Fictional Character for Defiance RPG.

Classification: ArkHunter/Engineer

Name: Stephen B. Lundberg

DOB:  8/19/2010

Age: 22

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’1

Weight: 197 lbs.

Physical defining features: One minor scar left of the skull. Damaged tissue stretches from the lower temporal region to just inside of the Zygomatic section of the Skull.

Biographical Archive:

Stephen Baker Lundberg, son of Scott and Shannon Lundberg born on Thursday August 19th 2010 eastern side of what was at the time still the United States of America. Grown and educated in the Tennessee educational system till the age 15, where he had shown remarkable aptitude in mechanical engineering. He was enrolled into Clemson University‘s Engineering program. Grades excellent, attitude was stoic and studious.  Events of his studies were somewhat surprising and remarkable when he had accidently received designs for some new generators that were meant for Prof. Lou Hollister in the psychics and engineering department of Clemson University. Prof. Hollister was to be working with the dept. of homeland security and the global protectorate division of the United Nations.

But upon discovery of what Stephen Lundberg had achieved, he had Mr. Lundberg and the generators transferred to Area 17 Hanger 21 on the Utah Salt Flats by the Dugway Proving grounds.  Where project Ananke was still in production/development.  The generators were of Castithan design and technology but with some minor re-design cold fusion technology was easily incorporated into the design for a power source for the generators which were then in turn installed and used to power fusion pulse cannons to be used in the pale wars. Once Stephen realized what the generators were being used for, he decided to leave the company of professor Hollister and the military and fade into the wilderness.

After quite an extensive search by the military and UN Special Forces had given up their search for Stephen Lundberg, the military then launched their attack against the Votan and for a 4 year span Stephen B. Lundberg has disappeared. till now……………………………….



ASL review and the usual musings

ASL (Anime Salt Lake) was fun, I felt I was back in my element again and didn’t feel like awkward or anything. I was supposed to meet with Chris Rager and that just didn’t happen for one reason or another we missed each other during the 48 hrs. Of fun going on. I did happen to catch Chris Ekstrom’s panels “Live Action Anime” and “50 years of Doctor Who 1.5” got the L.A.A on video, waiting for Chris to get back with me on the person who got the Doctor Who Panel on video.

While I was there I met up with a young woman named Christina who came out from California just test the waters out for her mini store of anime and manga art and wares. However this young Miss didn’t have any minions to assist her with set up of her table so I volunteered and help her setup her table faster than the other vendors and I then left her to her table and checked in to help her out with some breaks and such. I did get a Persona 4 Mini Scroll Poster which I gave to my eldest daughter due to the fact she is a HUGE fan of the game/animation. I even helped Christina break down and load her rental up at the closing of the dealer room.

I also got to meet up with Danielle w/o realizing it was her and her bf, cosplaying as Holo and Wolf. Had I know it was her, I would have seen about sitting down and doing a bit of Q and A for the podcast I assist and help run. I will more or less edit this post and slip in the ASL Cosplay Shots I was able to get from various Regulars I know through mutual circles. OH and ERT were there as well as SETI Their Colorado franchise and for those that don’t know what ERT is? ERT is the Utah Ghost Busters Fan Group, with several Ecto Vehicles and Proton Packs, if there is a ghost to bust? They are your answer. They do a lot of volunteer work in the Utah community, helping out at events and shows and conventions. So if you’re a Ghost Buster Fan? You want to join an awesome group of people? ERT is one the better groups to join up with in my personal opinion. Has far as meeting up with The Hello Sweetie Podcast and Charity Mack? I was unable to connect due to one issue or another. I am hoping to have a Podcast get together at some point because they are fun and they also are involved in the local community at events and get together and conventions ASL being one to mention.

Depression has come back again and I’m doing what I can to fight it off again. A friend and on again off again team member of the development team Dave gave me X-Com Enemy unknown and BioShock for later/early Christmas/birthday/Kwanza/Anniversary/ and that helped a bit. It really did, I’m enjoying the X-Com, I’ve never played it myself, but realizing it is built on the Unreal Engine and playing a few missions, I’ve got drawn into it. The game mechanics are quite well done, and the way the mission play outs were well thought out as well. I’ll get over this eventually, but if you see me and I look well rather ragged and long in the tooth? It’s not you, it’s me. Well my lunch is over and I have to get back to work as well. As soon as I get home I am hoping to start moving things from upstairs to downstairs and setting up the office down there. I think it will help the Podcast out as well when we do video casting and peeps don’t have to see the inside of a defunked closet rather a nice bookshelf instead. Anyways, I’m rambling like many accuse me of doing, so this is me, comment if you like and I will respond as best as I can.

