End of Jan recap

Hey so, yeah, it’s been an odd 1st month for 2014. I had a double root canal; I was appointed the social media representative for the Ghostbusters fan group E.R.T – Experimental Research Team. It’s a global fan group where fans of the Ghostbusters Franchise setup outside the circle of the traditional Ghostbusters gear like the Proton Packs, The PKE Meters, and the Ectospectrum Analysis as well as the Spector Detector and Proton gun, and ecto-googles.

There are also new entries now being made to Tobin’s Spirit guide since new species of ectoplasmatic variations have been discovered and documented. So, we’ve reopened the fan page social media wise on FaceBook, Google Plus and Twitter. So if you are a fan? Come check us out!

We also do lots of volunteer work in the Salt Lake and Utah County areas. Zombie Prom, making sure the zombies and humans alike are Hydrated, apply 1st aid if needed, we also help out the local Salt Lake City Food Bank to help those in need. Last year at The 1st Salt Lake City Comicon we raised over 900+ dollars for the Zombie Prom’s Charity Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, there is also the rubber duck derby, we take part in the county haunted houses at various locations during the Halloween Season.

Back to topic, I also did what I set out to do for my wife’s Birthday this year. During last year as fore mentioned I went to the 1st Salt Lake Comicon. I got to go because I am a member of E.R.T and I jump in and try to help where I can when I can during events that the group is invited to. My wife didn’t get a chance to go and also missed an opportunity to meet some of the actors from Doctor Who, Walking Dead, BattleStar Galatica and Star trek and Star Wars as well as Adam West and Bruce Ward THE Original Batman and Robin.

SO I told her this year she would get to go it with us one way or another and I came thru on that with winning one pass to The Salt Lake City Comic con sponsored “FanXperince” in April where there is going to be plenty of Walking Dead cast and a plethora of actors and actresses from various Movies/Series that we all love and admire. I won that on Google Plus by helping spreading public relations and letting people know that it is an event not to be missed!

Also checked out a few animes I’ve been meaning to get around to watching and reviewing as well. Onto this month’s review, this boy can fight Aliens DVD; it’s from the Sentai Networks and the ComixWave Films Studio. This is indeed a BL (Boy love) inspired anime about a young boy named Kakashi, Another young boy who is on the Global Defense Staff and Kakashi’s Commander Shiro and how Kakashi is saving the world from Aliens by fighting them by himself everyday it seems, but his motivation seems to be wavering and starts to question himself as to why he’s doing it and who is it he’s actually saving?

This DVD also has three other film “shorts” that are on the BL side of things but do indeed have an emotional affect on you. If you enjoy BL (Yaio not Hentai or Ecchi) Manga and Anime, this is one for you and I give it 8.5 out of 10 for emotional reaction, decent voice acting cast and creative animation technique they used for these anime shorts. This including the voice talents of such voice actors like Chris Patton who voiced Natsu in Robotica Robotics.

That’s the subbed ver. You’ll have to ask your Library if they have it.

Been hearing there are some out there talking smack about me behind my back, I know this will get back to you and I really don’t care for it either. I won’t drop names just be aware I do still come by from time to time to see what the goings on are about and I do see assumptions being made. Bottom line is you need to get over yourselves and cont. on doing something constructive rather than debate on whether or not I have “infiltrated” as a sock into your community, not only has it got old, it shows how paranoidal you actually are of me. Leave me name outta your mouths and conversations, rumors are like asses everybody got em don’t need to flaunt them, plain and simple.

I mentioned to one the admins/moderators that I might want to active my account and roam the board, not as anyone else but just the same old name I’ve used for more than ten years. Then after consideration and also finding out the other admin had purged the spambots and any other actual real people out of the members activation cue that it would be rather pointless and just lead to more shit flinging and me getting angry at the usual perpetrators and change my password and walk off again in a huff with me giving you the single finger salute on the way out and rant about again for a number of months then get over it and moving on, so I just relied saying I’d rather not and just assume to not care as much but enough to keep tabs every so often.

Anyways, with that out there and congrats again to my friend #Brentlengel for his radio show may it reign for years to come? Controversy is always a key knowledge and power.
That’s it for me clean up after the 48th Super Bowl party.

