Thanksgiving Weekend

Let’s start off with *Facepalm* why? Because excluding the weekend shopping? This weekend was totally screwed up. We went shopping found some great stuff for the kids for Christmas. However for the lights at the house?  I have 2 of 3 mini trees that are out, and the top of the 4 ft. spiral tree is deader than most fruitcake. The PSP I was bidding on for my eldest daughter? Out bided again, that’s part of the frustrating part of it.


Then to top it all off the icing on the cake was a message I got from our illustrious podcast leader, stating that they wish to part ways due to the direction I am supposedly taking the podcast from podcast to talk show status.  Really, how am I taking over a podcast from podcast status to talk show? I made mention that I could invite Vin Diesel on to the podcast, so we could review and get some feedback from him on Dark Fury and what type of insight he could share with a number of us his fans. That and a few other people I know out in the community.

Let’s get this correct shall we? I know a number of people; I know the guys would like to have an awesome podcast. I’m willing to give them quite a number of them. My opinion is there is not enough communication involved. My idea of a podcast is at least meeting once a week as a group, go over what topics we want to hit what media to review, who to invite to the podcast if viable at the time.  Write up questionnaire for each other to ask the guest/s while recording. I like the fact we have a good reputation so far on the net and I want to keep it that way. Best way to keep a good thing rolling is communication because without it? You’ll eventually run into a sandbank and get stuck. “Communication” is the key to opening all doors and sometimes a few windows.



Ok done *Facepalming*   Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Memories DVD 3$

Holy crap I about crapped myself while I was in Big Lots! this morning and found this on the DVD bin along with some Speed grappher dvds and negumi dvds too. 3 $ each XD I had enough to get 1 dvd I think you tell which one. But I finally have it in all its glorious splendor! HUZZAH! I have struck again! Oh and I got that Immersion into japanese DVD as well for 8$ normally it retails for 20$ MAN I can’t wait till after christmas for the sales ! HE HE HE !

Prey, Bargin Hunting and cleaning house

Games galore at Big Lots! I couldn’t believe it, Prey, Rainbow 6 vegas and Global Assault Conflict and Mirror’s edge 4 to 6 $ each. Even a Japanese Self learning Software pack 8$. I might grab it for a birthday gift for someone I know. I also got muvee installed, but had to learn how to do some of the converting myself. Did a quick sing along video like the dork that I can be from time to time. Then I uploaded it to Youtube and my FB. Definitley not one of my finer moments. LOL.

Getting the christmas tree out to the house. for tommarow’s tree trimming and getting the bins is always fun as well. Also hit this new chinese restraunt down the street from us and turns out we may have found a new place to eat. Their hot and sour soup is by far better than most of the places I have had that soup at within the last 5/6 yrs. The General tso chicken is enough to make you drool and just one sniff from the kitchen. overall my wife and I had an enjoyable time, one more enjoyable than some of our more recent trips togther. Anyways, got to get back to cleaning, a house does not clean itself.

Well back to work.

Yup its the weekend and I get to go back to work which is where I am at the moment. just less than 2 hrs left. Does anyone know what they want for christmas yet? Me, I’d like to get Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare II, but will I get it? Probablly not. I’ll probablly get stuck with clothes. Although I do want to get my wife something I know she is in need of and desperately wishes to replace.

SO, I’m searching the benfits my work has for that type of service and see if my perks out balance her work’s perks as far as discounts go. Either case I think she’ll be happy with the choices we’ll discuss when we sit down and do all the paperwork that will take an hour or two to do. Anyways, LAST Break is over and back to the grinding wheel for me.