Here is an Awesome Piece of News from Google!

Check this, Google has wearable tech now labeled “Glass”. These stylish optical frames allows you to connect, blog, record, share, hangout, get the weather, get directions, and other unique functions as well. I’m also betting that the screen in front will also allow those with vision impairment to see well and share with others while interfacing with their PC, or Mac, or Palm pilot/pda tablet thru Bluetooth.


This was a concept I and a few others saw 20 years ago when the Role Playing game by Catalyst Game Labs “Shadowrun” game out and introduced the X Generation to a universe only limited to your own imagination with some extras thrown in for missions and other ventures into a universe where dragons can carry around a Railgun and not have to breath fire to scare one into crapping their pants by sheer appearance only. Glass also resembled an item in another RPG World from Palladium called “Rifts“, and also Gurp and Champions.

Seeing this become a reality opens doors in technology. Media, Education, health science, there are many uses for #GoogleGlass and I hope I become one the few many that will get a chance to experience the #GoogleGlass when it comes around my town 😉 .

Things to come before the end of the World I mean 2012.

Yes, it’s me again! I’m almost fully recovered from my acute PCD, and have been talking with a few people and I can say I can’t wait for next month’s Podcast recordings session. We truly have a fantastic lineup coming up here in the next few weeks. Coming up in the next 5 months I will be attending AnimeSaltLake, dates are March 22nd and 23rd. This will be the 2nd convention and the main guest for the Convention will be FUNimation’s own Chris Rager.

Those who know his work need no list to know his work, but for those who are just getting into the anime scene? #Chris Rager has been known for his Voice Acting Talent in series such as Blue Gender, Case Closed, Black Cat, Desert Punk, Lupin III, Full Metal Alchemist to name a few. He is also in quite a number of recent video games as well of the past few yrs. Stuntman Ignition, Bloodrayne, Roadkill and most recently BORDERLANDS 2 WOO! and a plethora of others as well as lending his narrative side to advertising as well.

Also Brett Young one the US Anime Gamers on the Western US Coast who on the whole has been living abroad in Nagoya Japan and will be attending AnimeSaltLake for gaming coverage and podcasting. He does reflect upon Persona 4 and GG, and brings his A+ Game to the scene so beware! Also he’s a Gundam’s Best friend when it comes to the pilot seat and a dog fight. You can catch Brett on “Twitch TV’s Website” This proves to be one hell of a convention. I am hoping to do some live coverage on the convention as well thru our podcast channel/Google Hangout “The CyberNaut’s Hang” other than that, this is me for the here and now. Be sure to catch us on The Cybernaut’s WP Site as well. Opps, I have an incoming transmission it seems,……

“Rosenkreuz to Commander Lundberg, we have a Borg Sphere inbound on your location Sir”

“Understood Rosenkreuz”

“Lundberg to Rosenkreuz”
One to beam up………..

Oct has begun as the ponds have gone but not been forgotten PLUS Anime Banzi is 19 days away !

Greetings peeps,

It’s the beginning of the fall season with the turning of the leaves as the ending of a great relationship among friends and companions. That’s right, The Doctor and the ponds parted way this last Saturday 09/29/2012. I was surprised and shocked at the end myself, no spoilers. It was really a shot to the gut though, and also the end of the midway season till The Doctor Who Christmas 2012 Special. We did get a glimpse of a recently familiar face from a few episodes ago in the Christmas Special preview. The Ponds/Williams will be missed as they are missed by The Raggedy Man on his Wife as they travel thru time and space.

Anime Banzi is around the corner on Oct 19th in Layton Utah, and I’ve already got my cosplay planned and 99% completed. This year plans to be an awesome one. Peeps from will be there Amanda Rush and L.B. Bryant doing several panels. Chris Patton Voice Actor as well as television actor, been seen in NCIS, he is also the American dubbed Van in Gun X Swords, and My Personal Fave ikki from AirGears Anime Series as well as doing a number of Video Game Character acting as well. David Vincent Well Known Voice actor in the anime industry, Micah Solusod another recently famous Voice Actor has been in FMA: Sacred Star of Milos and number of recent anime series and OVAs will be on hand in a number of the panels that will be at . Anime Banzi Tickets and Hotel Rooms are still available, come on down or up and check out this great Convention.

