Internet DerpTrolls and the best advice I could give you.

Internet drama can usually happen because of user’s tendency to judge one’s character instead of being “objective” about them. They will more or less troll/criticize any slight difference they have that bothers them. Sometimes, those same critics will use other user’s opinions to validate their concerns/accusations about the behaviors of others. There is a quite a number of users out there that start this type of drama because they are attention whores.

They crave attention and drain yours to get it. Those types of users are more aware of what they are doing then they let on with others in the community/forum/IRC/Chat RPG they are involved in. In the end, what it comes down to is stress impacting the brain to think and react differently, change with the environment or bottom line “Leave”. The more that leave will less and less the populace pool to convers ate or cause drama towards and eventually will dry up and blow away like dust off a comet into the dark and unforgiving void.

Trolling can be or are Triggered By the Lack of Eye Contact

Yea, you did stupid asshat.

Interesting Research by the University of Haifa in Israel studied online interaction and on social networks and forums found isn’t anonymity that promotes trolling online, but lack of eye contact. The Researchers found that people are twice as likely to troll if they don’t have eye contact with the person they’ve targeted for trolling. I can relate because I’ve been one of those targets/victims. On the whole it does make sense, when you think about it.

People don’t really communicate with someone they can’t see in most situations. It’s been noted that while using Google Hangout and Skype/FaceBook chat that trolling and negative outbursts are severally reduced due to the fact you are visually seeing the person for who they are. Trolling because you can’t see the reaction trolling causes your victim/target is shameful and should be punishable in some form is how I see it, and maybe then there might be some reduction in persecution towards others out there.

A Blogger’s Rage at comments of a trolling variety and some advice.

I saw this on facebook this morning and had to reply back, but due to YT’s character limitation I have to post this here. Ok, I’m not saying I agree nor disagree with what you are saying Ms. McQueen. I being one of those that had a semi-hellish High School and ran to the military to escape from said hatred and in this day referred to as trolling on a daily basis. I’ve been called Gumby, or too tall jones, or Jolly Green Giant. I took in stride for the most part but there were times I just well we all have “those” type of moments and let’s leave it at that.

But I won’t say I go off to troll others and belittle and destroy their morale self-worth or self-esteem, on the contrary. I just lash back at the stupidity trolls dish out and compare them to themselves. These days I don’t even bother replying to them. They want to troll my blog? Let them I say, I control the comments anyway, mostly spam being spread but on occasion I get one of those trolls I used to be annoyed with when I was at X-forum/Community and I either just erase their comment or ban them from my board.

Why give yourself a headache by dealing with them? As you said the hurtful verbiage, the jabs at your self-worth and self-esteem, it’s not warranted nor deserved so why deal with it? Nip the issue in the bud and remove the trolling, eventually those trolling with be done and move on and hopefully they will collectively grow at least one brain cell amongst themselves and realize what type of tripe based asshats they’ve become and since your place is more or less not the only place they have trolled/dare I say to a point cyber-bullied they’ve placed out there on the internet and that’s permanent to a degree for all the world to see.

I got so angry at those type of people and such that when I was wanting to start my own website for other purposes , I also opened up the forum side of it for those that are picked on trolled by and even cyber-bullied. Again I understand your rage, anger and angst at the trolls and cyber-bullies of the net and such but –we- are empowered to control the flow of hatred and either show them as the bullies and trolls that they are or starve them out and not to validate them period. I’ve had to go as far as banning, blocking emails and even doing an IP range Banning as well, eventually they gave up and ran off back to their community where most end up becoming the forum jester and they find out what means to have the shoe on their foot, but being too stupid to move on and go elsewhere.