Weekend posting

Well I’m toasted, seriously! Was at Cherry Hill up in Ogden, fun and forgot to put sunblock on my face and shoulders. So a bit burnt, but still kickin! Its hot out here in utah as well, its like 97 right now and this mornig at Cherry hill aprox 2:00 am 88 degrees “88” at night. I just checked my email and got one awesome report from sonicist and the mystery player. Here is the latest WIP he’s currently working on.



I think overall its coming out quite nicely. I can’t wait to see the armor gear for him next, it’s going to be sweet! We also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as well, and have to say that was not mickey mouse and the brooms were just a bit more better looking. I do like the fact that science was mixed in with this and a play on how tesla’s theories were also applied within the plot was well welcomed.

Despicable me was also a great movie as well, so much as I want to see it again personally, I even got my own lil minion buddy as well, to take out my light work when dealing with mobtards on FB Mobsters 2 Vendetta.


Got to have minions to help with the work right? This is my little guy. He’ll chew you up spit you out like a hairball and flush you with breaking a sweat off his goggles. So don;t mess with him I’m warning you.

What a Great week to be a Mobster!….Sarcasim FB MBV 2

Ok, so the shop called said my Copy of starcraft II should be there tomorrow (God willing). Still dealing with mobtards on Mobsters 2 Vendetta, especially a select sect from the TnA mob it seems. It wasn’t even their fight to begin with is what really chaffed my asscheeks raw. I mean seriously, the whole game is if you beat on someone expect to get beat back, but make sure it’s a respectable 1 vs. 1 battle right?

Wrong! Because, I had this fight with some woman Gin, Mobster name Tombstone Tyrant, now don’t get me wrong I was in the wrong because I chewed her out because of the 13x she hit me while I was at work not even at home. Tried to retaliate got heated even more because of the day I had and then to come home to enjoy my mobster time and see that? I became unhinged rallied out the gate and the get go and cussed her out a bit and tried to take back the cash her hits had taken. I failed, not because I wasn’t strong enough weapons wise but I had less staff on my side compared to her 1K+ staff.

BUT right afterwards I get some kid Smoking Ace on my ass icing me like I’m a cupcake at Easter time and its 3 minutes to midnight before Easter Sunday. Because well basically I was rude to him for being rude to me and disrespecting me by getting involved in my fight with Gin. Then his girlfriend, some rather childish person dubbed “Stiletto” comes in spewing crap ices me as well we exchange verbiage, and block each other and she’s been acting the offended party. Let’s get this fact straight shall we? Smoking ace, and Stiletto, Big al, and all your other little friends, should read the rules of the Terms of Service, yea it’s a game oh let me say that again it’s a g-a-m-e, you getting bent out because exchanged words? It wasn’t just me cussing at you, saying a bit of fouliness yourself on my profile a little too, so don’t claim you were w/o some charmin for that shitfest. I apologized to Ace, because it was wrong, I was angry, very much so, but had I been allowed to calm down I would have come back and apologized to him, because I let my anger level get the better of me.

As far Stiletto, no I don’t think so, she’s been rude, disagreeable, and OVERLY confrontational and dare I say maybe sensitive over being butthurt on an exchange of words? Its mobsters 2 Vendetta, not Mobbie High, you’re going to get that type of attitude on mobsters 2 vendetta from time to time. Had you not been such a raunch to me and -=you=- have do not deny it, I will post the entries up do not test me on this. Had you not been as rude as you have been, I would have said sorry to you as well. But as it stands your behavior in all of this has been that of a let’s say a 13yr old girl. My Oldest acts more mature than you have shown, and that’s saying a bit from me.

So, yes, I apologize to Gin, no hard feelings no more butthurtz, Ace, sorry for being a bit touchy and maybe even slightly an ass? But we all have our bad days from time to time. Other than that, this was my rant session from my blog, since it is funny I’m placing a comedy tag on it as well. Funny and yet sad at the same time I swear there was an age requirment for that game.


Well got home from work this morning from work to find out my 2nd PC is down for the count and its either going to be the mainboard or the PSU. So far it seems to be the PSU due to the fact that I can bypass the drives save for the hdd and it works then when you hit IE it crashes.

