Friday the 13th and a bunch of stuff to complain about.

Hey what’s up peeps?

It’s just me again posting up some of the generals of whats been going on here. Been lamenting about not being able to get Fallout 4, and feeling envy and anger because of it. I gave a quad-core to a fellow coworker and friend for his 3D printer and for my contribution I will be getting a pipboy3k and either Glados in the form of a Lamp project or a AER9 Laser Rifle I think the rifle may be the better way to go since the Glados prop is like 2,5 Kg of filament.

It came to my attention here on Friday Nov. 13th that a friend of mine is being lambasted for his beliefs and sharing them for discussion. This also brought up thread on Buddhism where there were some light flaming/trolling but also serious replies adding to the discussion and then the site admin closes and locks it saying things such as “I didn’t do anything about the rampant garbage posts that eventually lead to everyone leaving.” Well had you been doing your Duty as Site Admin and Moderator and had your team doing their share “MAYBE” and I use that term loosely , that your site/community based from a “webcomic” that died over like roughly 12/14 years ago wouldn’t be so full of shit and sadness.

Sometimes you just have to let something pass and die and bury it with dignity instead of dragging out over a period of years in hopes that the creator of said “webcomic” decides to create a new one and re-register the originating website domain, which pretty much not going to happen from what I’ve seen and heard over the years. Clanbob has become a site occupied mostly by bullies and should just disappear, I won’t say they are on par with GamersGate because that would give them too much credit. This site has gone through I think 5 incarnations and each one has died mostly a sad death each one sadder as it goes along. I will leave this with “DIE CLANBOB DIE” ! 😀

Other than that, I am also updating my Genshiken Nidiame Manga library, and awaiting the premier of Accel World Infinity Burst for the next Quarter on the Anime Season. I’m also researching on how to repair this R2 unit I bought last year online, it’s got to be something simple. I’m learning how to manipulate Rainmeter skins to how I’d like the computer to react, and also back to teaching the voice command software to learn and detect my voice and obey the commands I give it. A Steam Friend and Co-Worker got me Portal 2 for my account the other day! Yay me and thanks to my friend for getting that, it was very cool of him, now I just have to start some coop fun with it. Also started a few weapon prop projects with a few fellow cosplay buds as well, but they’ve been in it longer than I have and they’re slightly younger as well save for one to three of us. The makeshift paint booth is still up and sturdy and hasn’t had to be replaced yet as well which is good.

Work is fine, it’s paying bills and medical expenses. I wished I was working 8 to 5 or 9 to 6 with Saturday and Sunday off like I was supposed to, but I have to take what I can for my family. Hopefully things will fall back into line and I will be able to get the 8 to 5 shift with Saturday and Sunday off and be able to be around my family more again. For now I’m done and back to work for me. Be well readers and my fellow WP bloggers. Next entry will be just after Thanksgiving I think.

Happy 4th year of Blogging


Has it been 4 years since 10-13-2010, I left clanbob, and started on this Blog just a few months before hand after realizing livejournal was just a pain in the ass. Got to say I’m surprised it’s been that long. Hell what was I doing back then? I was by then working for the IP Department of the local cable company and discovered one the Ex-ElderBOB Mechazilla worked at the same company, different department.

Don’t know if he’s still working there or not since the nationwide layoffs there were in effect roughly just over 2 years ago. Man, time does fly after all. Since then, started Jade Phoenix, my own little notch in the internet vastness, and even though it hasn’t had much updating news wise? It’s still mine to admin and tweak, and continues to learn off of as well.

I’ve also haven’t done much artwork either on my DA account, not that I’ve given up. There just hasn’t been much to inspire my artistic flame as of late. I cut ties with a lot of people I just couldn’t get along with or just wouldn’t be honest with me and just talk. jason was one that I have no problem dropping as a friend. He always said I took the internet as serious business -all the time- and would talk about me behind my back or when I wasn’t around. We call those “fair weather” friends and I just have no tolorance for that type of person. Amanda, well like I said in my last entry, I pretty much screwed that up myself, and at the same time though she couldn’t be honest with me and let me know she was having issues and also had some personal matters to contend with. Would that have been so hard?

