48 Hrs till #FanX

Hello, just peeking in and letting you know yea I’m still alive (too bad for some of you out there,) and working. Just an update on my daughter, who is recovering quite well after the surgery, she doesn’t seem to mind the soft foods regiment that she’s been placed on. She still gets a dull ache from time to time but otherwise fit as a fiddle. Her and her sister both had High School orientation last night and had a great time at that. They seem interested in the intro to technology, with the architecture class as well.

I did just get my Unreal 4 Subscription for Beta testing Rocket aka Unreal 4 Beta Engine. Me and Bruce and hopefully Sean will be getting into this full swing here coming up summer wise and will finally have some video and progressive videos out there for the project. I found a spiffy KVM switch for $ 2.00 from Belkin and it works great only drawback is the USB to PS2 adapter doesn’t want to play nice keyboard wise, so I am stick on an old P.O.S HP Keyboard. I now have a Linux Box and a Windows 7 Box running in conjunction with each other off a dual monitor setup.

We are just 2 days away from #FanX , Bruce is driving out for this event and so is the family it seems as well. I’m hoping to get an Autograph or photo op with Karen Gillian or Julie Benz, since they are two of my favorite actresses as of current. I will also be heading up to the Salt Palace to help setup the booth and green screen Wednesday night if the team needs me. No word yet on whether my cohort in gaming and podcast joining us at #FanX . I’m hopeful because it will be a chance to meet face to face for a change at an event as a team.

Anyways, back to work for me more hours needing to be generated.

Oct Weekend 2 Gluten free Expo

Ok, well then its Monday and a busy week it seems. My oldest daughter goes for her driver’s test here at the end of the week, before head to Anime Banzi Year five Theme: Japanese Mythos. Oldest daughter is cosplaying as Italy from Hetalia and I will admit she has put forth a lot of effort in the design of her cosplay. Mine? Oh he he he I’’ bringing a leisure suit and my black dress shoes and #### from ## ##### ##### #### that’s right not telling or showing till Anime Banzi.

The Mrs. and I attended the Gluten Free Expo, it was quite enjoyable and there was even more vendors this year than last. The pancake breakfast was provided by Granny’s Kitchen and non-gluten pancake mix. There was also Rio’s cheese Quesada’s were delicious as well especially since they used spinach tortillas for them and a lactouse free cheese.

We entered a few drawings, had a great time with my wife as we enjoyed a gluten free beer at the beer garden they had. Afterwards, and walking off the beer a wonderful time was had. We received an email from one of the vendors seems my wife won 25$ worth of products from Norflex one the cleaning vendors that was there last year, so that was pretty cool since that means we won’t have to spend much for cleaning supplies for at least a few months.

At the end of the weekend, we decided that we needed to transfer an 8mm video tape to DVD, however couldn’t find the manual. Couldn’t find the bugger anywhere, looked in the garage, searched the office, rummaged thru my folders. Nowhere could I find that stupid manual. So printed it out all 160 pages all on the operational process of a vhs to DVD machine. I thought that would have been the end of it, but no I have to find patch cords that were also lost so I have to wait till later today on the way home to pick some up so we can get this project taken care of since it’s a Girl Scout project with her troop.

That’s pretty much it for now, anything that happens between now and anime banzi will indeed posted if post worthy, till then I’m out……

Saturday 5/26/2012

Hey, great weekend so far! Got the garden weeded and partially planted in till it started raining, but the hard work did get done. Now if I can get rid of the stupid dead quake in the back and grind the stump down I’ll be set and done as far as major work in the backyard for the summer is done.

The HALO 2 auction is about to end soon 17 hrs to go and still in the lead on it. After I win this, I’m looking on the site for Halo 3 and see if I can find that to bid on next.  Just waiting on the 4gig MicroSD card for my wife’s celphone and I might be able to use the 2 gig she has now in there, also charging and editing the mp3 player she got for mother’s day from the kids (They worked together and I told them they could earn points to go towards her mother’s day presents for her).

Taking another image of the family PC O/S so the image is fresh and up to date so once I remove the bad drive and place in the new one I can image it without any trouble or at least minimal issues on restoring the image to the new drive.  Working with After Effects is difficult especially when you have projects that you need plug-in for and the plug-in don’t resolve the issue you’re having. Well  hopefully I can get some help with it so I can wrap it up and upload it to where it needs to go. Off to bed for me, it’s late I think its Sunday already *yawn* night or morning pending how you take it.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off tonight for me !

Where to start? Ok!  My PC is back up save for my pcie video card my 1 gig card is dead! But I am surviving off the onboard video for the time being. I am looking at a Zoltac 2gig pcie NVidia chipset which will take care of a lot of issues development and gaming and video rendering.  I’m selling off a few items of my own on eBay to help raise the means to purchase said part.

