Replacement Mainboard arrives and This just in a Ghost in the Shell based Cyber Security Software from NCIT.

Hello everyone,

Hope your day is going well? It is Wednesday, and my replacement mainboard has arrived at the house. I want to get a new set of screws though for mounting. Chris at Hero PC is going to hook me up with a set. In return I’m going hand him a set of 4 case screws, it’s an equivalent exchange of equal value I think. Besides, he’s done a bit for me out the kindness of his shop, and I appreciate his help.

Also in the tech news side of things it seems that NICT has developed a cyber-attack alert system entitled Daedalus. Daedalus renders a 3d Layout overlay on attacks on the networks visible in real time. The sphere in the center represents our global net; the circles moving around it represent networks under surveillance.

The state of an attack shown in the video represented in 3D format is viewed by any perspective. This is also very reminiscent of how the global internet is represent in Ghost in the Shell a Series produced by Production I.G. Studios.
NICT is also the creators of a system called nicter for cyber-attacks surveillance. They are also responsible for the observation network in Japan, entitled “the Darknet Observation Network”, to keep an eye on IP addresses not used in nicter. D.O.N is observing over 190,000 IP addresses in Japan at its current status. Daedalus is an alert system using this particular network.

Today’s cyber-attacks breach boundary defenses from inside and outside organizations, including the spread of malware via USB memory sticks and mail attachments, as well other normal every day distribution . Applying Daedalus with a conventional boundary system is expected to improve network security within companies and small businesses.

If you’ll notice in the video and see that the blue array in this company shows IP addresses that are being applied, and the black array shows addresses that are not being applied. This character marker is indicating an alert. When you click on this alert, a message showing the cause appears. In this example, only two packets have been sent. But because the packets go from an address that’s used to an address that’s not used, this indicates that there is a viral issue starting to spread within the company network.

“If this kind of situation is inputted into the observation network, it can observe it, and studied. The system automatically sends an alert, saying, ‘This IP address of yours is spreading a virus using this protocol at this time. The technology for this system will be transferred to clwit, which will include it in a commercial alert service called SiteVisor. NICT also provides the system free of charge to educational institutions where nicter sensors can be installed and placed into service.

The fact that this resembles some of I.G.’s Artwork and the style it was created in reference to Ghost in the Shell is another win for the otaku generation in my opinion and I hope to see more software leaning to leaning towards these GUI Structures.

Well, just got home and got things together, but I’m not confident enough atm to plug it in and test it, so I’m taking it to work with me tomorrow and having one the guys I trust take a look at it and make any adjustments that might be needed. So hopefully by this time tomorrow evening I’ll be back pwing n00bs and weebos. Till then night and happy fragging!

Real Drive, Anime Series from I.G. Prod.

You know it’s pretty odd when you already watched two episodes and you pretty much understand the premise already. I.G. “ALWAYS” produces great animation, though it could be taken as a negative when you have a Seventy year old man-service scene in the first episode. I think on a personal note that the series is quite descriptive and each one of the characters has their own set of unique personalities and traits. It does have a very cool post GiTs feel for it, oddly enough IMO anyway.

Plot Summary: Real Drive is a “Cyber Fiction/suspense” story is set in circa 2061, when a newly designed and secure information matrix called the Material Network (or “Metal”) reigns over human society. Suddenly, glitches begin to pop up as bugs in the machine? (Giggle) against the secured system, and then “cyber-divers” are sent out to investigate these issues. The team/cast consists of the following; the cyber driver Mari, an “intuitive girl” named Minamo, the team’s lead Eiichirō, the combat expert Sōta, and accompanying them is the android Horon, always have to have a droid involved.

Overall, I have to admit I am impressed and enjoying this series. I am seriously considering following this series to the last episode itself. The character design was well thought out, as well as the story backline/history. Then again this is I.G. Productions assisting with this, so is it any wonder that it’s as good if not slightly better than Ghost in the shell