Day after Christmas

Well, Happy Day after Christmas everyone.

So the wrapping paper stuffed in the recycle bin, leftovers from last night from lunch, wreaths wilting outside on the door with snow melting quickly down the road. I seriously need to get off my duff, and steam da carpet like I said I would for my wife, get the office straightened out and looking good again. Returns to the store while I was away and replacements made. A Daughter who knows her way around a console hard at work getting it ready for her and her sisters to do battle on.

A Car frozen this morning outside as well as inside, needing a good defrosting for like 10 minutes almost cost me my clock-in time. Still wanting to build that droid I wanted. Now though I think I will lean towards a Raspberry Pi and use python to code what I can and see if I can get a hand thru a friend or two that knows python as well. Especially since there are modules I can buy for what I need for the droid. Example is a 5 MP Camera Module built especially for R-Pi as a plugin module, same goes for the Wi-Fi module as well. Still need 2 to 3 more servo motors just to be safe.

The 12th Doctor is gone and we now have a 13th in his stead and does not remember how to operator his own TARDIS? Bollocks I say! And everyone is freaking out on how the Christmas special went, well Frak off! If you didn’t like it no one forced your eyes to watch it all either! I found the story line to be acceptable if not a bit quaint on how the doctor gets to age, how he passes on from this generation to the next regeneration btw, how do you drive this thing?  For those that are big #Starwars fans, Pete Mayhew AKA Chewbacca will be at SLC EVE for the New Year’s Eve Cosplay Party/Contest! Check it out on Facebook and see for yourselves.


  1. Galtrol · December 26, 2013

    Errr… that’s the twelfth is gone and now we have the thirteenth Doctor. And it is TARDIS, not Tardis. 😛

  2. Galtrol · December 31, 2013

    Well I have given it some thought, and I think I know the reasoning behind the John Hurt’s Doctor. It is because of Eccleston. His unwillingness to participate with the show made it difficult to do any story resolution of the Time War. With John Hurt, the Time War could get explained. The second reason is that Moffett also wanted to address the issue of the Doctor running out of regenerations. If he didn’t “burn” the last regenerations, he may not have a chance to as someone else may be running the show when that event happens.

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