A Post to Myself from Me, Myself, and I.

Greetings to myself,

Well if you’re reading this it’s probably because you wrote it and set it for a timed posting. You have a lot of issues, you know that right? But you’re also a great person at the same time. You love your family, care about your children, your wife, people you interact with a fondness towards. You’re not bad, although people treat you that way.

You try to further your knowledge, reading, and hands on, lab work at home. You even try to do things you don’t know how to do (not the dangerous ones) at times. Look at some of the accomplishments you made within the last two years alone. You started learning how to compile podcast videos, editing them out with help from Bruce and Ken, but you are able to get the videos compiled and uploaded. Bruce and you are getting back to 3D modeling again.

This doesn’t make you nuts, but I do understand what you mean at times. 😉

You and your daughter are playing catch, improving her catching technique. Your eldest daughter is graduating here next week. Your wife and kids love you with everything they got. I know you want to see your parents again before anything bad happens, but what can you do? Seriously, with everything that is going on back there you have to come to terms that you have to wait till things settle down on that end of the states. Your Brother’s not going anywhere yet is he? No….. Your mom and dad are still in ok health right?  Ok then, will it hurt to wait a year or so more to visit them when the dust settles down?

You want to get the netbook repaired right? Well, you have stuff you can sell off to get the warranty renewed and then get that fixed. Defiance? Yea you love that game and the series is also equally as cool if not cooler. You’re talented even if you doubt yourself, believe in me, oh wait  I am you, so see start believing more in yourself and quite being such a doubting Thomas. You’re better than you think yourself to be at times, when those moments wash over you, come back here and read this entry, and know you are loved not by your family but you yourself as well.


Me, Myself and I.

Fictional Character for Defiance RPG.

Classification: ArkHunter/Engineer

Name: Stephen B. Lundberg

DOB:  8/19/2010

Age: 22

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’1

Weight: 197 lbs.

Physical defining features: One minor scar left of the skull. Damaged tissue stretches from the lower temporal region to just inside of the Zygomatic section of the Skull.

Biographical Archive:

Stephen Baker Lundberg, son of Scott and Shannon Lundberg born on Thursday August 19th 2010 eastern side of what was at the time still the United States of America. Grown and educated in the Tennessee educational system till the age 15, where he had shown remarkable aptitude in mechanical engineering. He was enrolled into Clemson University‘s Engineering program. Grades excellent, attitude was stoic and studious.  Events of his studies were somewhat surprising and remarkable when he had accidently received designs for some new generators that were meant for Prof. Lou Hollister in the psychics and engineering department of Clemson University. Prof. Hollister was to be working with the dept. of homeland security and the global protectorate division of the United Nations.

But upon discovery of what Stephen Lundberg had achieved, he had Mr. Lundberg and the generators transferred to Area 17 Hanger 21 on the Utah Salt Flats by the Dugway Proving grounds.  Where project Ananke was still in production/development.  The generators were of Castithan design and technology but with some minor re-design cold fusion technology was easily incorporated into the design for a power source for the generators which were then in turn installed and used to power fusion pulse cannons to be used in the pale wars. Once Stephen realized what the generators were being used for, he decided to leave the company of professor Hollister and the military and fade into the wilderness.

After quite an extensive search by the military and UN Special Forces had given up their search for Stephen Lundberg, the military then launched their attack against the Votan and for a 4 year span Stephen B. Lundberg has disappeared. till now……………………………….



UGH WTF!? An early wake up call from Japan -_-; ….

Well this was indeed quite a surprise early this morning. I get a text message on my cel roughly about 5 am and I’m just waking up for my usually 5 hour nap.  It seems one my friends in japan was at one the local manga shops and found what they call a light novel (Light casual reading like a paperback) sitting on the used books rack section. Well after checking this out, it seems to be a Bubblegum Crisis Novel released back April of 2012 so roughly just over a year ago.  Now whether this had to do with Bubblegum Crisis Live Action” Cinema Movie has yet to be confirmed.

