Star Wars Book Review and some general ranting……..

48 Hours till the BBC America Doctor Who Marathon to Season 7 kick off with Asylum of The Daleks. Even though the kids are back in school they‘ll watch The Doctor rather than watching (Shiver) Minecraft videos on YouTube. I don’t get the whole Minecraft obsession, it’s and 8 bit engine with some bells and whistles on it. I prefer an engine with much to engage with personally. Then again I’m also someone who’s selling off pieces of himself (Toys and Books) to gain access to something I really wanted to get into.

Robotics yes I’m still working on the Omnibot project slowly but hopefully before I hit the dirt nap I’ll have at least built one the projects that keeps my attention focused remarkably on track. I have maybe 4 maybe 5 items I’m going to place up on eBay, and will hit and ask some the guys there if they might want to take a crack of some the items I have for sale before I place them up for auction.

I’ve even placed up my 2nd edition Shadowrun RPG Core Rulebook, 6th printing but in very decent condition. I will probably place up my palladium robotech and rifts books up for sale as well. I mean I don’t use them anymore, no one out here where I live is interested in playing that rpg system anyway, and it will lighten the load of things have when I exit this world and wouldn’t leave much of a mess when I am done and buried.

I have to ask a strange question to myself and some of you out there. Why do people act stupid? What I mean by asking, is why do people feel a need to hurt others by trolling them, or even just talking badly about them when it’s been a at least a few years since you talked about or to any of them save for maybe Face book, or DA, or maybe MySpace or twitter? What good does it do them, save for making themselves feel somehow more superior, or empowered because who they’re talking about can’t talk back in their defense or even justification at other times pending the situation.

I just get sick of it, it makes me angry, not angry I mean “ANGRY” I want punch my fist thru steel type of anger. Of course that gets me nowhere at al save a trip to the ER and $ that can be better spent elsewhere as well as lost time from work. But it still doesn’t resolve the fact that there are those who don’t know me, save for interacting with me on the net for X amount of time at a website/msg board and they think they can talk badly about me and I’m not going to find out about. It’s not about lurking or creeping about a board you’re not welcome at, I have no interest in that.

People I know who have been or are at X boards and sites they mention it if I’m talked down upon or badly, and others think oh he’s lurking and such or OH NO he’ emailing me and I can’t bear to tell him to stop! Or here’s the one that gets me “I don’t know why he’s my Face book friend, but the other day on FB chat (who uses that?) He sent me the following message: “meow” D: D: D: “I know *why* heather, it’s because I was taking my family to Florida and asked you for some questions on places of interest while we were in Orlando, but to do so I had to friend request you, and the only reason I used “meow” was to grab your attention since it seems hard to get it otherwise.

But that’s been resolved since I removed the friend request. So if you ever come across this? You know that you don’t have to worry D: D: D: about me “bothering” you anymore. It’s not like you wanted to talk to get to know me anyway. Or at least that is the image you’re projecting. Why do any of you even talk about me anymore anyways? Why did I attempt to bother talking to any of you there any more for that matter? You ostracized me and alienated others by your behaviors and constant trolling or nagging or plain asshattery; I’m not point fingers at one particular either.

The sad part is I’m point at a whole community that has had maybe 2 “new” people join since the loss of the Original board and 3 different incarnations. I was asked by one of the communities I had some bad blood with to come back the ban had been lifted on my profile and so far it’s been ok no trolling some mutual feelings and some where we just agree to disagree but not in a vindictive or hateful way, I guess some communities can grow and move on whereas some others just sit and stagnate or fester in some cases.

Prime example would be your FB Group it’s been there and hasn’t been used in almost over a year or more, so WHY have it at all if you’re not even going to use it to begin with? And Facebook Chat let me say TONS of people use it, just because you don’t use it? Doesn’t mean others feel or think that way either RAWR! Waste waste waste. At least if I create something people do make use of it and KEEP making use of it for the most part, unlike other FB groups I’ve seen.

Rant over; back to whatever….Where was I? AH Book! I’ve been going back to my roots (book wise) this was done last year in Nov. 2011 Star Wars GN Darth Vader and The Lost Command Published by Dark Horse comics. This Graphic novel gives some in depth to what happened after the clone wars and what goes on between Ep.3 and Ep. 4. Seems While on an about 19 years before the battle of Yavin. An Expeditionary mission to the ghost nebula goes MIA and Palpatin orders Lord Vader to take some of the 501st and investigate what happened and to retrieve the survivors.

More to the fact that Moff Tarkin’s son was the one leading the expeditionary mission and Tarkin wants his son back. Lord Vader does as he is told of course and during the travel time and throughout the mission he keeps being visited with visions of “What might have been” if he had not turned to the dark side and if Padame had lived, however his vision was blurred because there was only 1 child in the visions not two. During his waking time through the mission the troops under his command fight way through two cities and two planets and crushing everyone that may get in the way of the mission save for the Lady Saro, who says will help them find Moff Tarkin’s son but in reality, she is in cahoots with the very person Lord Vader is looking for and once the truth is revealed, Lord Vader plans to kill the traitorous son and his would be queen/seer.

