SO, I haven’t posted in a few weeks

Yea, I know I haven’t been here in a bit. Just feeling out of sorts I guess. Been grappling with the fact I along with 300 + other co workers are laid off due to our jobs being transferred to Seattle and that the facility I am working at is to be the new “regional” collections center for Comcast. I won’t say I’m not angry, I’m furious but I’m not going to show it at work. I mean seriously, they told me in an email “We’re sorry the position just doesn’t seem to be the right “fit” for you.”

What does that supposed to mean? I’ve been doing Billing and Credits for the last 1.5 yrs of my 2.1 yr time here. The position isn’t the right “fit”? Then what is the right fit? This couldn’t have come at a worse time than now either. We have a trip, one my twins has a tumor in her left lower jaw line that needs to be removed. She goes under the blade on Wednesday. I’m just glad I have till Feb 1st and even then I still have 1 month of severance and medical coverage to soothe the fact I’m unemployed after I get back from our trip next month. Florida is supposed to be warm in Feb. So let’s hope that holds true?

Because I really want to be able to enjoy the vacation rather than worrying about “Are we going to be able to pay the mortgage next month? As it stands I’m more or less going to cut are cable to near the bare basics leaving cartoon network and the Disney channel for the kids. Maybe after the drop in cable TV I might be able to go 1 speed up on the internet for media purposes? -Maybe-, but till then I’m still at odds with myself and coming to grips with the reality of it all.