Jade Phoenix Studios

Jade Phoenix is more or less #BruceBuechner & Myself’ Website. Dealing basically with the Unreal Technology and engines. I brought it online to help and assist others with their related skills and hobbies related to Unreal.

This is also the site where we are doing or best to attempt a game for the Anime / Manga inclined Gamers/Otaku out there as well. Our team is dedicated and juggles a lot to stay with themselves and as a team. So for that I appreciate them to no bounds. We will also have another site coming online quite soon as well. Which I will post up soon on the blog.

Please feel free to visit, but be forewarned “Spammers” we will not tolorate, nor condone bot registration you will be IP Banned and reported to your domain/isp provider for the transgression.


  1. Sparky · November 4, 2009

    Hey, I want to join the forums at JP. am I allowed or is teh fact that I used to be at coolsurfin.com if that’s an issue with you I understand, but I just wanted to say we were pretty dick’ish to you and I wanted to say sorry.

  2. madarameharunobu · November 4, 2009

    Oo; I’m sorry, I don’t remember you though. I remember Smee, Wereallmad, Kenji, Squall, Dragon and psx but I can’t recall the others or you. Can you elaborate or enlighten me?

  3. George · February 16, 2012

    Do you know Jay hansons web address?


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