Game/Journal Update

Ok so, long time no post? I’ve been busy with the family and work and team and school and visiting relatives from out of state. On with the updates, I made a bad mistake with the Yellow Jacket. I didn’t notice but the Yoke and gear box position needed to be retooled and now Chris is backlogged on having to make the corrections. Bruce will more or less need to redo the UV as well afterwards, crud. However, Paul has got nene pretty much finished, and we just need to send Leon and her to Michael for rigging. Bruce and I were discussing an old idea I had for the community anime fans out there and he likes it and has started off work on it already. No spoilers, but will say it will be a welcome set for those that do use the anime characters in dm and team death match. We also made the move from to and had the project imported over there as well, thanks IndieDB and staff, you guys rock! Tomorrow is preview night for comicon 40. It’s the 40th one, Milestone 4 and I again do not get to go! FU**!!! FU** FU**!!! Especially with Tron being the theme this year and maybe even a hand on testing of tron evolution as well being at hand to test play! ARGH!

*Calm down calm down bro…..* I have been assured by a friend that swag is to be saved and even sent to me since I can’t be there personally to bask and enjoy the radiance that is comicon but the fact that it’s the 40th comicon. I wanted to be there at the 30th but my oldest was still only 6 years old not old enough to go with dad to the convention now at 16 she’s old enough, but we just lack the funds and the vacation time to do so. 50th mile stone however (if I live that long.) will be ours! And I will be able ad that to the small list of feats I have been able to do in my life. Hardware wise the old 15 in. LCD has about given up the ghost image; I was able to find two replacements for the family pc a nice 17 in. Gateway LCD free from a friend I knew on craigslist and said she’s pull it from the site and have me come get it. The other LCD monitor is my 22 in. Samsung SyncMaster 213T with rotational screen. It really handles games and editors much better as well. I’m attempting to code one the weapons we’re planning to use in the game and it’s an uphill battle but all battles are uphill. I am also having to change my eating habits again, somehow I slipped and gained 15 lbs back, how not sure but I have try to figure out what it is that is making me gain it. This will be another obstacle to deal and lock horns with I guess? Oh Harry Potter world is next year on our agenda as well so that should be really cool too! We’re in the middle of planning it out arranging the timeframe and such OMG have to run, have to get the oldest from summer school! BBL

UDK Reinstall, Tempus gets a new Padawan, Esc online.

All right, with the new rig in place and Win 7 reinstalled? Time ot get UDK Feb reinstalled. Got that taken care as well. Got on yahoo this morning and I saw a name I knew from UDK on my webchat for yahoo. It was one the guys that wanted to join the team a few monthes back.

Well after talking with him and findoing out what his skillset was at? I thought it best to set him with Paulo. Paulo needed some extra hands on texturing and helping with modeling the buildings since we have to do it all by hand now it seems. The two seem to be hitting it off ok as well too. I’m slightly worried with regards to the vehicles however. I haven’t heard from chris in over a week since I sent him the backups to help him start work again after his own machine took a nose dive as well. I am hopeful to see some work from him as well soon. Paul is working on the Pilot Model for the Firebee, Hornet, Wasp vehicle set. Turning out pretty well too.

Next is Esc on moddb, I decided to check on that and see how it was coming along? found out some asshat decided he was going to be funny and try to troll the mod, because there weren’t any screenshots on that page. SO I took the liberty to upload some. Then I reported the little troll’s image to the staff for removal. I’m waiting to hear back from one the moddb staff on taking over the project with Spanky’s and DJPaul’s permission of course. UNLESS of course they decide to take my idea to heart and launch a UDK edition of Esc? Which personaly I’d pay 15$ for it on steam.

Windows 7 and The Otakus in Redmond


For the past decade-plus, the renowned otaku community has idolized and actually gave birth to various Windows versions as cute anime girls called “OS-tans “. Our MS Otaku brethren in Washington State have created and adopted and released to the global OS-Tan Family Nana!

From ME-tan’s clumsiness to 2K-tan’s formal and business like demeanor and attire to XP-tan’s big boobs; earlier OS-tans still have a community-driven love towards them. They embodied actual user reactions to the operating systems the warm and smiling Nanami looks like a very cute and yet seasoned Os-Tan that and her cat that she has with her as well.

The Lovely OS-tan family have been given names to the OS they are derived from however this time had a little puntastic twist her official name: is Nanami Madobe also small fact time Nana is Japanese for the number Seven. Nanami even has her own voice actress, and graces a bundled desktop theme for the Japanese pre-ordered otakus. I will also add I LOVE My NANA! ^^;

NEW Hdd, Windows 7 and Hopefully Steam too

Took the plunge, got a new 320 Gig HDD to replace the old 40 gig Xp one. Yes, I will be be installing my Windows 7 Ultimate Signature edition.
From what I understand that with some games you’ll more ore less have to set it as a permenant admin privs for it to work right, and sometimes using Xp mode works as well for it too.

Also got the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of chernobyl, Quake Wars Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter, oh yea and Serious sam II (yay). Which I will test one by one as I install unto Windows 7 U/S.

Borderlands PC – You Getting yours? I am

Oct 20th will be a day of downloads on steam. Borderlands the MMORPG/SHOOTER will hit the DLS and servers will be hit hard! But its definitely worth the buy, great thing is? I’m not paying a cent due to work I did for a friend and his pc.

This game will be off the hook! So those reading this and getting it as well? Post up lets rip up the roadways with the vehicles. I swear I love Road Warrior games and this one will be one for my collection as well. Remember Steam can be your friend indeed! MWhahahaa! Borderlands, PRE ORDER TONIGHT!




That’s right! Tired of that spy sneaking in and stealing your data? Are you tired of that Fat sweaty heavy guy with the railgun ruin your sentry work? THEN wait no more from R & B Corp. The K-Nine clone-bot. Have your base protected by R & B’s elite state of the art bio-weapon in teamwork. Act now and we’ll throw in a rubber chewtoy for your K-Nine unit as well! Operators are standing by ………