Thanksgiving Weekend

Let’s start off with *Facepalm* why? Because excluding the weekend shopping? This weekend was totally screwed up. We went shopping found some great stuff for the kids for Christmas. However for the lights at the house?  I have 2 of 3 mini trees that are out, and the top of the 4 ft. spiral tree is deader than most fruitcake. The PSP I was bidding on for my eldest daughter? Out bided again, that’s part of the frustrating part of it.


Then to top it all off the icing on the cake was a message I got from our illustrious podcast leader, stating that they wish to part ways due to the direction I am supposedly taking the podcast from podcast to talk show status.  Really, how am I taking over a podcast from podcast status to talk show? I made mention that I could invite Vin Diesel on to the podcast, so we could review and get some feedback from him on Dark Fury and what type of insight he could share with a number of us his fans. That and a few other people I know out in the community.

Let’s get this correct shall we? I know a number of people; I know the guys would like to have an awesome podcast. I’m willing to give them quite a number of them. My opinion is there is not enough communication involved. My idea of a podcast is at least meeting once a week as a group, go over what topics we want to hit what media to review, who to invite to the podcast if viable at the time.  Write up questionnaire for each other to ask the guest/s while recording. I like the fact we have a good reputation so far on the net and I want to keep it that way. Best way to keep a good thing rolling is communication because without it? You’ll eventually run into a sandbank and get stuck. “Communication” is the key to opening all doors and sometimes a few windows.



Ok done *Facepalming*   Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Let’s reflect whats happened so far this month.

We have some sad news this month, 2nd voice actor for Sazae-san’s Norisuke Namino, Taro Arakawa, has passed away on last Thursday, Nov. 15 due to multiple organ failure. He was 56 years old. He is survived by his wife Atsuko Satō, and our hearts and prayers go with her. Taro Arakawa was born in Tokyo by the name Yasuo Satō. Taro Arakawa started his career as a Voice Actor in 1977 in the original Yatterman as Cha Manjū and Nikuman-Mecha and Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo as Dan Gorobee. He was also Col. Lando from the 1989/90 Anime Series Bubblegum Crash sequel of The Bladerunner’ish OVA Bubblegum Crisis.

His career comprised of voicing a number of background roles in series such as the Dirty Pair, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Magical Princess Minky Momo, Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, Wedding Peach, Yū Yū Hakusho and Speed Racer. Arakawa also played Matsuchiyo-sensei in Nintama Rantaro and he also voiced in several episodic characters in the Great Detective Conan series. He’s also known to be a great asset as a voice actor for Japanese dubs of European and U.S. Media. Arakawa voiced Norisuke Namino from July 1998 to July 2000, after fellow voice actor Ichirô Murakoshi stepped down because of health issues. At this point now, Yasunori Matsumoto currently is voicing the role.I also saw Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, which is not bad on the whole just a real mindf**k of a movie. The whole experience was just wow, really? It was like that? Geez, I need some aspirin *again* but also it did explain and few things. The ending credits were a nice touch I will not spoil it but I do suggest you sit through it all to the very end.

Finally received closure over what was at one point a decent online friendship till over the recent 5 to 6 years. I won’t go into details, I’ll just say ties are finally broken and neither one will contact the other under –no- circumstances even if life threatening information is available and could save the other. It was agreed I even went as far as asking the proper and required channels to see if said information was expunged from place of origin. Since then I have heard nothing from or about said place, which is where I will leave it at. The Podcast Nov. 16th was pretty bad, so bad as a matter of fact, that I am going to each guest and will record the segments and have them sent to the editing department for corrections audio balancing and let them insert the segments in the order they deem fit. This would have/could have been avoided had someone on the crew denied access to the trolls in the first place to begin with.
This is not an emotional reaction but more of a logical one, due to the fact that the perpetrator is guilty of said actions in the past. His actions as well as his accomplice were not only unwanted, but embarrassing and disrespectful not just the guests, but to the group as well as their selves and I would have expected that they would have learned from the last time this happened on an entirely different podcast early this year. The perpetrator in question is nothing more than a young unruly man-child who should go back to their X-Box controller and attend conventions for trolling rather than acting like such a tween with a sugar VS Ritalin condition. Most of my concerns were heard but were not taken with a more serious reaction or reply.

