May not be UDK, but it has MY Attention! The long awaited dream to be able to play Space Paranoids is here! I looked at this and was amazed. Now I can’t wait to get home, just fo rthe fact I can’t play it at work and I want to SO BAD! This is one of those “SQUEE” moments. I thought The Light Cycle game was cool? This blows that out the water completely and its online? FREAKIN SWEET by 1000x fold.

Just some reflection I suppose…….

Just posting at work while relaxing after doing the backyard and finally cutting and leveling out the backyard and then the patio and brought the grill back out from the garage. My wife needed to get the garden planted but since the recent rains we’ve had mini weeds pop up. I took the time down to the wire with 20 mins to shower shave, sammwitch! And then drive to get my carpool and then to work on time.


Look at the world
It’s a complicated place
And it’s hard to keep the pace
You’ve got to wear a smiling face

But what we’ve got
Is a blue-light special on truth
It’s the hottest thing with the youth
You’ve got nervers we need to soothe

If you’ve got to believe in something
Believe in us we make it easy
Peace and love incorporated

Shop around
See if you don’t agree
We think it fits you to a “T”
And the best part is it’s free
I believe

We got the market cornered this time
We can make you feel fine
It could impact your bottom line

If you’ve got to belong to something
Belong to us we’ll make you PC
Peace and love incorporated

Peace and love
It’s the newest cause by far
And we’ve got all the biggest stars
Get your politics up to par

If you’ve got to belong to something
Belong to us AND we’ll make you PC
Peace and love incorporated

Welcome… to Peace and love incorporated

Here is something I got to talk about and ask out there. If you’ve been told a number of times, “Go away, leave, do not come back, you’re a monogoloid knuckle shuffler gtfo of our forum.” would you stick around? or would you do what was ask and just well in my case update your account information knowing it will de-activate your account and leave? It’s basically what I did at this one place yet this “one” person no one else *wants* me to email the admin/mods and have the re-activate my account or worse sign up for a 2nd account and start fresh. I don’t want to start fresh I liked my account. I’ve had it for quite awhile and still use it to this day.

Mind you I lurk every once and awhile, and don’t give me that “GASP” if you lurk there why not just log in and join in the fun?” because I’m not wanted to be involved in the fun. Quite the opposite, but it does prove a bit interesting on some of the conversations that go on over there. It’s also not an ongoing habit either. I do the same thing at 2 other sites as well, it’s not a crime, it’s not creepy, and it’s just going by checking a few threads then leaving. It seems there are people out there that do consider that creepy thinking “I’m” OoooooOOOO stalking them and their posts SPOOKY SPOOKY! If you think that is creepy, then best get your forums private people because people lurk on tem all the time. Deal with it is the best thing I could say to that.

With that said I should mention that are some people I just assume leave out of my life since they were content with throw my friendship away like trash and treated me as such as well. Bad enough that I don’t consider myself having many friends; don’t assume that I am saying I don’t have friends. I have them, High School, some at work, some from old jobs as well, some from my home town.

I can say that I should accept the fact they are my friends because they are concerned with my well being and health and want to be involved in my life with my family. All I can surmise is that I have a ton of issues that I deal with on daily basis almost like everyone else, but I think to a certain degree that I have a bit more on my shoulders than even I realize from time to time.

FUNimation up for Purchase & Psyonix open for Programmer’s Intership/Position

The Navarre Corporation parent company of Funimation has formally announced placing FUNimation, its anime subsidiary, up for purchase retaining one Houlihan Lokey to assist in the transaction. The company said that the strategies required to grow FUNimation’s business were to have people that are more familuar with that side of the buisness and industry.

The Navarre Corp. didn’t say that part of the company wasn’t making enough cash for the parting of ways, saying “FUNimation’s recent financial report was what was to be expected.” Not sure how to read that one folks, I don’t have anything really against the company since they did bring us FMA, Beck, and other titles as well to the U.S. Market.

I do wish however that there would be some more expansion on the voice acting crew. The current team as always been great, but realistclly, new blood does have to come in at some point. Anyways, my hope is that whoever does buy the company, doesn’t screw it up by firing everyone, that would really be a stupid move and douchetastic if they did.

My only gripe with them was thier Dragonball Z franshise, seriously, my kids have started watch the “retooled” series. I just saw it the 1st time last night and I was like “Wait, …this is just the same series redigitized and new music for the opening” wth? Oo anyone else feel this way?

Psyonix seems to be looking for several paid, on-site, programmer internship candidates in the San Diego area of Calif. If anyone lives nearby, have UDK experience, and provide examples of your work/code, Email address for applying and thier site good luck everyone!

Ok, some game progress.

Paul has finalized the pilot model and it looks good even a bit better than the 2004 edition. Also Revamped the old school firebee prototype and dubbed it “The Yellow Jacket” oooooh foreboding type of music in background. Anyways, here a pic of the pilot and a post up on the yellow jacket. I think I did a semi ok some of the pic [rofiling of each part of the layout on it.

Yellow-Jacket Combat Chopper

The Yellow Jacket


I think my oldest’s cat hazel is lost. She hasn’t retruned in 48 hrs and its raining now too. Maybe I’m thinking the worst has happened, I hope not for my daugther’s sake. I also have to call a friend up and see if I can find out where to take the Van to to het the ABS sensor looked at and see if its going to be 200$ or just a few bucks to fix. Tired, think I will goto bed in afew minutes anyway.

Empty just empty…..

