My Wednesday *Tilting of head* and an Aching back

Status on robotics project “Omniuino”: Nothing as of yet as the unit has not been delivered as of yet. I am hoping it should be by the end of the week though. It’s going to cost me 120.00 $ USD to get the EZ-B Module kit and start building and programming with the help of some of the more seasoned robotists out there lending a hand. I must have done something while I worked and cleaned up the front yard last night because my lower back is killing me 9 1200 mg Ibu’s is not even phasing the pain, so I’ve been very careful on how I walk and move.

Wife wanted me to cut the grass out front as soon as I got home last night, which for me was like 6:30 since I’m covering for my superior while he’s on vacation for the week. So I’m working like 10 hour days this week THANK GOD for OT! I was however out there till about 9:30 last night before I just gave up on the weeds and decided to relax on some PC time and ended up asleep in my chair till 2 am this morning.

It seems like we’ll be selling the Saturn to the repair shop since they could use the Saturn parts. We might get 650 to 700 for it, which may go to the purchase of a different car that won’t be placed out of business anytime soon. I’ve also been studying up on the auto maintenance of the ford, since it has a tiny leak on the undercarriage. Oil gauge was going nuts the past 2 weeks because it was down a quart. SO I’ve bought 5 quarts and a filter 32.00 on sale at AutoZone and saved about 35.00 in the process. That will keep the dang thing running better for a small while.

I scored some cool pc electronics again. Found a micro innovations ic825c and a 1.3 MP Webcam as well. I also found a 5 port HDMI switch and a few cords and plugs for it and a 8 Port KVM switch too as well as 4 512 mgs 266 Sticks of memory. Not so sure what to do with them but I think I know where I might be able to make a profitable return on it. Finally got Bruce’s birthday/Christmas present off to him as well with the words “Prints, art, do not bend, do not damage” on the back of it. I was going to insure it but didn’t have the money enough for that. So I hope he is very careful on opening it. I’ll say this much one of those prints, costs about 125 to 130$ on eBay and I sent him the entire set. I think it should be to him by Friday/Saturday.

Anyways, I’m back to work after my break and to the front desk since I am working as receptionist this afternoon.

It’s friday and its 12:35 AM

Holy Dingle berries, I finally won a bid on one the omnibots I’ve been looking for. One of the bids I made a few weeks back finally ended and no one but I won it. Now mind you this one doesn’t have the remote, the power adapter and all that cool jazz. But it is the omnibot I have been looking for I have some of the servos already, and now I need to work some OT to not only pay for the twin’s braces, but for a EZ-Robot module and a pair of ultrasonic sensors.

I might just get a replacement power adapter for the gold I-Cybie I have and place it on eBay to help pay for the parts. I also just found out that the Akira toy motorcycle kaneda has in the anime movie is worth about 50/60 w/o the decal sheet but everything else. I might even place that up as well. Some of you laugh, go ahead laugh. But I’ll be the one laughing when the project is built and I have myself a very cool and chic security bot for my house, complete with wifi remote surveillance on video and audio thru bluetooth.

Wensday entry

Hello and welcome to my Wednesday. As some of you know I’m attempting a robotics project, (provided I can get the right casing and get enough scratch to afford the ez-b module for programming) based off the designs and machinations of this gentleman and his Wall-E project or his Omnibot project. So far so good on the Omnibot, found 2 to bid on. I’m waiting on the wall-e I bid on and won, just awaiting delivery at this point. I also got the servos needed and a replacement servo for my daughter’s robotic cat.

Laptop battery replacement for the wife finally arrived, will get that taken care of and will do an overnight charging test tonight after work. Attempting to repair a circuit board for my PC case since the faceplate itself doesn’t light up as it did before but when bypassed with a 6v. Battery they work fine, so have to do some testing there day.

Have to get ready for the trip down to southern Utah this weekend. Gear is assembled, tested and sound. Kids want a cabin this time, so we are going to afford the extra to rent a cabin this time. We don’t have to be too concerned with flooding in the area where will be at, the rivers are just slightly above the normal level but not so high that they’ve been marked as dangerous or a flood risk.
Had a small shower overnight and this time no leak, so the patch/flashing replacement seems to have done its job nicely.

Discussing the possibility of how to hack a furby I found at one the thrift shops I used to pass by a few years back and came across while cleaning the garage. A fellow hobbyist suggested hacking the EPROM and creating my own samples for it. Which should be fun it will allow me to apply some of the knowledge I received from the online tutorials I’ve been watching.

