Weekend posting

Well I’m toasted, seriously! Was at Cherry Hill up in Ogden, fun and forgot to put sunblock on my face and shoulders. So a bit burnt, but still kickin! Its hot out here in utah as well, its like 97 right now and this mornig at Cherry hill aprox 2:00 am 88 degrees “88” at night. I just checked my email and got one awesome report from sonicist and the mystery player. Here is the latest WIP he’s currently working on.



I think overall its coming out quite nicely. I can’t wait to see the armor gear for him next, it’s going to be sweet! We also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as well, and have to say that was not mickey mouse and the brooms were just a bit more better looking. I do like the fact that science was mixed in with this and a play on how tesla’s theories were also applied within the plot was well welcomed.

Despicable me was also a great movie as well, so much as I want to see it again personally, I even got my own lil minion buddy as well, to take out my light work when dealing with mobtards on FB Mobsters 2 Vendetta.


Got to have minions to help with the work right? This is my little guy. He’ll chew you up spit you out like a hairball and flush you with breaking a sweat off his goggles. So don;t mess with him I’m warning you.

What a Great week to be a Mobster!….Sarcasim FB MBV 2

Ok, so the shop called said my Copy of starcraft II should be there tomorrow (God willing). Still dealing with mobtards on Mobsters 2 Vendetta, especially a select sect from the TnA mob it seems. It wasn’t even their fight to begin with is what really chaffed my asscheeks raw. I mean seriously, the whole game is if you beat on someone expect to get beat back, but make sure it’s a respectable 1 vs. 1 battle right?

Wrong! Because, I had this fight with some woman Gin, Mobster name Tombstone Tyrant, now don’t get me wrong I was in the wrong because I chewed her out because of the 13x she hit me while I was at work not even at home. Tried to retaliate got heated even more because of the day I had and then to come home to enjoy my mobster time and see that? I became unhinged rallied out the gate and the get go and cussed her out a bit and tried to take back the cash her hits had taken. I failed, not because I wasn’t strong enough weapons wise but I had less staff on my side compared to her 1K+ staff.

BUT right afterwards I get some kid Smoking Ace on my ass icing me like I’m a cupcake at Easter time and its 3 minutes to midnight before Easter Sunday. Because well basically I was rude to him for being rude to me and disrespecting me by getting involved in my fight with Gin. Then his girlfriend, some rather childish person dubbed “Stiletto” comes in spewing crap ices me as well we exchange verbiage, and block each other and she’s been acting the offended party. Let’s get this fact straight shall we? Smoking ace, and Stiletto, Big al, and all your other little friends, should read the rules of the Terms of Service, yea it’s a game oh let me say that again it’s a g-a-m-e, you getting bent out because exchanged words? It wasn’t just me cussing at you, saying a bit of fouliness yourself on my profile a little too, so don’t claim you were w/o some charmin for that shitfest. I apologized to Ace, because it was wrong, I was angry, very much so, but had I been allowed to calm down I would have come back and apologized to him, because I let my anger level get the better of me.

As far Stiletto, no I don’t think so, she’s been rude, disagreeable, and OVERLY confrontational and dare I say maybe sensitive over being butthurt on an exchange of words? Its mobsters 2 Vendetta, not Mobbie High, you’re going to get that type of attitude on mobsters 2 vendetta from time to time. Had you not been such a raunch to me and -=you=- have do not deny it, I will post the entries up do not test me on this. Had you not been as rude as you have been, I would have said sorry to you as well. But as it stands your behavior in all of this has been that of a let’s say a 13yr old girl. My Oldest acts more mature than you have shown, and that’s saying a bit from me.

So, yes, I apologize to Gin, no hard feelings no more butthurtz, Ace, sorry for being a bit touchy and maybe even slightly an ass? But we all have our bad days from time to time. Other than that, this was my rant session from my blog, since it is funny I’m placing a comedy tag on it as well. Funny and yet sad at the same time I swear there was an age requirment for that game.

Starcraft II is indeed mine!!

Last night the release aftermath was cool enough but left me saddened as I had nothing to pay for my copy. I left empty handed, ashamed and disappointed in myself for not saving up the cash I needed. BUT LO! This morning’s Sun shined in and revealed the glory of the Space Marines! A Msg from PcLaptops was on my FB communicator saying I had won that which was unreachable! I now wait for the call to let me know I can fire up the transport for pickup and head back to base. I AM A HAPPY TERRAN! NOW Where Dem Zergz!?!