A few reviews are up and coming as well. Black Mesa and Ravage both available on steam. One being freeware build on the source engine and the 2nd being for 2Play Studios in beta at the moment so review will be in posted when I can get to it. Although from the screenshots the engine looks beautiful, the renders are absolutely gorgeous complimented by the textures that have been applied. Also on the gaming side of things, Bruce is working on a few models at the moment and we should be seeing some excellent shots of his work on these models very soon at our studio WP site as well as our website and Indeed.

Personally on my own end of things, my father’s shoulder is on the mend for the time being. The Dr. says it won’t be fully mobile till about march roughly since it takes 6 months of healing for the surgery to be a full on success. He’ll have at least 4 more visits between now and the end of November. I wished I could be back there helping out him and my mother both till the shoulder was fully recovered. My brother is however a few hours away and can be there if necessary I’m sure. Plans for renovation in the house are being discussed as well. There is talk on painting, switching people’s rooms, disassembling the office and moving it down stairs, which would be a good thing. I could finally G+ Hangout / Video Cast on my YT as well with some of the podcast crew I work with at our Cybernauts Podcast WP Site.

And why can’t we have more of this instead of Bullying, or Ragging or Trolling? A Question to leave feedback on I’d say.

Star Wars The Old Republic Beta Week 3 – and maybe the last beta before Launch on Dec 20th.


Ok, so another great weekend of SWTOR. reached level 11, got my lightsaber, got T7 got to Corusant and was able to complete like 5 of the quests I could before the servers shut down for the data gathering. All in all this MMO is one the very few I’d consider actually paying a year in advance to play on regular basis. The worlds were designed quite well especially the High tech ones. There was even a seperatist battle going on one the other worlds beach side. again this just further reinforces my opinion that this will be the Killer that puts Star Wars Galaxies into Carbonite and launched into deep space.

Labor Day Weekend

Hello blog viewers,

This is an odd week indeed. 2nd week of the kids being back to school, finally had time to get some yard work done without feeling like I should take a sandblast rather than a shower to get cleaned up. The Cruiser is already acting up thank god for warranties, seems to chug at startup and there is a strange chrip from the back area. Not sure where that is at though.

Reading and Watching Bakuman, so far pretty good to do both with. There is a definite difference between the Anime and the Manga. But I am enjoying both sides and comparing the differences.

My oldest, she wants to cosplay again this year at Anime Banzi again, as Yuffie from FF. She could pull it off well too. If she had longer hair she could “totally” do the Tifa Cosplay. Well, we went the local thrift store to find some garments to got with the transformation, and we found the items she needed.

But, at the same time while we were there “I” discovered and grabbed both a copy of Fallout Tactics and Starcraft Brood wars for 2 bucks each, and not only that but a really decent copy of the “Shadowrun” 2nd Edition rule book the only decent rulebook since the RPG came out the others pale in comparison for a dollar. Score for me! 5 bucks spent on about 40$ worth of swag! YAR!

Anyways, it’s labor day weekend and I’m going to go relax! Hope ya all have a good holiday!


Mood Swings……I hate Aug

End of the week Friday! Finally here and well welcomed, we get to pick up our twins from camp tomorrow morning from Girl Scout Camp. The place has been eerie and quite for the past week and I’m not sleeping well because of it, so I will be glad that they are back. Not because of the noise but more to the fact that they’re back home safe and sound.
Things are tight this month as well, for example, I’m not sending flowers to her work since our 16th wedding anniversary is this Sunday because well they’re going to die anyway afterwards. We will however buy 1 item for the house as a gift from and to both of us instead. My Birthday, forget it! It’s not happening; the budget is too tight to celebrate so we’re bypassing it. I do hope to get the ez-builder module for my Omnibot project before Christmas maybe, but rather doubtful.

My mother in law’s which 7 days is after mine we can celebrate to a degree. We bought her gifts few months back when we found them, which was smart too. We’ll more or less cook out and BBQ at her place for her birthday and watch a few movies. The girls will be able to spend time with grandma and then home.
I did get into the Rusty Hearts closed Beta. All I can say to you is that it’s fun and quite enjoyable. I’m hoping to get into the “Blacklight” closed Beta next! That’s been built on the UDK Engine and from the media clip, it looks AWESOME! I’m hopeful in that I’ll get chosen for that Beta. Got to thank Ali-sama one my older online friends since I moved to Utah for the Humble Bumble #3 Games pack for my birthday those games are going to be fun.

Which brings up the issue of friends, I have to say I have more “online” friends than I do in real time, meaning that there are friends of mine I can call and chat with in the real time, but not face to face and hang real time if that makes sense? I honestly can say I have friends in California more than I do here in Utah. This is my daily routine, its home Dad, Husband Handyman Homework with the kids when needed, chauffer at other times. No HEY lets go have a LAN party, or BBQs or getting together for group movie night at one the theaters. No, its stay at home slowly killing myself in the front of the TV.

