End of the work week.

Hey, it’s Friday and what a day. So far, I’ve forgotten to grab pie for the cookout here at the office, I forgot to get gas on the PT so I could at least drive home after work. Then I after I got that done, I forgot I have a meeting tomorrow at the WJ Library for our *Secret Project* and to sit in on some infractions one the committee Directors/Members have committed in the name of The Ghostbusters ERT group Utah. Judgment and 3rd party arbitration will be played and voting will be done in regards to what happens. This is a 1st time major offense and I’ve been weighting it out myself.

I’m not going to say what my verdict is but I have talked with the head of the directors and they have my verdicts already in hand. I’m there to take part and give input towards the “secret project” and the web design going on in progress. I need an artist and co-designer to work with me on this to get it sewn together and looking semi decent. I am using the site’s preset layouts but I’d like to get some artwork that will coincide with the page layouts. It would also be nice to have our Mascot fleshed out as well. Well back to work, then home, wife, out to dinner and a movie and walk.

Otakuism and the general populace

I hate crap like this, people like this bring very bad images to us and our class in society and places us back a few notchs on acceptable circles in society. Don’t people know it’s overly unacceptable behavior to post things like this?


Otaku, in the Twenty-first century, are (imo) regarded as the decedents of the twentieth century NetWare forefathers; individuals who are able to interface with the hardline and ether matrix with advancing the human race. Of course there are those that consider the word “otaku” a bad name still in society as lowly humans that are not deserving of any attention and in some cases society would more or less want all otaku to be abstained from society on the whole and preferable die out or stay within their small yet massing hikikomori communities and online circles.

Let me tell you, we otaku are people just like you, don’t let some weeboos too entrenched at being what people expect them to and not being themselves to convince you should be the same. Society seems to view us and mostly the overall Japanese society view us as drains on the economy, health care and on the local communities. Just because we like/prefer another country’s media culture shouldn’t make us outcasts. Society needs to be a bit more sensitive to the views of others. But then again this is a world where someone makes light of another’s religion MASSES Rise up and commit acts of violence and murder, and it was murder because people couldn’t just be Pffft whatever dude, it’s your soul. But that’s just a small example of how society can react and retaliate and it’s never a pleasant scene.

They paint a picture that isn’t pretty that we’re some type sect or worship the anime/manga/computer/military sections of daily life as cult-like devotion, almost to the degree of a religion. We’re viewed in society as online groups known as circles, and are fiercely loyal to the circles. Some circles devote themselves to zealous causes or even campaigns like OWLs or political parties in general.
Since we otaku seem to be targeted just because we attempt to stay focused like that of the flexibility of a child’s mind, to keep a fresh outlook out there and to keep faith that at some point that enlightenment will be brought around to not just us but to everyone and there will be no more trolling, no more cyber bullying, no more racism, nor bigotry an otaku often experiences a loss of belonging as they grow through adulthood. This is just normal changing of choices on life and career choices because being otaku, we at times generally seek out employment in the lifestyle and hobbies we like.

While this transition can halt or delay this growth process, most otaku lose their interests by the time they reach the age of 35. However there some otaku, do not experience this for reasons unknown and still retain their otaku likes and dislikes and will usually express them openly. The “next-generation” of the generation of Otaku will be those that will break through and start us on the road to medicine, fashion, technology. Seriously take a look at some of the examples of gen X.0 Peter Payne is one such Otaku who dreamed of wanting to make it big in the world. By a fluke he made his dream come true by opening J-list which one of several Japanese exporters of anime/manga and other goods to the global population. Otaku are just people like yourselves, don’t judgmental of others just because of their choices of media subculture. Tolerances must be re-established and be acted upon rather than acting irrationally killing others because their views and lifestyles were not of the common masses of the world.

Trolling can be or are Triggered By the Lack of Eye Contact

Yea, you did stupid asshat.

Interesting Research by the University of Haifa in Israel studied online interaction and on social networks and forums found isn’t anonymity that promotes trolling online, but lack of eye contact. The Researchers found that people are twice as likely to troll if they don’t have eye contact with the person they’ve targeted for trolling. I can relate because I’ve been one of those targets/victims. On the whole it does make sense, when you think about it.

People don’t really communicate with someone they can’t see in most situations. It’s been noted that while using Google Hangout and Skype/FaceBook chat that trolling and negative outbursts are severally reduced due to the fact you are visually seeing the person for who they are. Trolling because you can’t see the reaction trolling causes your victim/target is shameful and should be punishable in some form is how I see it, and maybe then there might be some reduction in persecution towards others out there.

Just not a good day at all…….

Sometimes I just wished the world would go away, vanish and cease. There are just times were you are just so sick of the trolling, bullying, the bad treatment one gets if they say the wrong thing or something is taken out of context. You just get so tired of it you either, one grow your skin SO thick you no longer care about anything that’s said to you or two you just get so frustrated and stressed that you go ballistic. But the bad thing is with point one is you lose touch with those that are actually around but by that time you just don’t give a shit anymore and just rolls off your back. Then there is point two you become so introverted you don’t want to talk to anyone about and if you do start talking about it the pent up rage and anger and hate that you’ve been festering starts to rise and rear its ugly side and you lose what friends you had left.

They say games help out, sometimes that’s true other times it’s just a distraction to help you forget who/what was causing your pain and loss of self worth and esteem. It’s scars you mentally, it does and a lot of people are like Pfft so the fuck what? Get of the internet then and quit being such a twat about it and crying about on your blog. Well those are the type of people that you want to watch your front side rather than your back because they’re fake, right down to the “Hello” in the morning as you pass them in the hall at work, or you bump into one at the store and they tilt their head and say “Oi, good to see you” when in fact they’re saying “Fuuuuuck he/she saw me now I have to say hi or I’ll won’t hear the end of it for a week at work” For me it’s got to the point where I go to work do my job and I stay out people’s way and notice, same goes for the general public sometimes I just get my books find a place and keep to myself.

People say I have friends……..I do wonder sometimes, if once I hang up or I/we leave what they say behind my back. You can call paranoia all you want the fact remains, people talk about you, good bad or indifferent. Sometimes I just wished the world and all everything on it would just wash away, gone somewhere else where I wasn’t.

OH and an FYI


Twatwaffle gets banned

You are hereby banned from these forums due to outside trolling and that fact that you’re a belligerent twatwaffle. You can not and will not blame anyone but yourself for the asshattery and stunts you’ve pulled. There is no reprive either as you’ve been proven to be untrustworthy and overall dishonest. Have a great day.