The guy above deserves more than some public shameing spread the word on this please share with your buddies. Dude went to listia, posted up several numbers of PC Items like a Number Sharkk Gaming Mice, 3 Antec PC Cases and NXT Cases I won 1 Antec Case and a Sharkk Gaming mouse the shipping said 5.00 for the mouse and 5.99 for the Antec Case which I paid thru paypal. Yea, I thought it cold be sketchy but I’ll take a small chance that this person was a honest individual, boy what a fucking joke that was on me. But I curse this kid gets cock rot before he hits his 21st birthday.


Two weeks later nothing nadda a empty mail box. So when I decided to attempt to contact this “Wally” person seems I had been blocked from his page said it didn’t exist or some such but since I had a older account I decided to play detective and logged in with my older listia account and yup that fucking little twatwaffle blocked me and took the money and ran without any a word.

So I got my points back after demanding a refund and I have already escalated my case with Paypal and they are investigating it to get my money back from this little shit but BUYER BEWARE @LEO4WIN is NOT to be trusted. is a great place, but there are assholes there as well that think it’s funny to scam people to hold their credits in escrow and not do anything about  it.


Hello again readers, and to myself as well. It’s Aug 12th and just past 20 years of happiness with my beloved. Twenty years? Wow that just bellows your mind when you think about that. The events you’ve shared there turmoil and joys and with kids as well. The braces, the emotional rollercoaster fits in some cases and the moments where they need you to just hold them and let them know it’s ok or it will hurt less as time passes and they grow. Well me and the Mrs. went to Las Vegas spent our 20th anniversary at The Hilton Grand (Marketing Compound) Hotel and had a great time exploring the Strip/Casino areas.

We checked out the hourly fountain shows in front of the Bellagio and The Mirage which at night are absolutely wonderous with the colored lights and the musical sequence. We also took in The Blue Man Group Show at the Monte Carlo as well as a DVD set and audio CD of the show which was also great, save for some small back pains which seems to have traveled back with us and has decidedly hung around with me for the past 4 days since our return. I finally got one of those “Keep Calm” shirts, although it says “And get Drunk” I still like it, it’s not torchwood or reminds us of the tardis, it is still a “Keep Calm” shirt. Took some photos from the trip

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile after the return home.

PC had an issue where the o/s would freeze and lock up and out forcing the system to be softbooted. Well there is a shop that I took it to have the issue confred that it was CPU causing the issue. I got it back with the owner saying it was infected with several viruses and malware and that my thermal paste had been dried up for sometime (Which that I could see maybe happening) funny thing is AVG and Mcfee scanned the system and found nothing save for some info tracking cookies. Malware bytes didn’t detect anything either, so I’m a little hesittant to believe my freezing and lockup of the O/S was due to undetected viruses and/or malware. I can see maybe a CPU overheat whch they said they did apply some gold thermal paste at no charge. next step, I will then hook it up and fire up #Titanfall and see how it stands up now and whether or not I freeze up again.

Soon, I’ll be 47 and I’m still nowhere close to where I’d like the game project to be. so many setbacks still much to do and its mostly programming I think at this point. Still have a unfinished map, got a decent and talented yet untapped artistic resource, just waiting to see what she has in store for us. Bruce is doing well but super busy on his side of the west coast BUT! he will be coming to #SaltlakeComicon and this will be a 1st time meeting 3 of the Team Jade Phoenix will be at one place at the same time!

And we’ll be doing this the entire time! PARTAAAAAAY!

Updated News on Defiance the MMO Debuted at Comicon 2012

I am talking about none other than Defiance ! That is correct you heard it here! Defiance has opned up Beta recruitment for Arc Hunters I’ve already registered myself, but don’t let my excitement be the only lure to this most fantastic looking MMO. See for yourself here is a look at the gameplay itself. I think I can let it do the talking for itself!

So, am I right? DAMN RIGHT I’M RIGHT! The Co-Op gameplay s looking pretty sweet and that fact that the TV Series Syfy has coming out in April is an added bonus because elements during the series also take place in the game universe as well. I am looking so forward to playing this Beta MMO. It’s showing lots of promise and I’m sure it will not disappoint. Take a look at some of the Screenshots as well as a map I found in regard to the game.





The Start of July, and what a start!