But then again this also started after dealing with some asshat names Jon Alto or otherwise known as Chili Palmer on MB2 Vendetta on Facebook of the AOD Mob started shit with me and after I retaliated he goes off on some hate spree so I blocked him. Then he starts posting and trying to start crap with me on other profiles. SO wtf am I supposed to do? But what I think is strange is the crap that started happening only started happening *AFTER* I had left the house for work yesterday.

The twink just doesn’t know when to stfu and just play the game properly or at least apologize for beating someone down for Xp. Its just proper game etiquette, just because the game can be barbaric at times does not mean you have to be a barbarian either. Most of the times it’s a show of maturity and that person will respect that and want to join up or extend a hand to have you join theirs.

Anyways, I have some upgrades here I can hopefully use to rebuild at least one machine and with the help of a buddy of mine I might be able to repair the 2nd unit too. I’ll be installing Windows 2k on a dell CPI finally tomorrow as well and getting that ready for my wife and her Girl Scout stuff. Besides being completely depressed and wanting to tear someone’s head I’ve never met off and using it for a soccer ball? Yea I’m fine…… NOT! I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK!

Where is the sense in Fair Play and Politeness to your fellow Gamer?

Ok, Mobster2 Vendetta, great game but as any game there are in fact several assholes per server it seems. The worst part about it is when you ask nicely, they act like total bollocks and need to have their Gulliver’s beaten in with a 2×4. What the hell is it with people acting like assholes in a game? Does it come right back and boil down to “it’s the internet, suck it up asshole” Where does the polite game play go these days? I mean in Mafia wars, there are polite people; they even wish to join after battling it out in good sportsmanship.

And I can see it like that as well. I do not tend to however add just anybody to my mob, MB2 wise or MF wise either. I have to get to know someone before allowing them into my squad of death merchants and kill counts. A few people said I should form up my own mod name/squad. So I did, secret forum within my site’s forum. But it is for FB Mobster2 Mob members. Time for me to head downstairs and start working on repairing bathroom fixtures.

Ok, so no work party for me.

Someone has to save the office right? Besides, small steak dinner, a drawing or two and then a band and drinking. Did I want to do all that? Naaaaaah, because thinking about this thru the week? My wife is allergic to wheat for one and two she’s diabetic on top of it, so the food variety would be somewhat limited on selection (yay another “salad”).

Anyways, HR came up and handed us all passes to Thanksgiving point and the lights before Christmas display which runs till the 3rd of Jan 2010. Which will be cool and I can take them after my brother in law heads back to Texas. Squall and I are reconnecting it seems and on a positive note as well. I think his Christmas gift should make it on time to be underneath the tree. I’m hoping he likes it, I asked 2 of his family members if he would? Signs show positive that makes me happy.

Heh, funny thing the other day I was cruising thru my friends list and when I hit phant’s I found C.D. Rhom’s FB and Mcclaud’s as well. I sent Mcclaud a “hi found you msg” but I don’t thing I’ll send anything to C.D. the pain still really hurts and even stings a little bit. I should get back to work. All blog and no work makes Mada-kun a bit off balance, then again when have I ever been stable? Oo; lulz…….

Facebook, Mobster2

Mobster2 is pretty fun regardless of what type of asshats there might be. But there are two particulars I’d like to point out on the Mobster2 Facebook app. Sup3r Hax0r and WC Lawson, both need to smacked down like redheaed spoiled stepchildren and placed in timeout corner. I mean really, one looks like they’re in thier mid 30’s and the other looks like some type of tween emo that needsa hug from a bin of razorblades.

Champions online is fun though! I and my friend robert from San diego are actualy reliving the glory days in this app. Its like they took the book brought out the most fun parts made some simple web mods to the codework and BAM Comic RPG Web Crack. Its good stuff, I’m already at lvl 22 and climbing but 1 glich, MORE players I need 2 more players! Phant doesn’t want to play because he says he doesn’t do browser games. What GAIA then? I swore it was a browser game more so than FB apps. Oh and Mim? DON’T -=eeeeeeveeen=- get me started on that rant again. I’m over it for now finally. But still singes my asscheeks from time to time, choosing a ^%$$!& Video Game over her friends!?! *Fiiiine* thats fine, people make mistakes all the time. However there will come a time where they make that mistake ahgain one more than is acceptable and BAM. done…. Anyways off to work I go! Caio !