401798_10200484036717897_1133267381_n  376850_10201278999242890_1780559078_n

Bubblegum Crisis Hard Metal Guardian Angels is the title (Not sure if that’s the direct translation or not). This seems to be one of the slider versions of the BGC Universe. The 4 younger females that comprise of the Knight Sabers are in high school (What level/grade is unknown at the moment) and their identities are slightly askew such as Sylia Stingray is now one Ms. Sylia Sakakibara, who happens to have a slightly whizzed but battle experienced butler with a knowledgeable and sharp mindset.  We also have another character identity change up Nene Romanova is now one Ms. Nene Rokuhara, who is looked after by her “Older Big Brother” Leon Rokuhara, who happens to be a Detective in the Metro Tokyo Anti Boomer Special Police Force.

Characters whose Identities and roles have not been too rewritten is Pricilla Asagiri, who is seems to have made a title for herself in the music industry at performing at a local night 16+ Music Club and having her performance uploaded to what would be considered our YouTube, becoming an overnight discovery and getting signed by a localized global media corporation. Yet she does still have to go to High School, and keep up with her studies. We also have Ms. Linna Yamazaki, who isn’t from the Japanese country side, but more to being the heir of a financial conglomerate while working at a maid café (to gain some experience in the working class of the world) she’s quite intelligent and resourceful.

My friend is looking into procuring this copy, but has not been able to locate an English edition of this paperback. He says its roughly 250 pages including some of the artwork. Which he will be sending as soon as he can get some of the artwork scanned in. I am hoping that someone will be looking into scanlating this for the global public and the BGC Fanbases out there. I know I am one of those wanting to read this yarn of the mind cybernetic.

End of this week wrap up.

So what was this week like? A bit much like the past few weeks, money money  money pouring like a river over the falls. One the cars needs some major rear axle work due to one the brake seals being worn and saturating the back driver’s brake pads (That’s going to be $ just due to the labor on disassembling the rear axle to do get the repair done.

There is also an oil leak somewhere on the front and the filter needs to be changed out, and the gas pedal sticks when you lean on it from time to time. I’d assume to sell it but the skeptic needs find out how much out of pocket it would take to get it repaired since it was supposed to go to our Eldest daughter for her 1st vehicle, and if it would cost the same as a used car or slightly less?  I might bite the bullet and get it repaired. Other choice is sell it back to them (My mother in law bought it from them a number of years back) and squirrel away the money towards a better vehicle.

Wife’s mother’s day present hasn’t shown up yet, there is less than 72 hours left and it still isn’t here. I’m hopeful though I won’t give up hope. I’m going to finish off a few things around the house for mother’s day as well and getting the office a bit more squared away than it is currently. Plus have to get two more rooms moved between now and the end of the month, and maybe repaint a bathroom or two. (Pending on paint left over.)

Podcast side, not much to say save that I did get 3 of 4 encoded and uploaded to the podcast’s YT channel. Compiled an mp3/Video from our interview with LB Bryant and Amanda Rush, from http://ani.me, after listening to the podcast Max did a cool job of it and I love getting the new info from LB and Amanda for the upcoming summer season. Google Hangout was a mess Thursday night it seems, it took us 4x tries and even then after the 4th when it said it was finally recording and we had 2 of the 3 members from Triple Slash Studios from The U of U Gaming Education Dept. and discussed their release afterwards THE DAMN THING DIDN’T RECORD ANY OF IT! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Over an hour of their time and ours WASTED because Google Hangout had some type of glitch on the server back end. We’ll just attempt to rerecord this coming week,

Our Eldest Daughter is going under the knife as well. A Bunion has surfaced on her left foot and is 15 rather than the norm 7 as far as length goes on bunions so we’re going to readjust our family vacation this year since she’ll have to wear a boot for at least a two month period for recovery time.

My mother has found the internet and discovered eBay so she’s becoming quite fluent in the ways of the business end of that company with how she can stop an nifty item or two at an auction and know roughly how much of a turn around It can return profit wise. She’s also delved deeply into the genealogy field as well, tracking down our connections the Cromwell’s and Hinton’s of The British Isles, as well as scanning in some of the family photos this week too. (Thanks mom, I mean it.) That brought a few tears to my eyes because I thought I lost some of them and I couldn’t recall them without thinking and concentrating too much.

