Genshiken Nidame get Anime Series !

HEY ! It’s Official! Genshiken Nidame HAS AN ANIME! *Victory dance* I read this at Oguie-p’s WP; I have to say I for one have been hoping for this. Now we can pick up where we left off at and it won’t seem as much time has passed at all for us fans.  I can’t wait for the fansubs THEN grabbing the official releases for the archive and random Genshiken power watching marathons.  Anyways,

So after the Madarame/Saki arc Genshiken would seem to relax a bit before going onward but Chap. 84 has some on edge.  In our last chap. Madarame announced was quitting his job at the Sakura Piping Company close the campus stating he’d be unable to visit the club often as he used to, disregarding Kasukabi’s advice from quitting his current employment.

Madarame seems alienated with the current club’s atmosphere, Yoshitake doesn’t help matters much by attempting to convert him to the BL circle of the Club, and Hato is having trouble coming to grips with his emotions being at odds with himself.  Ogiue asks him to help out with a “Tiger & Bonny” doujinshi, Hato begins to think about his friendship with Madarame, and the thoughts of doubt Kaminaga placed in Hato’s head on whether he’s straight, gay or bisexual.


Now, Sue of all people has shown feelings for Madarame in the process too, though her character might make it appear stranger than that.  This doesn’t change the demographic in Genshiken as the base issue for Madarame’s decision. I think that Madarame’s relation to the Genshiken as an on-campus club is waning. I had the same type of experience when I attended SCAN at SDSU but after I moved out to Utah, things gradually changed.  I’m still friends with people I knew from back then, however our friendship has survived in a certain sense, which even though we’re not around together to meet up and watch anime and RPG together afterwards doesn’t mean we’re not still friends.

Seeing as how Genshiken has this focus on Hato, the realization he will more or less be the most psychologically complicated character in this part of the series. Ogiue as one thing, as her story cuts to the bone, but Hato’s situation you can’t say Oh gee he’s gay! That might be a possibility, or it could be something else entirely and we’re all reading more into it than we suspect. However, with what we have read in the recent past about he doubting his sexual orientation it’s easy to see that it’s not the only thing going on behind or in front of the curtains everyone.

My Weekend plus.

Ok So, Ep 26 of the Cybernauts is bagged and being edited at the moment and 24 and 25 show should be uploaded and ready to post at the Cybernauts WP Site.  I’ve been attempting to keep up with the wife in this Living room transformation project. How I am for the life of me going to get a straight line when I have to paint 2 stories up on a ladder with a fear of heights?  Well, it was done on Sunday thank the gods.

NOW, the hard part is going to be getting the sectional from basement out and around the house to the front and into the living room without it getting snow on it. Our Eldest daughter turns 18 this weekend and I am reminded how much time has passed. She’s grown, and I see much of myself I could have been had I not held myself back.  Well, she might just get it right in her own way I think.  Anyways, after her birthday and such I have to tackle the rest of the project. The Kitchen, I’ve already washed walls patched the old pilot holes for the pictures that were in there, now I have to wait and move the fridge and repair the overhead cabinet that hangs over the fridge to make it a bit more sturdy than its current shape.

It’s snowing like crazy out here as of late and doesn’t want to make up its mind to either keep snowing or just pile up till it can’t anymore or just let it rain and be done with it.  The ice storm we had here a few days ago was a bit of hap hazardous day of fun on the road. I fish tailed about half a block before I could get decent control of the steering again.  Then yesterday it snowed so bad traffic was slowed down to a crawl. What would have taken an hour or more took three hours and it was just crazy, then home and helped with dinner and all, afterwards watched Ted brought that to the redbox by our house and LO! The whole four way intersection was blocked off by Police and Hazmat teams. The Holiday Gas station had everyone from the McDonalds, the circle K and some of the other buildings inside for protection since the vehicle was a Natural gas tanker that hit 2 smaller vehicles and tipped and cracked because after I got back? I could smell the gas and I’m four blocks away from the scene of the incident.  Here are the two snapshots I got.



Anyways, that’s it for now peeps.

Tanaka’s proposal, or “I want to make Costumes for only Ohno!”

SO, here it’s everyone! A Month plus a few days and we get quite a bit for our patience. We not only get to see how Ohno deals with the employment prospects, while Sue is in tow, but we also get a glimpse of her facing the realities of the real world and her coming to terms as she wraps her head around it.  Meanwhile we fade to the Genshiken Meeting room where we find our 5 Ladies (Hato in Girl mode) talking about the whole prospects and what Ohno could do self-employment wise, and of course COSPLAY! Is the first thing that comes to mind, is a COSROM.

Ohno and Tanaka discuss the prospects of doing a cos-rom and Tanaka is from my view a bit torn on it, where as it would be a possible income, there are the ramifications of reputation on campus as well as the Japanese employment market. In truth, Ohno would like to get married while still having a degree in a field where she could support herself and Tanaka is push came to a shove at some point.  During the photo shoot however, Tanaka has seemed to have given the whole situation some thought and while taking some pose shots proposes to Ohno. Needless to say she accepts but also it comes to light that she’s also quite inebriated thanks to the new members and a huge bottle of sake they gave her to build up the courage to do the shoot for the cos-rom.




Rika and Hato go back to the meeting room to find Madarame sitting there browsing one the manga on the table and in casual clothes as well. The girls thought that was quite odd and asked why he wasn’t at work? He simply stated “I quit” and with that we get a quick peek at what Kuchiki is doing which is well doing some OTJT at his father’s banking firm, while Oguie is working on her manga for the Winter Comifest and juggling her college studies.



SO we will have to tune into Next month’s Scanlation of Genshiken Second generation and find out “Madarame! What were you thinking?”

Production I.G Announces New Ghost in the Shell Series.

In the Feb. issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Young Magazine is a full-text page layout announcing the return of the Ghost in the Shell and our loving Major Motoko Kusanagi to the media again. This is what has been rumored and what fact is.

This series is entitled “Arise”, it is a series, and will be on TV. The changes up however will that Kazuchika Kise, the animation director for the first Evangelion movie and Blood+ is to be the head director. Also after checking resources it is also come to my attention that Tow Ubakata, writer of Le Chevalier D’Eon, Mardock Scramble is the scriptwriter for the new series. On a side note, does she look younger in this series? Looks like a cyberntic shell of a 20’ish type of Motoko doesn’t it? Or is it just me?


I loved the Stand alone Complex series as well as the GiTs movies, the first one especially. I love a good a cybernetic police force scenario and decent casting for the characters, lead and supporting. I’m hoping that we’ll get a preview clip of “Arise” here in February, but only time will tell on that one. I am looking forward to this series when it does come out though. I suspect a late Summer start on this unless it will be a Q4 release of the 2013 lineup, which is a possibility.

Updated News on Defiance the MMO Debuted at Comicon 2012

I am talking about none other than Defiance ! That is correct you heard it here! Defiance has opned up Beta recruitment for Arc Hunters I’ve already registered myself, but don’t let my excitement be the only lure to this most fantastic looking MMO. See for yourself here is a look at the gameplay itself. I think I can let it do the talking for itself!

So, am I right? DAMN RIGHT I’M RIGHT! The Co-Op gameplay s looking pretty sweet and that fact that the TV Series Syfy has coming out in April is an added bonus because elements during the series also take place in the game universe as well. I am looking so forward to playing this Beta MMO. It’s showing lots of promise and I’m sure it will not disappoint. Take a look at some of the Screenshots as well as a map I found in regard to the game.