I sometimes wonder why I even bother to offer my input or to attempt to rescue the situation with the proper courses of action. It’s like “I’m” the wrong one “I’m” at fault the people am looking at me with astonishments upon their faces, and all I can do is look at them and say “You really can’t see it?” I know the podcast is for fun and that is more of a hobby and a way to relay things of interest and have cool guests like Robert Woodhead the CEO of AnimEigo and One the Greater Political Figureheads in EVE Online. If I ever decide to get involved in that MMO you know whose Political Party I’m in! But also guests like Amanda Rush and LB Bryant both remarkable journalists from one the recent websites to come out for fan created by fans to relay the anime and manga and convention related news as it happens.

But when stunts like what happen on Nov 16th? It makes me cautious on whom to bring on the show. I love podcasting myself, its great and when I got the chance to pop on the current crew I’m casting with, I was like wow, ok yea this would be fun and enlightening and a bit educational from a fan’s point of view. So after a half a year of being with the crew I thought I’d ask some of the people I have met in the media industry on the show and to get some insight from the creators of series, voice actors and how they work and have fun at the same time while doing the voice tracks for characters, the odd things that happen in media at conventions and expos. Its disheartens a person when things like trolling happen to a point where you can’t even use a recording you spent 90+ minutes on 55 of it with the guests themselves. Am I angry? Yes I am because the people that ruined the podcast don’t care and personally I would ban them myself especially if it was a second offense which it was in this case, but I’ve been told to leave it alone, so I am left to blog an entry on it and that’s all it will be.

The office Thanksgiving get together went well. Fun and good eats were had by all and the wife and I shopped for a bit after the raffle, and no, I didn’t win anything this time, but there were some pretty awesome prizes the best and last one was a 61 inch Plasma flat panel TV. We were also able to get some food items for this Thursday’s turkey feast. Been bidding on a certain platform hand held console for our eldest daughter, who had her first one stolen out of her backpack because she took it to school and left in the locker unlocked and unattended. Normally I’d be “Sorry” your screwup,  your loss, but I’ve think I’ve let go on far enough. She still misses her console and I think she may have learned her lesson finally. So I am doing what I can to try to get her one used off listia. Sure I know, I still Halo II for the PC but what’s more important? Game or Family? Derp no brainer…… so I get to see her smile, which is far much better than fragging someone in Halo II OH WHO AM I KIDDING I WANT BOTH but our daughter “is” more important. It’s close to getting off work and heading home and I’ve been working on this on breaks and lunch.

So here’s to you readers! Remember, reading doesn’t meant crap unless you can walk away having learned something.

Friday and I need an asprin

Genshiken Chapter 81 still waiting on it being translated and posted. I’m rereading 56 thru 80 again and still just as humorous and still just as sad at where 80 leaves off at. I’ve turned a few friends to it and they’re getting into as well and with some it hits a little close to home. This is one the reasons why I was glad to see that Genshiken 2nd generation did come out to the public.

Still dealing with someone that doesn’t understand on how to go thru the proper channels to achieve desired result, or they just want me to do something because they a bit butt hurt because something came back to bite them on the arse and got caught in saying one thing when it fact it was exactly the other. I’ve given the person the terms of removal, and who to contact since their abilities to go back and edit out said information was removed. I even went as far as using Google as a research tool to find one of the said moderators of said site, found their twitter account rather fast, and tweeted to him the issue and asked for assistance with the matter.

I’m hoping the person will see the reason as a just one, and will assist in resolution of the problem, but until then? The post will stay where it is at till said post is removed or requested info being omitted out. Simple as that not a hard request, something that can be achievable if sought thru the right channels and then everyone can be happy and go about the Happy Tree Hugging friendly ways.

It’s snowing, -sigh- I was hoping that it would stop by noon, burn off by 3 and I’d be able to finish hanging the Christmas lights (which are 70% completed) on the house before the onset of snow coming in. But no, it’s here and on top of that I have a DVD to compile and burn before 5:45 and attend a Girl Scout Function of all things Cyber bullying and Trolling, seems I’ve become a bit knowledgeable in the subject for “one” reason or another somehow, and will be at this for roughly 3 hrs.

