My Current WIP with the house

It’s been 2 days off and back to work and I have to say I’m glad to be here at the moment. I spent my days off hauling out a dual recliner couch with a recliner. I took down several family pictures and started to pack things from the shelving unit into boxes.

Afterwards, I washed the walls and vacuumed ½ of the room while also taking measurements for the laundry room as well as soon as I was done.
We’re thinking maybe a green base for the walls and an eggshell white for the window boxes after I get done cleaning them out and sanding and masking them off to be redone, which they really do need to be redone.

I’m thinking with the laundry room the modular wire shelving with the mountable rack plates should work well. 1 ¼ Ft x 6 Ft is what I have measured down and will be using those to work from on a staggered configuration taking advantage of the room it has. I also have to get rid of more of parts of myself, meaning certain items are being donated to the Desert industries.

I don’t WANT to! Wait I must, I have to, if I don’t how can I be more normal? I’m torn and I feel frustrated because part of me says “get rid of it!” and the other is like NO WAY! I horded it I built it, I found and restored it THEY ARE MINE!

I just don’t want to get rid of TONS but at the same time I have to let go of some of it. My battletech paperback: Gone, some of my hardback books also: Gone.

Action figures, some of my models I’ve had for years also gone. The VHS anime collection I have? In process of being taken to DVD from vhs. and those will be donated to an anime club within the salt lake county region.

I have to get back to work now, so if someone “is” actually reading this? I hope you haven’t had to feel this pain of loss yet. 

Gamer Otaku news for you!

Gamer Otakus Rejoiceit’s seems that the world is ready for the gamer otaku out there and is willing to try to play matchmaker, game side as well as compatibilty side. I got to say Gamecrush might have a winner with this enterprising interactive site. Myself, I’m married and quite happily I might add. But for those out there that are single and are well, *cough cough* gamers in the extreme without the desire nor the want to making the “Club Scene”?

This would be a prefect way to maybe find romance and shared interests. Although its limited on the gamplay selection at the moment, it does cater to the higher end popular games. Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Halo III are the selections for the X-box league. Not sure how things will do with the PC side of things as I saw no reference to PC Gamers. It was mostly aimed at the platform gamers. Well, I’m pretty sure some of you out there are gonna benfit from it so here is The address and you can make your own decisions. I know some of you could USE a little time with someone of the oppisite sex.

Weekend work

I got all but 3 GS Cookie boxes sold today. Money exchanged, and deposited into the envelope. We made a pretty good run this yr with regards to sales. Just glad it’s over personally. I am still waiting on the sale of that audio card. It’s all that’s keeping me from getting my 1.5 gigs of ram installed on my machine at home. Once that’s done things should scream.

Right now, I’m working and getting ready to go home for the night. I’m going to attempt to start clearing out and removing crud from the family room and start the de-clutter process. When next week when I and my wife are on vacation? We can redesign and paint the family room and redo the laundry room.

Game wise, I’ve been lacking and I apologize to my team. Real life took a hold for a bit and I have been attempting to get things back on track and to get the team back on track. I would like to say for that, I take responsibility for it and will do what I can get things back on track. I have ot get back to work and then end my shift !

Girl Scouts, Piano lessons and Aliens oh my,

Last of the girl scout mayhem may have end this weekend. I’ve taken the twins to thier cookie booth helped out a little bit with the selling and such. We seemed to have made a lot of sales because the dads were out helping show support for thier kids.

Then just as we were at the tail end of things, this huge snow storm hits out of the blue and 2 mins we had sheets of snow just flyign across the parking lot of the sams club. I helped the troop leaders get the cookies in the van and then took my own little troopers home for a fun filled evening of Zim and readng star wars to them at hier bedsides as they fell fast asleep.

As for me ? I passed out at about 11:10/11:15 Pm so I am posting this just before midnight.

Day off

Spent mostly cleaning up, taking care of laundry and the daily routine. Had some odd network traffic though when I was bumped off a few times today while playing Tf2. I’ve sent the logs to a network engi buddy of mine at the it dept at my work. to see if its just a sign of a failing modem or if someone was trying to brute my modem. Although, I must say it would be pretty stupid to do so since I have no “critical” info on my machine. I just use it for 3d Development and schooling.

I did take the family minus 1 to dinner tonite, but to be honest the place was lacking in taste this time instead of past visits. Rigth now I’m reading the 4 minus 1 Volume set of “return to labyrinth”. You remember, that David Bowie/Muppets movie in the early 80’s? Seems we get to see what happens 13 yrs later after toby’s sister rescues him from the goblin king. I like that fact tokyopop is the publication that did the release. I think Chris lie’s rendition of The goblin king is quite well done, almost looks like David as well. but currently I have 1,2,3 but 4 is missing so I have ot hunt that one down in the library system.

Pretty tired heading to bed ttyl

Using a Hauppauge WinTV 878 Tuner card as a PC PVR

since I had t and sold one during my adventure with this and now testing it with windows 7 I figured it would be cool to share this info. How to make a personal video recorder using the PVR software.

To do this I simply got the Hauppauge / Mainconcept MCE encoder from the Hauppauge support site and installed just the encoder manually. Here is how:
• You will need to get the - – WinTV-PVR Media Center driver CD version zip file.
• Extract the contents to a permanent directory on your hard drive.
• You can’t simply install the software encoder because it is not designed for use with the WinTV 878 card so you must do it manually.
• Open the SofwareEncoder_Setup_1_1_24013.exe (or ta similar looking file) using something like WinZip or WinRAR so you can see its contents.
• Extract the full contents to the permanent directory.
• Open the MS-Dos Command prompt and navigate to the permanent directory using the CD command to change directory (search google for help using the command prompt if you are not sure how to do this).
• When you are in the permanent directory type REGSVR32 at the command prompt
• This should bring up a dialogue box stating it has being installed, just simply press okay and you are done. You should now be able to use your Hauppauge WinTV 878 Tuner card with Windows media Center entertainment plus various PVR software such as Media Portal.

Monday morning Daylight savings.

Oldest is sick in bed, I’m cleaning the house like crazy, done laundry, made beds, cleaned dishes and then relaxing. LOVE playing TF2 with the new Video card. I’m improving on my game in seems as well.

I’m trying to get garry’s mod soon too, just so I can dink around with the invader zim model pack. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite awhile till one of my co-workers showed me the zim clips from garry’s mod. I laughed so hard my jaw still slightly aches from all the laughing. I think my next sketch will be one of Gaz, I think that might be a cool character to sketch out and dink with.
Ok, so I best getting off here and head to work. TTYL to whoever is reading this.