In lighter news The Cool Kids Club podcasts are done and over there is not more CKC, however we do have now, The Cybernauts Podcast now, featured on here on WP, and soon a mirror at jp-studios as well. I think our kick off episode is going to come out quite nicely once the editing is done.  We also have now on the cast Amanda, Dustin, Josh, and Jon plus me.  We’ve also got a number of guest spots on the show as well, no name dropping just know that it’s going to be an extreme honor and pleasure to be able to talk with our guests in these upcoming episodes.

CONduit is this weekend and I’m not going due to some of the way the convention and events were handled from what I have been told and I just decided that this year I’m not even going sweat piss or moan about not going. I do wish the SLC ERT-GB well on their volunteer staffing this year at CONduit and we’ll see them live and direct at Anime Banzi in Oct! WOO! Which I hope I can maybe get a word in edge wise on getting a possible headliner artist to show up at Anime banzi this year and if not maybe next year.

I finally got a hard drive replacement for the family PC it is an IDE not sata which I would have preferred but I won’t complain 320 Gig ide is a great thing especially when I am getting the hit F1 to resume of death error message on boot up of that PC. I have pet project I am working on with a Dell SX270 and getting Linux installed on it rather than Xp which is slower than dog dirt on it with only 512 of ram on it. If anyone does read this and has 2 sticks of 512 PC 2700 333 or 400 MHz please let me know what we could try to work out as a deal? I can try to work something out.

Also I know this might be old news but I just discovered Hellgate the MMO and I’m having a blast on this game. Although it is pretty lonely out here with my sword and armor just keeping me company. So if there is anyone out there that would like to come along and slaughter and dice demon meat together?  My Character’s name is Ryu Haruanobu of The house of The Jade Phoenix and a Knight Templar, so hit me up and lets go what do you say ?

Well just about time for me to start the 4 day weekend. Hope your memorial day Week end will be as awesome as mine will hopefully be.

Anime Banzi 2011

Ok so I’ll finally talk about Anime Banzi since I’ve been able to get some of the photos off this smartphone. Well there was definitely a lot of cosplaying around and a good measure of steampunk lets say that right off the bat. Also some people of notoriety, such as Wendy Pini of ElfQuest, and The Great Rando from MST3k who was one the best , Chuck Huber, Chuck’s expansive performance career has danced between being a TV, film and stage actor for over 20 years, (most notably at Chicago’s Steppenwolf and Goodman Theaters); He has played Hiei in Yu Yu Hakusho, Android 17 in Dragonball Z, Shou Tucker in Full Metal Alchemist, Stein in Soul Eater, Kululu in Sgt. Frog, Austria in Hetalia, Akai in Oh Edo Rocket, Ashe in Black Butler, Mohji in One Piece, Hiro in Shin Chan, Reever in D Gray-man… among many others. He has written Sgt. Frog, Hetalia, Baccano, Oh Edo Rocket, Strike Witches…among many others.

We also had Lisle Wilkerson who is probably most well-known for her work in the Tekken franchise where she is the voice of Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro, and Zafina. She also played a role in the Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola film “Lost in Translation”, There was also Mr. Musician and Entertainer Steve “Warky” Nunez Steve Nunez, aka Warky T. Chocobo, raised on video games, 1st on his commodore 64, and at age of 5, playing on his NES. Steve recalls from his youth popping in Super Mario Brothers, and LO’from the moment that first note played, he knew his destiny. Not only were the games entertaining, he was also entranced by the music from The Final Fantasy franchise as well.

Overall a great time was had by me and mine at the game room, making neko ears, getting a chance to make a few connections with other collectors like myself. With that I’m going to leave you with a few pics from Anime Banzi 2011.

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Happy Holidays and Good Cheer to all, whether be friend or foe it matters none to this average joe. A time of getting along if for just one day, not evil or madness just Good cheer and Kindness are a glow. As goofy and sappy as this maybe I send it out with Christmas Glee! A bear like me is usually a grump but with it being 2010 makes this one smile from being a frump. To you I say good night with a sigh with a nod and turn under the starry night sky.

Workload and Company Party

Ok, so our company party is on saturday. So far getting it off seems good still, I am crossing my fingers on it. Went shopping today saw a pretty cool deal on software, games normally 20-30$ for 6$ SQUEE! Mirror’s Edge is 6$ so tempted. But have to stick to the plan and get what is needed and not wanted.

I’m hoping for some manga or some steam gifts. I doubt it though, for one I’m pretty poor atm with the economy the way it is, but I am glad I still have my job and a roof over my head for my family. I just hope i can take my wife to the party. It’s nice to be able to your spouse, your life partner, the one you share things with out to enjoy an evening like you used to do before having children. Not to say thats a bad thing, I’m saying everyonce and awhile you need to go and be by yourselves, be -you- time not mom and dad but your old identities or you lose yourselves. Anyways enough of this I have to hit the showers and get cleaning and then goto work. See ya true believers !