May 15th weekend.

Hey everyone,

Well got that blinkin garden done of weeds. Spent most of the morning and early afternoon shoving and pulling and sifting out weeds and morning glory out of the
Bed. I can now say safely that the garden just needs to be tilled and hoed and planted.

New job has me busy learning all about data storage and backup and recovery/restore.
I even got in a bit of OT helping man the phones after hours. It’s nice to finally enjoy a weekend and have it be the weekend.

Lawsuit came and gone and I won. Woman was right in front of me in line for the clerk’s window on the phone saying how she said she was going to appeal the ticket she got so she could seem in the right and told whoever was on the phone she did it all to drag it out as long as possible. I “so” wanted to smack her in the back of her nappy head.

Well they say the end of days is this coming Saturday, so I hope you all got your doughnuts and milk ready for the rapture. Not making fun it, just saying I can’t see who any “one” person can calculate the day the world’s faithful will be taken to where ever they will be taken to, and leave all the sinners and non believers here. Supposedly we’re already at the ½ way mark for the tribulations. When Saturday comes is when we’ll know.

Manic monday

Website update, I was considering just giving up the whole kit and caboodle and throwing the rag. Bruce however got me out of my slump, and even paid for the site to be hosted. So, is in the process of going back on line. My email address is restored, so those still have it that email is live again. As far as the old server goes? I maybe am retiring the old girl. She’s just not as responsive as she used to be even with the fresh install of 2000 and new drive, she’s just not happy.

I’m a day walker again too! Did I mention that? I can actually come home kiss my dear wife and help my kids with their homework. I can catch up with wrestling YAY as fake as it maybe it is still fun entertainment go REY MYSTERIO 619! 619! Santee and Chula Vista baby! WOO! I mean keep it coo bro keep it coo… 😉

As far as this Whole “Bid Laden’s dead” is concerned… I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because there’s just something not right in the air about that, but I’ll keep my opinions to myself as far as that goes. Mother’s day is around the corner, and I am thinking on what to do for my wife on that day. @_@; MAN those holidays are tough. I mean seriously, father’s day? Get me a video game, or a gift card to walmart or best buy, BAM shopping’s done for dad. Art wise, I’m at a deadend at the moment, just nothing besides the family the job and the project are on my mind. Think I’ll go and get something to drink…BUT ebfore I do that, I have seen an influx of traffic here off and on. I’d like to know who some of you are?