If you think I’m ranting by now yea, you pretty much hit it on the head, I’m now ranting at not having a social life. At least in California, I could call up Robert, or Mark or both and we could get the group together and RPG or go to the movies and hang and have fun. I bet even now we’d been able to do that but as families for the most part while we try to set up those still in the single scene. But no, I’m stuck in social hell and to be honest and brutal I hate it here, I want to be somewhere else current than “here”. Life sucks and I’ll bitch about it if I like.

Weekend posting

Well I’m toasted, seriously! Was at Cherry Hill up in Ogden, fun and forgot to put sunblock on my face and shoulders. So a bit burnt, but still kickin! Its hot out here in utah as well, its like 97 right now and this mornig at Cherry hill aprox 2:00 am 88 degrees “88” at night. I just checked my email and got one awesome report from sonicist and the mystery player. Here is the latest WIP he’s currently working on.



I think overall its coming out quite nicely. I can’t wait to see the armor gear for him next, it’s going to be sweet! We also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as well, and have to say that was not mickey mouse and the brooms were just a bit more better looking. I do like the fact that science was mixed in with this and a play on how tesla’s theories were also applied within the plot was well welcomed.

Despicable me was also a great movie as well, so much as I want to see it again personally, I even got my own lil minion buddy as well, to take out my light work when dealing with mobtards on FB Mobsters 2 Vendetta.


Got to have minions to help with the work right? This is my little guy. He’ll chew you up spit you out like a hairball and flush you with breaking a sweat off his goggles. So don;t mess with him I’m warning you.

What a Great week to be a Mobster!….Sarcasim FB MBV 2

Ok, so the shop called said my Copy of starcraft II should be there tomorrow (God willing). Still dealing with mobtards on Mobsters 2 Vendetta, especially a select sect from the TnA mob it seems. It wasn’t even their fight to begin with is what really chaffed my asscheeks raw. I mean seriously, the whole game is if you beat on someone expect to get beat back, but make sure it’s a respectable 1 vs. 1 battle right?

Wrong! Because, I had this fight with some woman Gin, Mobster name Tombstone Tyrant, now don’t get me wrong I was in the wrong because I chewed her out because of the 13x she hit me while I was at work not even at home. Tried to retaliate got heated even more because of the day I had and then to come home to enjoy my mobster time and see that? I became unhinged rallied out the gate and the get go and cussed her out a bit and tried to take back the cash her hits had taken. I failed, not because I wasn’t strong enough weapons wise but I had less staff on my side compared to her 1K+ staff.

BUT right afterwards I get some kid Smoking Ace on my ass icing me like I’m a cupcake at Easter time and its 3 minutes to midnight before Easter Sunday. Because well basically I was rude to him for being rude to me and disrespecting me by getting involved in my fight with Gin. Then his girlfriend, some rather childish person dubbed “Stiletto” comes in spewing crap ices me as well we exchange verbiage, and block each other and she’s been acting the offended party. Let’s get this fact straight shall we? Smoking ace, and Stiletto, Big al, and all your other little friends, should read the rules of the Terms of Service, yea it’s a game oh let me say that again it’s a g-a-m-e, you getting bent out because exchanged words? It wasn’t just me cussing at you, saying a bit of fouliness yourself on my profile a little too, so don’t claim you were w/o some charmin for that shitfest. I apologized to Ace, because it was wrong, I was angry, very much so, but had I been allowed to calm down I would have come back and apologized to him, because I let my anger level get the better of me.

As far Stiletto, no I don’t think so, she’s been rude, disagreeable, and OVERLY confrontational and dare I say maybe sensitive over being butthurt on an exchange of words? Its mobsters 2 Vendetta, not Mobbie High, you’re going to get that type of attitude on mobsters 2 vendetta from time to time. Had you not been such a raunch to me and -=you=- have do not deny it, I will post the entries up do not test me on this. Had you not been as rude as you have been, I would have said sorry to you as well. But as it stands your behavior in all of this has been that of a let’s say a 13yr old girl. My Oldest acts more mature than you have shown, and that’s saying a bit from me.

So, yes, I apologize to Gin, no hard feelings no more butthurtz, Ace, sorry for being a bit touchy and maybe even slightly an ass? But we all have our bad days from time to time. Other than that, this was my rant session from my blog, since it is funny I’m placing a comedy tag on it as well. Funny and yet sad at the same time I swear there was an age requirment for that game.