Also, to some of you out there that I have lost touch with due to one thing or another?  I’m sorry, and this by no means is a crutch to lean on at all. My add/adhd seemed to have got loose, I have been lashing out a few people I lost a friend in my anger and I want to say to her I’m sorry. I should have tried to have been more patient and even understanding, I however don’t like having things kept from me either.  But I should have also been wary of you felt about your situation at the time as well. To the others, yup I can be a truly bonfied asshole, but I wasn’t the only one at fault, but I do accept my role in what transpired in our interactions. Please know I’m sorry, and that I hope you’ll move on without thinking of me too badly or with much disdain.  It’s Friday, and I need to finish my workload, so that’s it for now. I might post up after we do the next Podcast recording. OH and to Brent Lengel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again you 30 Year old Sod! Love ya (In that comrade manly way of ways) stay strong always!

Friendship, what it helps build, what it does for people…….

What is a friend? To me it is someone who will stay with you no matter what type of hell you’re going through, who will share in/with your happiness your successes, and being with you through tough times, shoulder to shoulder, back to back guarding your six. I have met a lot of people since I’ve started doing social media, but who do I consider friends and those of just good acquaintances?

There are a number of outlets you gain people and online friends, the whole Facebook gaming gene is one of those that bring people together, you relate at some level whether it is a need of supplies and powerups or outright standing up to the ones that would abuse in an online game. Sure there are quite a number of fighting games, but does that give people consent to being allowed to be bullied or “statpadded” upon for days or weeks on end? No, and that where you find the people you end up having something in common with at that level but enough of that for now.

There is also the re-connect as well, people you lost due to moving, or losing their information but using social media to be able to possibly re-connect and hang out again. I’ve done that and I’m sure a number of you out thee have done that as well. People I went to Middle and High School with, people I hung out with at the mall when I was what 19, 20? There are even friends I had at Job Corp I actually still have contact with, why? They considered me worth contacting and re-establishing that connection. Blogging is another way to make friends but at the same time it’s a form of expression of you’re feeling when you’re posting up what’s on your mind. You’re reaching out to people as people are reaching out to you whether you know it or not. We rely on each other thru friendship.

Bottom line is we all have crosses to bear, friends are there to help ease through the rough times and to help you keep your sanity. Even marriage is that bond between two people that can’t be broken unless one side has grown that much apart from you, but other than that they are there to be the ones to hold you when you cry, when you’re angry at the world, when you lose something/one.  When you don’t have a grasp of what’s going on from time to time, they lend that hand to grasp it with you and help guide you back to reality and help cope with whatever it is that’s bothering you. So as I’m writing this if you have a problem? If you need to talk, if you need someone to just be there to listen not reply back but just listen and acknowledge that you’ve been heard? Then please feel free to reach out………lord knows I’ve needed it more times than I’d like to admit.

The weekend update

What’s up Party People? So yea this last week was semi cool in regards to seeing Iron Man 3 as a Company outing Friday morning, no spoilers will just say you HAVE to go see this movie and stay till the very end. My twins turned 14 over the weekend as well, lots of girls and nails and hair-do’s and sleep over, then a party on Saturday for the other twin and she had *GASP* 2 boys over at her party (Because 1 of the boys is her BFF) and that went well w/o hardly any incident oh and her softball team won their 3rd game since the season started recently WOO!

Saturday was also Free ComicBook day, and Haustur’s had a number of titles out even some of the “old” favorites such as Prince Valiant, and Buck Rogers, with some new titles especially from one of my favorite comic publishing houses Antarctic Press Owned by Ben and Joe Dunn and their excellent creative team roughly 30 years in business now says they have that magical quality a American Manga Publishing house should have.

No podcast this weekend though, sadly those that were to show had issues on their side and were unable to make it. We will however be attempting to record again sometime this week.  This coming Sunday however we will be having a special Podcast regarding “Cosplay is not Consent, and Respect for Cosplayer in today’s Comic Society” we will have a number of speakers on the show to discuss certain happenings that have slowly been cropping up at events/con/expos and not in a positive light either.

Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, what can I say in regards to it? Oh I know it’s like Captain Powers and The Soldiers of the Future mixed in with street fighter and Robocop throw in a kickin “80’s” musical score and it’s like Saturday morning with Mt. Dew and Doughnut back when I was a kid. It’s got some very cheesy moments and the dialog is hilarious to say the least I got to throw Props up to David for gifting me this on Steam over the weekend, it was great.

I’ve also started back to sketching things and people again. I’m considering doing an ArkHunter this time from Defiance, with a write up and bio set as well. ACK Back to work for me! TTYS