Ok last post for the month

The clock strikes twelve, a cool wind blows, but I’ve got no fear ’cause we’re not alone.
I have no weakness, I am the strong, and this is how I feel the most at home.

Cry, cry, everybody cry! ‘Cause the world has gone awry. Darkness fills the sky and the reflections in your eyes.

The floorboards creak. The windows black. The shutters slam. There’s no turning back.

Cry, cry, everybody cry! ‘Cause the world has gone awry. Darkness fills the sky and the reflections in your eyes.
Darkness. Darkness. Darkness. [Dark] (Extended)
Cry, cry, everybody cry! ‘Cause the world has gone awry.Darkness fills the sky and the reflections in your eyes.

What the fuck you don’t like SPF100 ? Then die! Youtubepoop compels you!

My brain hurts, Mobster2….Oi vay…..

Sleep deprivation is annoying to say the least. I get home at midnight and can’t eat, but I can drink water. (Diet, don’t ask) I’m restless, I can’t sleep. I usually hit Facebook and play MB2 and deal with a major of assholes while doing the missions I need to advance.

When twinky overage tweens acting like it’s ok to just constantly beat on someone and not let up w/o repercussions. Guess what? FUCK NO! Both Alicia and azzhole would be prime examples of this. Azzhole asshat #1 came in started by chain attacking/stealing about 67$ and running to Las Vegas in game. I go after him I retaliated and posted he’s been hit out retaliation and left it at that went to work and came home and found out I had been abused while gone.

Died 4x and had quite a number of vulgarities posted on my profile. That lasted about 3 days off and on. Then on the 2nd day I get a 2nd beat down by of all things some tweeny wannbe female mobster named Alicia who just by coincidence was friends with Azzhole and the two were just not connected at all by any means No, that would make too much sense and such. I call shenanigans and bullshit, I dare say I was forced to and I’m ashamed to admit this go and request that the guy and his 2nd in command of azzhole and Alicia’s mob take a direct hand in this.

It got seriously out of hand. I understand it’s a game, but talk about power tripping and during this whole out of hand crapfest one his fellow mobsters gets involved and almost got hit after trying to threaten me with badge Assault and Battery. I decided to let brains over anger take the helm this time, I explained what happened. He was not totally convinced, and I noticed 2 particular names on all 3 profiles and decided to play the card I thought I had. Oh and I was correct, one was these mobsters Godfather and the 2nd one was his Captain of the front line of order.

I explained my position, explained I had to remove the crap I wouldn’t want on a country fair outhouse that was posted on my profile. Who said culprits were why I had blocked them and made sure I had made the reports to the right people. I was also considerate enough to let both Alicia and Azzhole both know what they may or may not be in for by causing such disrespect and dishonor amongst their mobster brethren.

This is mobster2 Vendetta people, not your Old High School Quad or P.E. locker room. Grow the fuck up and come back to play with some sense of how to play the game politely and show a little respect to other people and maybe you’ll get the same back. But you reap what you sow; too bad I had to have a few weeds in mine. Anyways, that’s my rant for today. Glad you stopped by, leave a comment or two if ya like? Just be respectful of the blog because your comments “are” screened

Matte Ne Minna-sans!

JP-Studios have an additional mechanics modeler

Jade Phoenix Studios just got word that Mr. Rendall a 3d modeler and a Musical gourmet has accepted a position with our studios as of 5:25 PM MDT. He’ll be stepping in for Jadzia who is out at the moment due to issues of a personal nature. We miss her, and hope for her safe and health return soon. I am posting up some of the designs we recovered from a what was suppsoedly a dead and lost hard drive. After updating Antivirus and Malware scanners, we entered the hard drive after mounting it as a 2nd drive. come to find out it help my ancient “98 2nd Ed.” O/S and The Original Concept pieces that Mr. Macphee had sent me 9.5 yrs ago.

Mr. Rendall will be also composing some musical composions for some of the project’s enviroments that are currently under construction as we speak. Mr. Rendall’s youtube channel can be found here at this link come on, CLICK it you know want to! We’re glad to have him, and welcome him onboard our team and current project.

