volunteer staffing this year at CONduit and we’ll see them live and direct at Anime Banzi in Oct! WOO! Which I hope I can maybe get a word in edge wise on getting a possible headliner artist to show up at Anime banzi this year and if not maybe next year.

I finally got a hard drive replacement for the family PC it is an IDE not sata which I would have preferred but I won’t complain 320 Gig ide is a great thing especially when I am getting the hit F1 to resume of death error message on boot up of that PC. I have pet project I am working on with a Dell SX270 and getting Linux installed on it rather than Xp which is slower than dog dirt on it with only 512 of ram on it. If anyone does read this and has 2 sticks of 512 PC 2700 333 or 400 MHz please let me know what we could try to work out as a deal? I can try to work something out.

Also I know this might be old news but I just discovered Hellgate the MMO and I’m having a blast on this game. Although it is pretty lonely out here with my sword and armor just keeping me company. So if there is anyone out there that would like to come along and slaughter and dice demon meat together?  My Character’s name is Ryu Haruanobu of The house of The Jade Phoenix and a Knight Templar, so hit me up and lets go what do you say ?

Well just about time for me to start the 4 day weekend. Hope your memorial day Week end will be as awesome as mine will hopefully be.

Days of long past, remembering a place of my youth. SOMA Nightclub!

SOMA is a popular all-ages concert venue in the Midway District area of San Diego, California, right next to the San Diego Sports Arena. Over the years it has become one of the more popular concert venues in the city.

Claiming to be one of the best all ages venue in the “SoCal” music scene, Soma lets everyone in, no matter the age. There is a strict alcohol-free policy to provide a safe environment.

SOMA originally opened in the early 1990s by Len Paul at an old warehouse in downtown San Diego on 555 Union Street, just south of Market Street – hence the name “SO uth of MA rket.” At that time, the venue was mostly known

as a dance club, but eventually made the transition to hosting live music. One unique feature of the club was that in addition to the main concert hall located on the ground floor, it had a basement area, known as “The

Dungeon” that held approximately 100 people. It was in the dungeon that many local San Diego bands would get their first opportunity to play at the club. If bands could bring in a large-enough following, they would often

be given the opportunity to play upstairs on the main stage in support of more popular local acts, or even nationally touring acts. It was at this downtown location that such well-known San Diego bands such as Rocket from

the Crypt, blink-182, Unwritten Law, Stone Temple Pilots, and Buck-O-Nine built a strong local following before moving on to tour nationally in the mid 1990s.   In 1994 after I had left california, SOMA was moved to a former warehouse on Metro Street, just south of the University of San Diego. Major artists such as Faith No More, Fugazi, Pavement, The Ramones, The Smashing

Pumpkins and Weezer performed here, as well as many local bands. The venue closed in 1999.   In 2002, Paul reopened SOMA at its current home in a former multiplex movie theater that was renovated into a concert venue. Walls dividing individual theaters were torn down to create one large area for the main stage.

Located at 3350 Sports Arena Blvd., it can hold up to 2700+ occupants in its main hall, and the side stage can accommodate 500+. The venue has also turned many of the theater’s old production offices into dressing rooms

for the bands which overlook the audience. There is a snack bar and merchandise area in the lobby of SOMA as well. SOMA does not have an age requirement for their shows and does not have a bar, serve alcohol or allow the

consumption of alcohol or drugs within the venue. There are no seats in the venue and all concerts are general admission. SOMA holds concerts throughout the year and both local and popular bands have been known to play

there. Since the venue is located next to the San Diego Sports Arena, attendants often park in the free parking section of the sports arena near Chili’s.

THE ORIGINAL SOMA (555 Union St.near seaport village): SOMA was born Circa 1986 from a floral warehouse to a Venue/Dance Club for owner Len Paul to stage dances for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

the word spread like wildfire, and it became one the hottest under-21 concert spot downtown. Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, The Ramones, The meat Puppets, were some of the greatest punk bands to rocked the

walls of the first SOMA. Due to the renovation of the CityFront Terrace project however, SOMA would have to be pushed to Bay Park and sadly to its current Midway District location but it is still to this day one the

hottest concert/dance clubs in San Diego. Nowdays its the Children’s Art Musume but I will always remember the smell of clove cigrettes and exotic coffee from the espresso machine they had downstairs  under the entrance of

the club.

Stargate / Star trek and overall Awesome Composer Joel Goldsmith Dead @ 54

It is with terrible saddness that I report and post that Mr. Joel Goldsmith, famed composer for both “Star Trek” and “Stargate,” beamed out of this reality and unto the next realm and adventure, he had been dealing blows against cancer for some time now and Saturday 4/28/12 was the day that battle was lost. He passed away at 54.

Though he got his start scoring some classic  cult sci-fi/horror films such as  “The Man With Two Brains”. Being the son of Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith followed his fathers footsetps and his career  in television. Joel went on to score 350+ esp. of various “Stargate” series and contributed over 20 minutes of musical assets in “Star Trek: First Contact,”.

Goldsmith was a three-time Emmy nominee. First nominated in 1998 for “Stargate SG-1,” he was also nominated in 2005 for the main theme for “Stargate Atlantis” and in 2006 for “Stargate Atlantis: Grace Under Pressure.”

Fellow composer Neal Acree, who worked with Goldsmith on “Stargate” released a statement on his friend’s passing:

I’m utterly heartbroken at the loss of my dear friend and mentor Joel Goldsmith. He was like a second father to me and I feel like I owe much of my career to the opportunities he gave me including my first feature film and first experience scoring television. His influence on my life, both personally and musically, will stay with me always.”

My Condolences  go out to Mr. Goldsmith’s family, and friends and fans, we have lost another great in the music industry. He will however be remembered in our hearts thru his music, the television shows he helped give birth to and recently his involvement in Call of Duty 3 where his musical talents were created and placed as well. God speed Joel Goldsmith, may the heavens open their gates and welcome you .

End of Transmission.