Depressed, rather despondent and feeling pretty worthless since this morning. I know there are times where you feel like you’re the one at fault; it’s your problem because it was your genes that caused the issue, so you are to blame. This is where I am at right now and have been all day. I question myself if I’m a fit person let alone parent? I refuse to discuss at length the reason, just the fact that I feel this way and that it’s frustrating because I feel that I am the one that is directly the cause of the issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and consider myself one the lucky people were able to get married have kids enjoy a life happily even with the bumpy obstacles life throws at you. Own a house able to experience life as a parent having the joy of raising children, helping them grow just being there when they’re sad or they get hurt or sick.

If I am lucky enough I may even be able to see my grandchildren, too before I pass off the mortal coils and face myself at the of journey and justify myself by asking have I led a good life ? Did I leave people happy, and content with the way things went in their lives rather than my own? I don’t know anymore, and I feel confused and alone even though I am not…………

Weekly Musing.

Ok it’s the end of the week, Friday anyway. After tomorrow I will finally be back on my regular work week schedule. Didn’t think it would happen and I’d have to be forced into trying some other way to assist with helping the kids with homework and such?

Oh, and today sadly also marks the 1 yr that two people I know of got divorced officially. Not sure all 3 parties involved are dealing with it today either. All I know is that the one that kept in contact with me was the one that I thought didn’t at the time that it would have been the one that kept quite most of the time. I will say nonetheless, I hope things are going well as they can be emotionally for them. In other situations I feel at times like I’m in the middle of comical sitcom, where the users are the cast and posts and in game chats are the plot outline ploys.

There also seems to be a trust issue –yet- again with talking to certain people. Yea, same problem again and I guess I might just have to stop talking with them all together if that’s what it’s going to take for it to stop? I’m pretty much an easy going person to deal with; honestly I do try to keep most of any real problems on the down low and under ctrl as far as temper goes. Selling on the Philips we got awhile back, it works great, works with most universal remotes I’ve dealt with.
There seems to be a co worker that needs one more than I want to store it. 😉 So I can use the $ towards the art books I want for my collection and to maybe help me find search out my own style of character building.

Great thing about is I might also have some freebie cash from one the survey companies I do surveys with from time to time. Oh and Goodie Gumdrops! I’m almost done collecting the four iron man figures from BK for the iron man II movie which will look pretty snazzy at work on my desk. I’m surprised no one has tried to start modeling the other armors from the movie for UT3 yet.

I have 2.5 hrs left till home, think I will read a bit before home then of course to Towelie’s Smoke shack The Best and yet semi rowdiest TF2 Server this side of The Wasatch Fault line.

Enjoy this video please

Well this was a fine kettle of flounder…..

Great week, although I couldn’t get prey to work because the “Video card” The 1 gig Nvidia 8800 XT isn’t supported, I did get Rainbow Six Las Vegas and Mercenary Wars installed. I’m almost to level 15 on Legends of Zork as well. My wife and I just have to get a frame for her mother’s oil painting for the family room hang a couple of more shelves and I’ll take picks and upload the family room to the facebook album.

Today is also free national comic book day! YAY! I got a few issues I thought I wouldn’t be able to find at the local shop, but found gold! Woo! Also Wowio I have refound Wowio! Which means MORE Electronic reading? Got over 100 + in my library as it easy and that’s not including the tech manuals and quantum theories. Why?

Because I’m not jackanape like some people seem to assume I am. I do have a brain you know, how else would I have stumbled thru working for Microsoft and a local nationwide outfit like Ikano, or my current place of employment without some level of intelligence?

I also would like to point out some of these online games? There is that one, Mobsters 2 Vendetta? Yea, I’ve played that for a bit, I had to let go of that for a few days. Game was actually starting to piss me off at people. This one person drew that line and I had had a bad day and I actually flew off the handle and msg’ed their FB that I wanted to rip em in two for the crap they caused me.

Afterwards after I took a breather and such I was going to apologize then I got a bunch of their little friends to gang up on me. So I said screw it, let do whatever they want then. It’s just a game, but at the same you have to think, these people are 25 and 26 and ones like 36 and supposedly runs like 5 corps and is a pilot too. You’d think after awhile, the combined IQ would figure out that “I” don’t care but they don’t then again one them didn’t know what the word reciprocate meant.

He thought I was threatening him with that word. I mean seriously, doesn’t he know what Google is for? Anyways, I actually found the person I told I wanted to tear em in two thru their friend’s FB page to that same person’s MySpace and then saw the person was listed on that page as well? So I decided to write a small letter saying I was sorry for letting my anger get the better of me. But also at the same time that the person should also consider how they act towards others when asked to stop?

I’m just noticing that people are just ruder and more revealing about their nature then they actually knowing let on. That in its self can be a bit of an eye opener if you think about it. Too bad there isn’t really a bowel Disruptor I know I’d have some seriously wicked fun with that one be great to do payback with that one I would, and who knows maybe there might be a way to have it go global!

HAHAHA have the world laugh so hard that it shat itself silly in one global shatner! HAHAHAHA Wicked! Here is the sad part of all this too, we have the technology to repair our bodies and a molecular level YET today over 1500 will die from just walked into the wrong side of the city or was verbally abused trolled and rolled on the internet!

WE and I REPEAT WE BECAUSE ARE ALL GUILTY OF IT AT ONE LEVEL OR ANOTHER WE ARE STILL NOT EVEN A TYPE ONE CIVILAZATION! DO you gimps get this yet? All of you, the haters, the tree hugger the supposed good Samaritans, and the ones that run our governments! THIS IS STILL A “ZERO” SOCIETY AND CIVILAZATION and UNLESS We Start to at least try to change at some point all we’re doing is giving ourselves the reach around without a complimentary coupon for A Burger shack fat meal with extra dripping cheese!

BAH AND FEH! I am off work soon, so I’ll just end this entry on that note and we’ll just pick it up tomorrow or Monday pending on how I feel at the time?