Simple Entry Update

Hey-ohhhhh! Steve here and just going over the stuff that’s happened of the past few weeks/months/time?  Girl Scout cookie Booths have started we flew like warp speed with the sales only have a few boxes left as well, hopefully we’ll be done this weekend. Seems like Bruce and I will finally be starting back \up on trying to cobble togther a project and finish it as well to the end as a beta or even alpha for that matter.


Was able to purchase the Norman Reedus Photo Op for my wife before FanX back in Feb, just have to get the signature purchased and Christmas and Her Birthday are finally covered as well. Have to plan on trying to schedule some time off to fly to Tennesse and visit with my parents and brother, all of which have been having issues as of late.


I’m getting back to TF2 and screwing around with some of peeps I used to see on Towlie’s Smoke Shack TF2 Server. I might get back to drawing again, been lacking on inspiration and watching Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon seems to be getting the ole artistic side of my brain functioning again. Still arguing with Phantom, that, I don’t think will change.


I did however re-connect with #Dragonmun Heather was/is one of those cool webcomic artists you just seem to be able to get along with because she has one of those diverse personalities (If that makes sense?)  that people connect with her.  I’ve reached out to a few peeps that I used to associoate elsewhere are getting along and seems to have some of the same interests as well as tastes too.  I was able to renew my website’s domain registration as well.


Work? Yes, I am still working as a Voip Tech and I might also be switching to a Monday through Friday Shift same time as well, which would nice scheduling time off wise.