Hello everyone, well it’s now July & I have rebuilt & recovered my PC & OS without so much a hiccup excluding drivers for my new gt520 2 gig video card that is replacing the 1 gig 8600  both from NVidia both awesome cards but the 520 is superior & gave my pc that extra needed boost in resources. After getting back in I also received an email from Xfire & my account is now recovered & in working order again. One of my BFF’s had his birthday on the 24th & I was able to get him the IRONCLAD High Seas Collection, man….each one by itself through steam is like 9.00 on its own. With him being the civil war hobbyist, I think he’ll enjoy that game pack.


I’m also doing call out to cabinetry shops to see how much drawer fabrication & installation will be for our cutlery drawer since it has seen better days & is on its way to the sawdust pile in the sky. One of my other BFF’s sent me his code for SC Classic since his mac doesn’t support the classic games anymore due to what would be a technological leap backwards for Mac Users. You would think that Apple would “want” to keep some level of classic gaming support around for their user base. Doesn’t seem like it though, especially all you Space Marines types that love WarHammer & StarCraft & marathon & the ilk.


Well, at least Mark will know that his SC is alive & well & being put to good use on my new rig, & will be enjoyed immensely & right next to StarCraft II as well.  I also won a great auction with a steam gift code for Nuclear Dawn, a great game by looks & media clips, haven’t had a chance to play it yet but will do sometime this week. I’ve also started on a writing collaboration of sorts or at least I hope so. I’ve started off in an alternate version of the BGC 2040 Universe in where both Leon McNicole & His Partner on the police force Daley Wong have gone above & beyond the call of duty & service for their country. In this it’s a Temporal Crossover with historic data relating to: Hellgate, BGC Universe, Sliders, & Ghostbuster as odd as that may sound but yes ectoplasmatic technology will be used in this fanfic.

Site wise, I’m going to do some clean up and hopefully involve Simon in helping out just a wee bit with securing and blocking certain IPs from the site. I really hate the fact that I have asshats from china and North Korea trying to get in just to spam their stupid knock off Prada and Gucci fashion ware in the articles and have their script bots running through the processes and making in that much more difficult to clean up after their crap and spam. I haven’t heard from he who must not be mentioned lately so no loss there at all. Still pisses me off though however regardless of the method or way on what he did.

I’m going back to work after posting this up since I’m on my last break at this point of the day. Till next entry Space Marines HO! Give new meaning to the word RAID as far as the Zerg is concerned damn roaches.

6/14/2012 Entry

So what have I been into, up to and involved with lately? Well, I got our stove replaced and it’s in where the old one was nice and comfortably as well. I have really got into Accel World, I’m enjoy the story progression and to be honest I’m personally liking the whole underdog get the popular girl them going on. I’ve always been a sucker for a good team/friendship building series, but that’s partially due to a personal taste and opinion.

I’ve also been into Wasteland by Antony Johnston and Christopher Mitten on the Oni Press Publication label, Abi and Michael make an odd pair but a well matched one nonetheless.  It’s like being on vacation in Borderlands, save for not as weirder ass mutant wildlife. Then there is the manga selection for this month, Dragon Girl from Yen Manga Publications. I got the collected edition from the library when it opened two weeks ago, I couldn’t put it down, in fact I read it twice so I made sure I didn’t miss anything through the first pass through.  It most revolves around Rinna Aizen a young woman attending her first year at a former All Male Senior High School gone Co-ed.

This school is also the one her father attended when he was younger and on the cheering squad. She vowed she’d go to this school especially since she made a promise to a certain young boy make in her youth in grade school that she’d follow him there. Well years later, she’s here but where is he?  No spoilers on this one, you’ll have to read it to find out. But the friends Aizen makes and the ones causing her trouble for her and the cheering squad she becomes involved that makes this a great a story.

I’ve also got into the MMO Hellgate, but due to the mainboard I bought from Ascendtech and that board having a faulty PCIE Slot I’ve been delayed on getting back in and really raising some hell. I also finally got my collector’s edition of Hellgate London and the graphic novel that came with it. So once my mainboard is back and installed I’ll do an install and take it for a test spin. I also got a new a 2 gig Zotan NVidia GT520 as a replacement for the old Gt8600 I was using, which should provide some beefed up Video and broadcasting options once it’s all taken care of and setup.