So now it’s roughly around 3:45 pm and I’m at the tail end of my shift, I think I’ll get ready for the trip home and hopefully I’ll meet up with my peeps at and we can go through some of the paces on the beta that is going on right now. I’m pretty sure if there are peeps out there reading this wanting to play check out the two articles below and see if you can get one btw now and the 13th of Nov. And remember, your imagination will take you as far as you allow it.

Genshiken Fanlist found and listed

 <—-Click the Button to register

Greetings everyone, this is basically a shameful but much needed recruitment drive post for Genshiken fans! I’m a fan of slice of life anime and manga always have been to one sense or another. Bakuman, Otomen, Genshikn, Love dot com and related. But none have reached more than Genshiken because it takes me back to my old days at SDSU and S.C.A.N. at Nastor Hall.

Genshiken Music Tribute

Genshiken is Manga/Anime series that delves into the lives of one of the many types of circles (A University approved Group/Club in Japan) this one being for the visual studies of modern culutre.  I always saw it as an Oasis for Otakus. A place where one can be creative with one’s self and related interests. Like Model bashing/casting/assembly, doujinshi writing and publication, cosplaying and costume design. Video Game programming and creation. Just to name a few.

So, not only was it cool to find the Genshiken Fanlist Group, but I have built up my own group on facebook as well. I hope that some of you that have read this will join up on both groups and have fun interacting as a group.  Till then happy reading and may the imaginative portals open to wisk you away to those places you yearn for……


We have from F2P Hawken 2nd Closed beta Key Giveway. Come visit the site, NAY Come over to the forums and say hello. There are a number of great players and people on teh forum. The Staff are friendly and helpful and will answer questions as they come up. The Game has advanced so much from the intial peek from almost 2 yrs ago on Beyondunreal forums. I will say this again, mount up gram the URL register for an account a key and have a wickedly awesome time fragging and pwning peeps.

Just check out this clip from the 1st Closed Beta….

Nuff said? Come get it!!


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I have been told and this was posted a just a few hours ago that the team that has built Hawken is prepping for another Beta run and has given Nvidia 10000 Beta Keys to get into the action and mayhem that is Hawken. Adhesive Games has been at this for just over 2 yrs. worth of dedication and work.

A number of groups have got in their heads that MWO is better than Hawken. Let’s not quibble on who’s crankshaft is better or larger than the other’s shall we? There are quite a number of differences with the both games the most distinct is that MWO is more strategic whereas Hawken is an all out battle Royale FPS. I’m already joined and ready for action myself on their forums and getting prepped for the next beta session. Are you going join up? You think you have what it takes to take me on as well a few hundred thousand other players that are better than I am? Click the link and join up then and engage that combat console n00b! It’s time to destroy some Mechs!

EDITTED Hawken Beta Code Giveaway

Nvidia says Thank you for your interest. The sweepstakes is now closed. Winners will be announced soon.

Trolling, is it really worth it? Really?

Cyberbullying and trolling? Disrespectful to the victim being trolled and to the troll as well because eventually it will come back to the troll to haunt them. I don’t encourage to take such actions unless you are at that last wit’s end and it’s just gone over the line.

People need to attempt to be more respectful and tolerant more than anything else I suppose. It boils down to either ignoring the troll or banning them from your blog/site/social networking page.Take the appropriate steps on having only friends being allowed to view your whatever if the settings allow you to do so. Before you post a hateful remark, or some type of inquiry that might make that person uncomfortable, you should really try to walk in that person’s shoes/sandles/whathaveyou and if not walk maybe just stand in them for a few moments and weight that thought out from the other person’s view.

Fifty years ago to the date, a Russian Naval Officer declined to start WW3

50 years ago today, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasilli Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 refused to agree with his Captain’s of launching nuclear torpedos against US warships and starting what could have been a nuclear war or WW3.

The US Navy had been dropping depth charges near the submarine to try to force it to surface, while unknowingly carrying nuclear arms. The Soviet officers, who had lost radio communications with Moscow, concluded that WW3 had begun, and two of the officers agreed to retaliate in kind. Arkhipov refused to agree – unanimous consent of 3 officers was required – and for that we the planet earth thank him, that we are still here to discuss about it.