AirDoll to be release in Japan 2nd Q of 2010 no U.S. Release

What the hell! God Damn it! *Chucks a bowl across the room into the wall* What the fuck is wrong with you guys over in Euroland. No U.S. release? WTF is wrong with you ! I can see Japan getting the DVD release 1st maybe, but then an immediate U.S. Import release should be right afterwards too! I mean hell I want to see this damn movie! I think its unfair if they don’t do a U.S. release and would be highly disappointed. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

Tis not a Good day to die as of yet…….

Ok, so I’ve been away for a week or so. Deal, I’ve been doing some music research thing for my oldest for her science fair project on the behavioral patterns based on music the subject listens to. Finaly got that taken care of last night. Girl scout cookies are selling now and I have to try to help my little ones out by seeing if anyone at work would want to order and seems like a good time is being had by all on this one. Good for me!

Project is starting to go well, Paulo has been able to recover 3 of the 5 weapons that were missing. Bad news is they’re just the models and textures, they were not the fully coded versions. I did search however. This however does save us time on having to build from scratch and saves us a little bit of time. niteFlarer is doing an excellent job on rebuilding the lost player models we had from the original project. He’s started on leon’s shoes and trousers, minus the belf which I think will be with the bottom part of the torso. Whoch should look good when the model turns the belt wil move with the torso. So good body movement on that.

We were also debating on whether or not to use cityengine to help port over the Megatokyo BSP map or just to build from the BSP and add in the statics as we go along and build from the inside of the buildings from top to bottom and place in floorplans as needes. Waiting on Joseph now on the firebee progress but we haven’t heard from him in like almost a month. During a search on Voomer designs and such ran across some of the OLD ova Genom designs BU-33 and BU-11 designs and a few vehicle designs that might actually prove to be fun if we can get them built/animated/rigged and then in game for flight testing.

Upgrades needs ! UDK Demands it!

Ok, as you know I’ve been with the help of a number of friends and fellow anime fans, we;ve been attempting to create a BGC universe and using select key characters from the 3 series from said universe and create a game using these characters and some the different vehicles used from each series, plus introducing some fan based vehicle creations as well.

In doing so, we’re also having to hand scratch build the buildings and roadways so far. We’re trying to figure a way to import some of the existing map assests from the previous incarnation of the city. As to alievate some of the hassle of having to rebuild some of the static meshs again. We recently recovered our lost beta weapons pack we were goign to release? We’re right now in the middle of developing then scripting some the weapons for the project and should hopefully have something to show video wise for everyone soon.

So because of that I myself am having to upgrade my mainboard up my ram and cpu and finaly wlk into the PCIE era of graphic cards, NVidia by choice! So I should be operational myself soon again, and will have to work on learning the scripting a little bit at a time as I go along on my little putt putt of Family PC. back to work I ago ttyl everyone.

Washer troubles

Well if that doesn’t byte the whopper! Washed some clothes earlier today and at least a foot of water absorbed into the carpet pad. Looks like we have to do laundry at the laundrymat today. After mopping up and then wrestling with the mess? Come to figure a missing spring! part of it pretty rusted out. filed the bad part off redid the hook so it would attach properly like it did before. Ran a test load and the drum keeps tilting forward.

Wife doesn’t want me to call the home warrenty company because they’ll try to repair it best they can before that -=have=- to replace the unit itself. It’s just a major headache to deal with, besides we’re also discussing the redo of the family room and redoing the walls and color and carpeting and we -=really=- don’t want a leaking PoS type of washing machine ruining our new carpet.

I like my skin and don’t want it to become a new rug because I didn’t want to agree on not purchasing a new washer and possible dryer combo. We’re also redoing the laundry room thats in teh family room as well. Which will requir eme taking down a wall and laying down for foundation and learn how to redo the plumbing for the washer water leads. So these next 2 months are indeed going to be interesting to say the least. OFF TO THE VAULT!