Just studying and cleanin and shopping

Pretty boring day otherwise. Just did the dishes, kids forget homework at the house had to run to the school for that. Went shopping for some last item christmas shopping as well. Returned some Books and dvds to the library.

Came home did some laundry, did the FB think iced/smacked a few n00bs in Mobster2 and Mafia Wars lvl’ed up a bit. Cleaned the bathrooms and picked up here and there a bit. Hid Christmas presents somewhere other than the house. Answered an ad on The free stuf section of craigslist for a free mini fridge, hopefully its not one of those scam mails. One can hope.

Anyways, going to work ttyl.

I came across a very cool fan made harlock video.

I was surfing Y/T and came across this video. Reminded me of Flash Gordon and Sky Captain and The world of tommarow. The editting was well done for a fan based/made promo clip the CG work was good, not Lucas Quality but very well done regardless. So I have to say this was a cool vid, being an avid Harlock fan.

Well back to work.

Yup its the weekend and I get to go back to work which is where I am at the moment. just less than 2 hrs left. Does anyone know what they want for christmas yet? Me, I’d like to get Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare II, but will I get it? Probablly not. I’ll probablly get stuck with clothes. Although I do want to get my wife something I know she is in need of and desperately wishes to replace.

SO, I’m searching the benfits my work has for that type of service and see if my perks out balance her work’s perks as far as discounts go. Either case I think she’ll be happy with the choices we’ll discuss when we sit down and do all the paperwork that will take an hour or two to do. Anyways, LAST Break is over and back to the grinding wheel for me.

Black Friday

*Yawn* Morning everyone! A Great day indeed! Although still no snow for which I am glad, means I can go outside today or tommarow and rake em up. Its lazy friday for me, and time for WAFFLES! yes dad to the rescue with emergency power waffle ranger to the launch pad! After 12 Waffles and a stick of butter and 1/2 a bottle of syrup that will satisfy any child’s hunger in my book!

Cleaning the house up and getting these dishs cleaned up are going to be a pain but will have to be done. Oh and I have to get my own christmas shopping done soon as well. I didn’t want to drag the kids with me at 3:00 am in the morning and hassle thru the crowds and such. So I may just shop on line and deal with the shipping that way. Plus I *forgot* to send my father his birthday present OMG I am a terrible son……. 😦 I r da suck.


Wow, what a spread that was. 20 Lbs Turkey, Homemade Whipped potatoes, Cranberry Sauce and homemade cranberries. Stuffing, home made turkey gravy, a wonderous salad, jello carrots jubilee. Then homemade pumpkin pie for dessert with cool whip. I’m stuffed. So stuffed its hard for me just to sit here and type. Needless to say I’m going to bed black friday or not, I’m sleeping in till 8.** am. Nite everyone


I go outside after raking all those &&^$ Leaves in the backyard? BAM! Windstorm overnight and ruins all that work. So now I have to get back there before the big storm thats supposed to hit us and get those leaves up and removed. Oh and I still have move the table to the front room before the moring tommarow for thanksgiving dinner.

UDK Update

Trying to learn how to do a smal normal map for testing purposes for 1 vehicle and 2 player models and 2 weapons with two ammo placments and two spawn points. EPIC FAIL! >_<; oh and GOD FORBID anyone lend a fu**ing hand! Frustration is so much fun. …….NOT!

But it has to be done, If we are to realize our vision of a gaming studio? We need to buckle down and do the math, no matter how hard it can be. MUST try to strive to learn how to get the code to work properly. Distributing the existing assests among the team and some of the NEW concept designs I've been playing with and some of the vehicles I've had in mind.

So far everyone is on board and may even have some new members as well. My hope is a fellow forum member named Phoenixwing from BuF comes onboard as well. His skills as a coder are remarkable, and he'd be a true assest to the team. That and I could learn a few things from him as well.

Off topic I walked out this morning after work at midnight and drove home at that same intersection I kid you not was a buck with a 3.5 Antler spread on the corner. I went across slowly enough so not to spook him but quick enough I could hit the gas to avoid him too. but as soon as I crossed thru he just strolled across the street as the walk like came on. One of those odd moments again.


My head is going to explode! HOW to people do this! man I though studying Mastering Unreal Technology wasok, but OMG there are SO many variables and subtractives and parameters and such. I understand why some of my friends get so cranky when discussing shop and some of these gaming sessions they have downtown everyonce and awhile.

Snow was hell, 11:30 pm and the parking lot iced better than most donuts I like. Anyways, dorve home pulled up to 700 W and thank god that was nota police officer there. It was so icy I stopped a little slower than usual and still went across the intersection like nothing fishtailed a teeny bit but staighten it out after clearing the intersection. MAN that was just nuts.

Raking and snow???? OH NOES! I wanna place some groove in my shoes

Had to get outside and at least try to get the backyard completed before this huge storm comes in tonight. Looks like it too. So I’m out and in for the past few hours. But nothing really motivating me till Casper of all things and Same Song by Digital Underground was playin.

Upstairs I dashed and pulled out my musical stash and got that ole groove going. Out the yard in a flash garbed in my Gardening and Yardwork Sash, a rake did fly and leaves dashed to the sky to fall into the can I got from stan. Anyways, time to head to work. TTYL