I guess but with the people I normally deal with I’ve just got tired of al the stupidity. IS it so hard to try to keepng with, no arguments, no hatefulness, no trolling, no bullying, just talking and trying to see each other’s side of the fence? I’m not saying everything was their fault either. I’m not perfect, never laid claim to that type of asshattery, but then again what led me and them down those particular paths? Just maybe growing apart, finding different interests, just tired of each other?

I’ve got more into reading again as well, manga mostly. I still however have the inclination to pick up a paperback, or a tech manual and read up on some things that I may not know or have some inkling knowledge of. I picked up WordPress 3 The Cookbook to learn a bit more on how the layouts and designs work, I might even attempt to tweak this journal as well.

My friend Bev, she’s been busy as well. For as long as I’ve known her she’s been working on getting her characters and universe up and off the ground and getting published. Guess what? She did, she’s got her book and is going on tour soon. I’m pretty envious and yet proud of her because she was able to do what she wanted to do with her life. It took her a few years, but then again what ideas don’t take a few years or even a decade or two to become realities? It’s my hope that with then next 4 years I’ll have my pet project at least in beta stage and being play tested. Anyways, Happy 4th year Birthday My WP Blog, happy birthday such as it is.

Even after *Ponders* 3 years now? Still Mad at her…….

My Truth anyway......What don't look at me that way, you know it true.

My Truth anyway……What????? don’t look at me that way, you know it true.

Although I am still mad at her, I would like to point out “she” was not the negative one at all. Quite the contrary she let others slightly dictate and troll her online life experince as I observed it through my interactions with her.
I would hope she would realize this and make a definite change by letting go of said community. But that’s not happening anytime fast. Which is sad, because I think she’d take up her pen and sketchbook up again and get back to her art while being a mother and being a semi-successful career woman as well. I can’t talk to her because all it would now is go in one ear and out there and who knows, she might even laugh at what I’m typing up this very minute. Oh that’s right those people consider it lurking instead of just looking at the board for a few seconds and then moving on, (Rolling eyes in a sarcastic manner.)

I don’t know, I guess I never will either? I know a flew off the handle a bit when I had enough of the crap she was receiving as well as the bad mouth trolling over me since I no longer was there. I wanted to blow off steam and get my frustrations out and talk with her about and I was ignored for whatever reason, I was ignored. I found out a little bit later she had stood up for me in the thread. I know I screwed the friendship up but regardless, it doesn’t change how I feel about the situation regarding her and me, and the way she was/is treated there. It’s like she likes the negative output, and semi trolling and the harassment.

I told her and others a few years ago it would be best to leave the place as I did and to not look back unless someone mentions otherwise. Personally I feel better for leaving the place, the trolling and the hate, yes I will say hate it was felt and expressed, so I left before anything else came of it. Now looking back and talking with a few others that left for similar reasons like mine I wasn’t the only one that felt that’s how the others treated them. OH and don’t you dare say grow some thicker skin? Fuck that noise if I grew anymore thicker skin I’d be considered a internet Mastodon. No, why can’t they change, why can’t they be a bit more polite or think skinned as it were to quote one of their own. That would be a bit harder for them because that would take too much of an effort.

You know what burns my asscheeks? is she said and I quote “My hope is that my daughter is better at life than I am. Maybe she will learn something positive from her mother’s negative example.” What type of shit is that? She’s had some issues in the past, but who doesn’t? I wish I could say to her she’s doing a great job with what she has to work with, and even more so now that she has someone else she has to look out for now as well. I’ll wish her luck with the whole single mom thing and I hope the dick that got got her that way helps pay the child support that bundle of life deserves, and takes some small amount of responsibility for his actions, the ass.

Another Rant in regards to “That person” we do not really like to talk about.