End of the freakin weekend TGFT

Sunday, and I was able to get the things I needed done “done”. Mainly the backyard and the roof repair. The flashing on the venting pipe on the roof needed to be replaced as well as having a wasp’s hive removed today. So I go to home depot find the flashing plate need and some cold tar and the flashing doesn’t come up in the inventory so they give it to me, SCORE! get home scramble out the garage with the ladder to get it taken care of before the big rain and remembered I have to find someway to seal the outer area of the piping.

I used the McGyver approach and used a lid from an ice cream bucket we used for paint and trimmed it to the size needed, used the wet roofing cement on the underside and sealing and placed duct tape as reinforcement. I patched the nail holes before mounting and then hammered the flashing down placed in the roof tiles and BAM, done. With a little time to spare I even ran down to red box and got green hornet for the family tonite. Also, started a Robotics project, I’m going to attempt to replicate the Wall-E project . Already bought the unit off ebay for 6.00 and now getting the servos and then just have to save up for the ez-robot module unit. This dude is brilliant, and props up to his works on the robotics end of things.

Popcorn movie and maybe sleep pending my mood.

X-men First Class

Wow, what a mind flip for those that read a semi good majority of the X-men timeline(s). I mean seriously, even in wolverine’s timeline him and raven meet up in a mexican prison around 1920 to 23? So how old is she persay? The whole covulated timestream just makes any fan-person dizzy these days. It was however a good movie, the appearnce of Michael Ironside was a bit of a surpise but the role was not. That and I think this might be the 2nd time Kevin Bacon has played the role of a villain in a movie.

Oh and now today is the 12th and That Woman that ran into my car and ruined mt saturn has lost -any- twinkle of a chance of appealing the rule on the lawsuit I pulled on her ass. SO YAY for that. I won the laptop battery for my wife’s laptop replacement and it cost me 13.00! Nice score on that one. Next one will be a servo pack for my persona; Wall-E Hack project. 12cm unit will have 6 servos and a new brain with a emprom board and sounds. It’s going to be a fun little project. I still have to find a decent enough price for the windows 7 family 3 pack….Well off to bed it is for now, I have a lawn to conquer in the morning before it rains again this week.

Friday !

It’s Friday, and near the end of the work week and day. I’m heading to home and then to park to play “BBQ MAN!” feared Super hero of Burnt meat offerings to the Just and Incinerator of Evil Doers! It’s just the Girl Scout BBQ we have each year at the park. Afterwards, I’m back here at 8 pm to help man the phones while our IT Dept moves the servers and such to the other side of the building.

So yours truly will be here doing what he can for his employer! Woot, also seems that I may have in fact got some of my old co-workers employed again here with me! Great oogly moogly, I have a busy weekend planed as well it seems. New team members for the UDK project and a Greet and Meet on Skype which should be quite fun for all. I am excited for this and can’t wait to meet up with some of the new team members. Their demo reels were quite excellent and the show the level of their skill sets quite nicely I might add as well.

I also have some very cool bids on eBay at the moment I’m waiting on winning a 3 lic. Win 7 Home Pack…less than a day left. I can really use this on the pcs at home. Anyways, time to get ready to pack up soon and get my chef’s gear loaded and armed soon. TTYS


Ok, I was reading this and I honestly she just popped in my noggin, I wa like HEY that looks like amanda and then her sister comes in and its like mini amanda Oo; seriously I think it funny as hell but OOO some people might find it creepy oooo wtf-ever It’s funny plain and simple.

It’s the 9th of June

Here we are again. I’m working taking lunch and posting to my blog. Let’s see where we are at? Well, I’m suffering from a bad back. Team has issues as well, Alex just wasn’t cutting it at a mapper, so had to let him go. We need someone who is a bit more on top of things. Robert left the team because he wasn’t getting the work he needs is my assumption. My wish is for him to stay and at least help us out with the voomer model builds. It’s needed, and it’s something of a priority.

I can’t force him to stay; he’s got into a really great class for game development from what I understand so I am happy for him on that. I just wished he’d had stuck by what he told me when we first started on this which was “I’ll stick it out to the end and help out where I can Steve.” But as I said I can’t make him stay he has to want to stay and stick it out.

I do have some good news maybe, Max Schultz (yes madmax from animecrisiscenter) and I have been discussing things with regards to The UDK Project. He’s agreeing to assist me in the mapping aspects of the project. He’s been advancing his knowledge base with regards to UDK and Maya to the point that he has a bit of experience in each field. Not and expert level mind you but at decent enough level that he can get around on it. He made mention that the map I am porposing is a bit on a larger scale than needed. So we’re going to get together on this and discuss how big the map can get away with and start building finally.

Oh and I just editted this entry because someone had a massive cow about part of the entry. So it editted.