The Senator approves of this deception to Moff Tarkin and allows Lord Vader to kill the traitor to the empire and the insurgents and report in as an accident that happened during the rescue mission and it was the insurgents that killed his son and not Lord Vader, fueling his hatred for rebellions and further increases his loyalty to the empire and his “master”. This was/is an excellent book and I have to say you must read this to grasp what I’ve written down after reading this three times now already to make sure I didn’t forget anything. DO not let this review spoil it for you, I urge you to read it yourself and decide if it’s a good read or not?
Alright well that’s it for this post talk to you later and remember, forgiveness only goes to a point before you’re just “Whatever” and walk away…………….

UGH ARGH AND People can be so stupid….RAGE/RANT

Ok, so I had a falling out with Lestat last night, he’s decided to go his way and I with mine. Why did this happen let’s just say that my choices in life differ than his? He wants to do things his way; he’s almost never wrong, (Which is wrong in itself.) others are to blame for some of his own short comings he created for himself. He could have been married with kids by now had he not fucked himself out a great relationship he had with someone we both knew mutually on good terms, but he fucked his relationship with her by overanalyzing almost everything she did that didn’t include him.

She couldn’t have male friends because he thought she might be cheating on him. He was overprotective, to the point of overbearing. His behavior was/is worse than my own at times (That’s saying a lot). I try to show him what path he should attempt to take for recovery and I was spat at in the face of our friendship. It’s just like with Phant, but with him it was trust issues and leaking our private conversations about a certain person to that very person. Tell me am I supposed to trust THAT person as well? I don’t think so…..

And another thing that pisses me off, when you try to talk to someone and they blatantly ignore you, not that they even give you a reason. No, this person just flat out refuses to talk. That’s rude straight out. At least I will give a person a reason of why I am ignoring them, and the reasons thereof. Point of example one “Phantomgrift” name withheld because I can be respectful enough to refrain from using a person’s real name lest it be able to be googled and used against said person in any type of instance. He’s basically burnt his bridge awhile back, his trust with me was busted when he gave out a private conversation about someone he knew I didn’t like and considered as an Internet troll, but that didn’t stop him from sharing that information with said troll and even twisting it around about on top of it.

All that for a laugh and a giggle. Part of the reason I removed him from my facebook, was the fact he removed posts that he thought his wife, one who doesn’t like much anyways and wondered why her husband was giving me the time of day anyway? Would find offensive after finding out thru a 3rd part fellow Facebook member and friend circle that his orders were cut and they had gone to Japan 2 months after the big incident that happened, and with things the way they were (Which I will not go into details with LEST I accused of STALKING them again) over there, I had stated simply that maybe it was in the best interest that maybe he and his wife hold back due to the event that were already in place for fear of her health and wellbeing.

He removed them several times and I got tired of it and removed him from my FB where as he promptly ran to the community we both “used” to freq at one point and time and decided to profusely mention me by name and belittle and ridicule me with no way as to defend myself either since I had been banned for whatever reason the administration at the time had concocted to justify it. As per usual of said community they had a good time ripping on me and my good name, ergo another notch on the way I do ignore Phant and his replies and such upon anywhere I go and see him attempting to get me to talk to him in some manner. And well to Coin a phrase Mordecai used recently with a twist, “Sure Jason I trust you, “OH” but wait, now I’m taking back that trust I told you could have and just throwing it away”.

He’s kept coming to the blog for a bit and I’m just ignoring him for the sake I just don’t care for his antics anymore and I find it rather odd and slightly annoying that he says he “googled” me because he was bored at work. He googles for people while he’s on Deck duty? He’s so bored that he can’t just Facebook or MySpace the time? I could find TONS of other stuff while I was on CQ Duty – The basic equivalent of Deck duty, rather than googling peeps I know. But seems my bud lestat, and Phant have taken a liking to each other, even against my advice to Lestat was not to feed a troll. I replied to lestat and I’ll even try to keep his leash tightened, but at times he draws trolls nearby, that’s when the leash gets tightened. I even banned phant from coming there after he registered but after the move and the re-establishment of the database his account was unbanned as well as a few others I placed on lock down, but I allowed his to remain unbanned in case he wishes to try to troll there or pull some type of internet shenanigans.

OH But lets not forget our other personality either don’t want her left out now do we? Isn’t that right A/V ? I’d rather spend time with the kids to playing TF2 or STALKER or hell even trying out a few MMO’s together again. This brings me to another point of order that burns my ass cheeks. Fair weather friends and Gamers, what type of lame ass excuse is “I don’t want to re-download steam and use my account to re-download my games because there are people I don’t want to talk to anymore. Hell if that was the case I’d have lost a lot of friends by leaving a community and just blocking everyone and anyone from said place.