We had our 3 month meeting with The ERT Ghostbuster fan group last weekend.  A great time was had by all, regardless of the snags we had that day and maybe I should have brought some sun screen for some of the others since there were some sunburns involved from what I heard. I also helped establish the fan group’s forum on my own site since I have a section just for that reason.  Excluding some asshattery from my past things seem to be going ok and well for the time being. That’s all I got for now hope things are going well for those that follow the blog. Keep it cool during this summer and have great week everyone.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off tonight for me !

Where to start? Ok!  My PC is back up save for my pcie video card my 1 gig card is dead! But I am surviving off the onboard video for the time being. I am looking at a Zoltac 2gig pcie NVidia chipset which will take care of a lot of issues development and gaming and video rendering.  I’m selling off a few items of my own on eBay to help raise the means to purchase said part.

In lighter news The Cool Kids Club podcasts are done and over there is not more CKC, however we do have now, The Cybernauts Podcast now, featured on here on WP, and soon a mirror at jp-studios as well. I think our kick off episode is going to come out quite nicely once the editing is done.  We also have now on the cast Amanda, Dustin, Josh, and Jon plus me.  We’ve also got a number of guest spots on the show as well, no name dropping just know that it’s going to be an extreme honor and pleasure to be able to talk with our guests in these upcoming episodes.

CONduit is this weekend and I’m not going due to some of the way the convention and events were handled from what I have been told and I just decided that this year I’m not even going sweat piss or moan about not going. I do wish the SLC ERT-GB well on their volunteer staffing this year at CONduit and we’ll see them live and direct at Anime Banzi in Oct! WOO! Which I hope I can maybe get a word in edge wise on getting a possible headliner artist to show up at Anime banzi this year and if not maybe next year.

I finally got a hard drive replacement for the family PC it is an IDE not sata which I would have preferred but I won’t complain 320 Gig ide is a great thing especially when I am getting the hit F1 to resume of death error message on boot up of that PC. I have pet project I am working on with a Dell SX270 and getting Linux installed on it rather than Xp which is slower than dog dirt on it with only 512 of ram on it. If anyone does read this and has 2 sticks of 512 PC 2700 333 or 400 MHz please let me know what we could try to work out as a deal? I can try to work something out.

Also I know this might be old news but I just discovered Hellgate the MMO and I’m having a blast on this game. Although it is pretty lonely out here with my sword and armor just keeping me company. So if there is anyone out there that would like to come along and slaughter and dice demon meat together?  My Character’s name is Ryu Haruanobu of The house of The Jade Phoenix and a Knight Templar, so hit me up and lets go what do you say ?

Well just about time for me to start the 4 day weekend. Hope your memorial day Week end will be as awesome as mine will hopefully be.

Monday an hour ahead makes the day seem short

Currently at work, on break so don’t get up in my grill. Weekend “sucked” 250 gig Sata Hard drive died just after doing an image backup of it, thank god I was able to do that much at least this time. So, I worked on it had about 4+ hours of sleep since Friday IM’d a few peeps on tech support *off the click* to maybe see about getting an extra pair of hands to help guide me where I might be going wrong on the restore.

Restore wasn’t restoring as it should have been. No reason either to explain the incident. Image verified as clean, BCD/Bootable according to the hard drive after restore, I even went to the bios and told it that it was safe to boot from the hard drive again. Still Disk Failure insert a system disk press enter. After about 7 hours of testing and diagnosing I placed in a support ticket out of frustration and sheer stupidity on my part. But Darren was cool about it and just said bring in today and we’ll test it out to see what is going on with it.

So, currently while I’m at the front desk, the OS backup image is being re-verified so I don’t look like some crazy nut that is off his rocker. Maybe the logs will show tier 2 something that I didn’t see or had passed up not seeing it for what it was? In either way I am hoping that the system will be restored and operational by the time I get off work to take care of the house and other daily duties that await my after work hours as well.

Monday again….

Well it’s Monday and I survived age 45. Not too much to talk about though. Went to my mother-in-law’s house had very nice dinner and we watched “Mars needs moms” with the kids. Had some cake and went home. I did however get some $ to get myself some new levis and I think I “might” have some left over to purchase the ping back sensor I need for the Omnibot, but that’s about all I can get for it at the moment.

Still have the PC on ksl and craigslist, and I’m prepping items for eBay as well. Maybe if I sell those I might be able to have enough to gather the cash to buy the ez-builder module needed and a few sensors I might need for the 2-d mapping. Anyone wanting to donate *Open hands of allstate* (j/king). I might even have to sell off parts of the comic collection to gather the extra funds as well, as possibility. I don’t know any more just got a few mixed feelings on a quite # of issues and people.

