TF2 Madness

AH yes I can totally picture this as what the Towelie regulars would do on thier days away from the pc. XD Towelie’s Smokeshack to get your critz on!

The diet and this week’s fun report.

SO, where do I start? Ok I know, week’s started out ok and seems to be going ok not great but ok. By helping support my wife with her changing of eating habits cycle program. So this is week 2 and I am still eating nothing but vegetables, chicken, turkey and fish. To be honest, it drives me nuts, but it is starting to show however. My face has slimmed down slightly; people have already mentioned me losing weight.

Bryan has started working on the monorail system full tilt now this week and should have something to show by the end of the month. Got a District 9 “No aliens Allowed” sign from the local Cinemark theater and I am going to build a small frame for it once I get some pane clear plastic available for mounting it and smoothing it out some. Then I’ll hang it up on the office wall. Also will finally be able to frame and hang my UT3 promotional design.

Next week 43 yrs old, man I don’t feel it I still want to hang at the conventions with my buds from home, take my oldest along so she can experience the feel and low of the otaku ways, like her father. Caught her watching all the episodes of Ouran host club and couldn’t help but just sit and watch it with her and laugh at the antics. It was a fun time.

I also got the Punisher PC case working again. Seems that 80mm fan finally burnt out and I bought a replacement and after that the faceplate works again in full action strobe as well. I also didn’t have to buy a new hard drive for it as well. I put the old one back in and decided to try to do a last working configuration option again? It went straight to windows remarkably and I didn’t have do much save for using the disc cleanup utility and the defrag mention. Just wished I could set the tower up in a better position than it is in now. Oh well back to work for me.

Actress/Idol Noriko Sakai Arrested on Drug Charges?!

38 yr old Actress and Idol Singer Noriko Sakai arrested and booked into a police facility after turning herself in on drug charges on Saturday evening. She had been missing since Monday. Her Husband known and semi famous Pro Surfer Yuichi Takaso was also taken in on possession of illegal stimulants which have not been revealed as of yet. Seems after search of their residence authorities say she was a consistent user after DNA Results of her saliva was found on a straw.

Their son has also seemed to have been the care of a friend of Ms. Sakai in the Yamanashi prefecture. Who will be taking care of him in the interim it seems. As to her career as a singer and creating hit songs from a number of anime series such as Gunbuster aim for the top, Video Girl Ai-Chan! She also had roles in several movies such as the grudge II and also did the narration of Pokémon Short “Pikachu meets Pichu” no follow up news as of yet.

15th Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Hello and Greetings,

Yes, I am in unusually happy spirits. Why do you ask? Well, I am married 15 glorious yrs to my loving wife who has stood by me thru the worst of everything. She asks for so little and I feel shameful that I don’t think I do enough for her or our children. I know I might be feeling a little sorry for myself but I realize I’m going to be 43 in the next 2 weeks and I should be higher up on the employment food chain at work. So I have decided to buckle down a little more and study the material I need to get better for myself and my family.

But back to the trip, I have to say Logan is supposedly a small town. Wrong maybe compared to Salt Lake City it might be small. But at the same time this small city has a lot to offer in robust historical value. We stayed at the Logan anniversary in and chose the la hacienda theme suite. Let me say that it rocked, plain and simple.

The Décor alone made the price worth it. The jetted tub was great, has some spectacular speed features on the jets and the tub itself is lit as well. It’s like sitting in an aquatic disco. The room also had a full room shower stall with 4 way streams and an overhead as well. Reminded me of a decontamination room in a sense. The center of the room has a pseudo fountain in the middle and the suite itself has this kind of open ante room as well.

The left hand corner of the suite even had a hammock hooked up. The Bed and Dual TV setup was excellent. Overall if I live to see our 25th anniversary? I’m taking her back to the anniversary inn and checking out another theme as well because this one was super cool and if all the rooms were like the one we were in? Oh yea, it should be some serious fun.

Anyways, back to work for me, for those that read this and know where I hang out at from time to time net side and check out the pictures from the trip. But you have to be on the friends section to see them. Sorry, but I have had dinks go trolling before and I’m not going let that happen again.

Manga and The Weekend

Good evening everyone,

Today on Aug 1st The German Dictator Hilter attempted to use the 1944 Olympics to show the world germany’s master race. However at the 1936 Berlin, Germany Olympic Games Jesse Owen wins the 100 meters mens final. Also My HDD Died and I spent a good portion reinstalling the os and renewing life to my pc.

Brandon/Vailias is also almost on his way to california, but not before sending me his old hardware first. Which I will use very soon as it is as I am rebuilding a Dell 600 to a decent little school work machine for my oldest. One the better birthday presents I’ll get I can tell you. Also Mcclaud turns 30+ Something as well being one of my archnemises I will wish him a a pleasant birthday.

My kids get to go to my work party at the local zoo after my wfe and oldest enjoyed their day at Seven peaks Water Park with her GS Troop. Wife is exhausted and didn’t even want to talk. It seems it might be from being so tired from both events.
I was just happy to get some the kids clothes washed and books returned and errands needing to be done.

Tommarow I continue to clean the garage and get the much needed crap removed so I can get things hung and stored away properly and be able to drive at least 1 car ito the garage for safe keeping and better organization. I might even be able to get a PC set up out there too? Maybe……..

Also though I just got done reading vols. 1 thru 5 of Megatokyo and I have to admit I found not as painful as reading Penny Arcade, in fact I found it very whimsical and yet L33+ in the a\/\/350me-n3ss of the plot btw the guys and the people they meet. I found Junpei to be quite the interesting support character myself. However I think and it’s only my opinion that the characters and such do somehow not just reflects the creators presonalities but a little bit of oursleves as well as we read into the story itself.