Game update and other unrelated subjects

Hi, how goes? Just got off work, heading home as I set this to post after I left work. But me and bruce and allen have been discussing things bouncing ideas off each other and going thru story scenrios and checking gear. I also found after cleaning thru old game cds/dvd spools some backs ups with some concepts yet again and some of the unfinished weapons darren and I had been discussing on using. Now that I’ve found them we can bring them into UDK itself now. Bruce noticed some “major” errors with some the UV topopology and showed us how much better the UV can be.

So looks like he’s going to be in 7th Heaven for the next few weeks re working the UV layouts and the WIP and Lost weapons pack. He wants to repair and finish up one or two models that were either left unfinished or never got finished because the hardware was lost. To be honest, I’m seriously one lucky guy to make friends with such a talented bloke, and not only that but to find out that one of my mapping modelers has been friends with him since childhood. ^^; Anyways, I’m about to head to Gamestop with the Starcraft II Release party just after work instead so I can maybe get a chance to win a copy of SC II SQUEE!

Guess the player pack for UT2004?

Can anyone guess who this is? Sonicst has been very hard at work on this and have to say turning out quite splendid.

But seriously, I’m just wondering how many out there can guess who the actual character is though? Anyone give a guess or two?
There will be a set of unique voice packs as well the Voice over actors/actresses will not be revealed till the release of the pack but I think people will be midly suprised and please with the work and effort going into this.

Other news, Allen has got the onramps and offramps done and bruce has been kind enough to uvlayout and texture them. Joseph has some issues he’s dealing with on the real side of the net, so we’re just waiting on him to get things taken care of there. In teh meantime we’re discovovering how to increase the Skydome and apply a progresssitional skybox to add to the enhancement to the overall enviroment. Overall I think its going to come out quite nicely once done.


That’s right seems nerd rage breaks out at comicon during a discussion panel involving harrison ford. Seems one male got up and started to pummel the offending party and one had recieved a stabbing wound to the face. Just goes to show you the factions on Han Solo VS Indiana Jones are still quite alive and kickin Fight Article here !

In other news we got a smal project underway. Can anyone identify the following character WIP?

Guess Who

We will be updating as we go along on this project as we go. This character is being brought to you by sonicist inc. modeling characters for over a decade! if things go well, you’ll be seeing even more cooler designs by sonicist and the rest of our team. Here’s to you malibu! 😉

Game/Journal Update

Ok so, long time no post? I’ve been busy with the family and work and team and school and visiting relatives from out of state. On with the updates, I made a bad mistake with the Yellow Jacket. I didn’t notice but the Yoke and gear box position needed to be retooled and now Chris is backlogged on having to make the corrections. Bruce will more or less need to redo the UV as well afterwards, crud. However, Paul has got nene pretty much finished, and we just need to send Leon and her to Michael for rigging. Bruce and I were discussing an old idea I had for the community anime fans out there and he likes it and has started off work on it already. No spoilers, but will say it will be a welcome set for those that do use the anime characters in dm and team death match. We also made the move from Moddb.com to IndieDB.com and had the project imported over there as well, thanks IndieDB and staff, you guys rock! Tomorrow is preview night for comicon 40. It’s the 40th one, Milestone 4 and I again do not get to go! FU**!!! FU** FU**!!! Especially with Tron being the theme this year and maybe even a hand on testing of tron evolution as well being at hand to test play! ARGH!

*Calm down calm down bro…..* I have been assured by a friend that swag is to be saved and even sent to me since I can’t be there personally to bask and enjoy the radiance that is comicon but the fact that it’s the 40th comicon. I wanted to be there at the 30th but my oldest was still only 6 years old not old enough to go with dad to the convention now at 16 she’s old enough, but we just lack the funds and the vacation time to do so. 50th mile stone however (if I live that long.) will be ours! And I will be able ad that to the small list of feats I have been able to do in my life. Hardware wise the old 15 in. LCD has about given up the ghost image; I was able to find two replacements for the family pc a nice 17 in. Gateway LCD free from a friend I knew on craigslist and said she’s pull it from the site and have me come get it. The other LCD monitor is my 22 in. Samsung SyncMaster 213T with rotational screen. It really handles games and editors much better as well. I’m attempting to code one the weapons we’re planning to use in the game and it’s an uphill battle but all battles are uphill. I am also having to change my eating habits again, somehow I slipped and gained 15 lbs back, how not sure but I have try to figure out what it is that is making me gain it. This will be another obstacle to deal and lock horns with I guess? Oh Harry Potter world is next year on our agenda as well so that should be really cool too! We’re in the middle of planning it out arranging the timeframe and such OMG have to run, have to get the oldest from summer school! BBL