Windows 7 and Anime Gadgets

Hey, how you all doing? Enjoying the windows 7 goodness yet? I am and The Nana theme as well. But to add to the wnder of that theme ? I added The Anime System Admin Gadget and a few others at anime theme dot com. Seems you can have some pretty fun times with it as well.

It’s cool and I recommend it to every otaku out there as well. It works well in Xp, Vista and Win 7, not sure about windows 2k. But seriously if you love anime as much as I do ? Give the site a try and alive as well. You can even get a email too if you look carefully enough as well. I got mine.

Windows 7 and The Otakus in Redmond


For the past decade-plus, the renowned otaku community has idolized and actually gave birth to various Windows versions as cute anime girls called “OS-tans “. Our MS Otaku brethren in Washington State have created and adopted and released to the global OS-Tan Family Nana!

From ME-tan’s clumsiness to 2K-tan’s formal and business like demeanor and attire to XP-tan’s big boobs; earlier OS-tans still have a community-driven love towards them. They embodied actual user reactions to the operating systems the warm and smiling Nanami looks like a very cute and yet seasoned Os-Tan that and her cat that she has with her as well.

The Lovely OS-tan family have been given names to the OS they are derived from however this time had a little puntastic twist her official name: is Nanami Madobe also small fact time Nana is Japanese for the number Seven. Nanami even has her own voice actress, and graces a bundled desktop theme for the Japanese pre-ordered otakus. I will also add I LOVE My NANA! ^^;

YAY! Game Preload!

My Borderlands is now preloaded for activation! Bwhahaha! I’m also replacing my hdd *FINALLY* to a 500 GB Hdd. Much overdue and much needed in my opinion. My UT3 Black Install has gone flop on my hdd and I think its due to bad sectors on the drive. That and I get this annoying error 83 when I try to start it up from steam the 1st it tries to start.

I’m also getting STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl, Quake 4 Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon and maybe Sam II. The great things you can find on the internet eh? Will test out the Wacom on the windows 7 install too once I have the new drive installed and updated. Have to go return 3 manga a friend got me at Barnes and Nobels last week I really don’t like shaman king that much, it seems too much like a kid’s manga anyway. So hopefully I can just get the exchanged out for something I’d really enjoy reading.