My Monday

Hey, what’s up? So I’m my Facebook and I check out the robotics group I belong to, and I see this post about Roombas, so I think to myself “Hmmm I wonder if I can get one to work on w/o paying a cent?” I go to one the green sites I know of and post up “Anyone has a Roomba working or not, I’d like one.” Thinking I’m not going to get anyone that’s just willing to give one away. Guess what, I was wrong! This nice elderly has one she’s giving me one with the power pack and all. I’m pretty confident that I can repair this without going into any budget. I am hopeful on this.

Since the girls are at camp, that gives me and the wife a chance to get some of the rooms cleaned up a bit more, as well as getting the lace Drapes repaired and rehung after the bills are taken care of. We’re also Sunday will be our 16th year being married, which I know a few said it won’t have lasted 2 years, so “IN YOUR FACE!” (J/king). The only things I’d have changed would have been being able to have said with MSN and progress the way I was.

I pretty sure I’d had my own team by now and had my mscna paid for as well. But I wouldn’t change anything else, the house, the kids, none of it, I’m truly lucky in that regard. Still no word or nibbles on the server. I got the power pack for the iCybie so that’s going on eBay here next week so is the Akira collectible. I am hoping I’ll be able to sell enough to get one the module kits from before my birthday this month. I’m however not holding my breath; I usually don’t get what I’d like when it comes to personal project wants.

Anyways, I’m back to work TTYL.

July 24th Holiday Weekend:Terrorism, Fireworks and Comicon

Ok, so last night fireworks! Set them off last for a full hour of fun for the neighborhood. Afterwards and I can’t believe this but 11:30 pm the kids want to go out back and do smores. I didn’t want to go, to be honest I was tired and a bit of grouch, I think what I needed was a good 8 hrs of decent solid sleep. This obviously helped because I do feel better after waking up at 9 am this morning.

Well with the terrorist attack in Norway was a shock. My heart goes out those that lost loved ones in those senseless acts of terrorism. With this being marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 I’m wondering if something is going to happen or not. It’s makes you wonder, I still get angry just thinking about it, and all the lives that were lost and makes me a bit paranoid that they might try something again to mark the event themselves to hammer in that final nail to coin a phrase.

Enough of that for now, still don’t have the old server sold yet. I’m hoping soon though, I’d like to be able to get the (EZ-Builder) kit soon and start actually fitting and re-assembling the Omnibot and getting it ready to program and leaving some room till I can acquire a wifi mini cam off eBay. My I-dog was a total loss, it’s servo motor finally died and there was no way to resurrect it so I’ve just salvaged some the parts from it to go towards the omnibot project. The speaker and mic, for voice recon and communication with the family when I’m not at the house and for fun.

In the game scene TF2 when freeware a few weeks ago and looks like I might have some new team mates to go help me stomp some Nikes into the ground. Can’t wait till Rusty Hearts comes out to the public for open play 4th Quarter, the game clips look excellent and the gameplay doesn’t seem to look that bad either. Then again looks are not all what they seem to be. Time will tell if this will be another cool MMO like Guild Wars or just another knock off that will go freeware for a few months and then failure and fade to dust.

This is the 16th Comicon I’ve missed and well, I swear I will be at the 45th one if the world doesn’t end this year or next. (LOL). Taking my overtime pay and squirreling that way towards just that event and then IF I am still kicking and walking this green earth, I will also hit the 50th Comicon. Lot of cool stuff being said there, like that there is going to be a Dr. Horrible II and other cool if not cheesy Media being released. I really wanted to get my hands on the Fanboys VS Zombies at The SDCC Graphic novel; it looks like campy cheese reading and over goodness.

My friends Robert and Sean and Ali all went and I have to say I am envious of them for being local enough to be able to drive or even just take the trolley down to the convention center. I hope they at least were able to acquire and score the deals they wanted today as known by most fans and con goers the best deals are at the last day of the con. I know, because I still have my dominion tank police VHS set from 93 and Captain Tylor VHS OVA set from 94 both cost me like 15.00 for the sets.

Well that’s it from me for now take care and remember If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy! Keep you stick on the ice and I’ll post up a bit later