But this is someone who has games DLM games that just need to be re downloaded is all. But because they have people on their steam list they no longer want anything to do with, they don’t want to play anymore. That just plain pisses me off because one, “I” liked playing with said person, it was fun to run thru the map and flame the hell out of the crew whilst Ms. Mimiiru mows them down with the mini-gun. Has several games thru steam and only reason Ms. Mimiiru doesn’t re install and take the plunge is because there is ass-hattery upon Ms. Mimiiru’s friend list, ergo makes me wonder why doesn’t Ms. Mimiiru just edit said list and NOT have said ass-hattery upon yon friend list?

I think it’s just Ms. Mimiiru way of saying piss off dude; I’m tired of gaming AND with you in general w/o having to say it out right. Which to me is a cope out and one the worst things you could pull on me. I really lose faith in humans when they pull crap stunts like that. It shows how distrustful we are as a species. Ms. Mimiiru is one of those examples of being wishy washy, and un-decisive about what Ms. Mimiiru wants to do with their life.

Shown specific sites Ms. Mimiiru has registered with and doesn’t want to be bothered with wanting to update them even though it might generate traffic for said web comic they and their flat mate do as a team. Let’s not forget the YUKU page they created back in 2003 that is still untouched since the days of old. I guess I’m just not friend fun enough to game with or to engage in conversation with anymore is my guess. If that’s the case, fine I can accept that and go on. It’s was one of the more reasons not to bother keeping the LJ anymore as well as others too. Also I took that extra step and extend the hand out to join my forum as well.

Nay, I did and it was “politely” slapped away and Ms. Mimiiru Left to go be abused, more verbally as well as emotionally, because believe it or not every time you intentionally go out of your way to insult, ridicule and outright belittle someone you are in fact emotionally bitch slapping them regardless of how whether its verbal or if you had walked up and slugged them in the head with a 2×4. It’s just as hurtful and just as much an injury just on a different level. Nowadays she’s not on anywhere, her DA? Dead, LJ probably hasn’t had an entry in over a few months, CB don’t know, don’t care. Tried to talk to her to resolve this shitfest and was ignored, YOU WANT BE A HIKIOMORI!?! (ひきこもり 引き籠もり, FINE! It’s your life if you want to be some social outcast? BE ONE YOU’RE SO GOOD AT IT! *RAGE*. I’m through with my rant for now….

What a Great week to be a Mobster!….Sarcasim FB MBV 2

Ok, so the shop called said my Copy of starcraft II should be there tomorrow (God willing). Still dealing with mobtards on Mobsters 2 Vendetta, especially a select sect from the TnA mob it seems. It wasn’t even their fight to begin with is what really chaffed my asscheeks raw. I mean seriously, the whole game is if you beat on someone expect to get beat back, but make sure it’s a respectable 1 vs. 1 battle right?

Wrong! Because, I had this fight with some woman Gin, Mobster name Tombstone Tyrant, now don’t get me wrong I was in the wrong because I chewed her out because of the 13x she hit me while I was at work not even at home. Tried to retaliate got heated even more because of the day I had and then to come home to enjoy my mobster time and see that? I became unhinged rallied out the gate and the get go and cussed her out a bit and tried to take back the cash her hits had taken. I failed, not because I wasn’t strong enough weapons wise but I had less staff on my side compared to her 1K+ staff.

BUT right afterwards I get some kid Smoking Ace on my ass icing me like I’m a cupcake at Easter time and its 3 minutes to midnight before Easter Sunday. Because well basically I was rude to him for being rude to me and disrespecting me by getting involved in my fight with Gin. Then his girlfriend, some rather childish person dubbed “Stiletto” comes in spewing crap ices me as well we exchange verbiage, and block each other and she’s been acting the offended party. Let’s get this fact straight shall we? Smoking ace, and Stiletto, Big al, and all your other little friends, should read the rules of the Terms of Service, yea it’s a game oh let me say that again it’s a g-a-m-e, you getting bent out because exchanged words? It wasn’t just me cussing at you, saying a bit of fouliness yourself on my profile a little too, so don’t claim you were w/o some charmin for that shitfest. I apologized to Ace, because it was wrong, I was angry, very much so, but had I been allowed to calm down I would have come back and apologized to him, because I let my anger level get the better of me.

As far Stiletto, no I don’t think so, she’s been rude, disagreeable, and OVERLY confrontational and dare I say maybe sensitive over being butthurt on an exchange of words? Its mobsters 2 Vendetta, not Mobbie High, you’re going to get that type of attitude on mobsters 2 vendetta from time to time. Had you not been such a raunch to me and -=you=- have do not deny it, I will post the entries up do not test me on this. Had you not been as rude as you have been, I would have said sorry to you as well. But as it stands your behavior in all of this has been that of a let’s say a 13yr old girl. My Oldest acts more mature than you have shown, and that’s saying a bit from me.

So, yes, I apologize to Gin, no hard feelings no more butthurtz, Ace, sorry for being a bit touchy and maybe even slightly an ass? But we all have our bad days from time to time. Other than that, this was my rant session from my blog, since it is funny I’m placing a comedy tag on it as well. Funny and yet sad at the same time I swear there was an age requirment for that game.