Ok, looks like this will be yet another rant/complaint post. Yes, it is about the same person we usually discuss “phantomgrift”, yet again and with the same mostly the same subject. Why? Have no idea but bottom line is I may have to just go back on my word and remove him from the forums as well. Yes, I know you’ve all told me I should I just ban him and be done with it, and for the most part I have, no more emails, he can’t contact me on FB or MS or even WP  (Or at least I think) He doesn’t know my cell phone (Thank god for unlisted). Even people at CB have started to think he has some unhealthy obsession with me.

It’s like he has to go out of his way to troll someone he thinks he’s superior over so his self-inflated ego can be slated. I left a forum because of his and a few others stupidity, and when I came back, I was profusely removed with nothing more than a reach around and coupon for a whopper on the nightstand. But I left and yes there entries here to that as well. But this is about someone who threw a bitch fit because I added an entry in on their move to somewhere after the fact had happened and at the time we were barely on speaking terms. I made comment to him in regards to a situation at the time and he went off on some tangent and it wasn’t like the person we we’re speaking about liked me in the first place anyways, but I had some concern on the matter. He didn’t like it so he removed the FB entries, and this wasn’t the first time both he had done this and I was through with it. I was furious, stick a fork in me I’m done type of anger.

I disconnected all ties as of April 4 2011  I thought from there with regards to him and his.  He didn’t give up in fact he ran to the community we shared a mutual interest in and posted all types of shit and some of it was altered as well to make me look like some creepy stalker which was a new low added to the list. People told me to let it go just let it lie, well how can I let it lie if this retard refuses to get the take the hint to go away. Now his excuse is I posted something AWFUL and completely out of context on his wife’s post on Facebook on may 26th 2012 I had seen through a mutual contact. Well, I really don’t think that, it was that much of a big deal, and yes I will be rehashing this, which “I disagree with memorial day being an excuse for BBQ’ing and being lazy”, that’s what I said in reply to her post.

Later on in the day it still bugged me and I decided to post it on my own Facebook profile not mentioning her by name, profile or even any tags she has elsewhere, yet later on that day I got a few emails from Phantomgrift lambasting I was stalking them again ALL over again, not that I simply replied to a post his wife made, which personally I could have left alone, but I didn’t agree and voiced it, my bad. BUT it didn’t stop there he went out and googled my wife’s name and found information that should not have been even looked at nor brought up and personally? I’d have done everything in fiber to cripple him with what was shown. I will not discuss it, it’s nobody’s business and if we ever meet in reality he best walk the other way, because he’ll be wishing he never found the information he found regardless of possibly easy it was to find, it wasn’t his to find mention or know of and I can personally say I hate the fact he breathes the same air I do.

So, now I have him over at JP posting and more or less for trolling purposes, and he does this for kicks, he’s on duty detail and I know how boring it can be but I’m sorry googling people for the intent to try to find a subject to troll is not only sad but creepy. You’ll excuse me if I have serious personal issues with this person, but knowing the surface of the cause do you blame me? I know no one but Phantomgrift will reply back to this but I wanted to put it out here because I wanted people to know what type of person this guy is in my opinion. Trish Ledoux referred me to this article and I have to say its about 99.8 % correct to the letter.

Oh my my, Burgers and Fries what I stumbled upon?

Well, I have to comment on this one. I just found out that someone I considered at some remote level an Arch of mine has come to blows with another arch and comparing them to me! (LOL) Yes, it is that same old loveable scamp Phantomgrift and my old arch-nemesis Rip (Real Names withheld for common reasoning).

Now before he (phant) comes running over here *again* to accuse and point the finger Justice saying I’m lurking, no in fact someone just pointed out that I was mentioned as a comparison to you with your current meandering at the community we used to mutually commune at. Funny how you’re the new “me” huh? I knew that it would happen and I even said it at one point before I left the place.

This is a just an odd turn of events. You get trolled because I’m no longer there. I read through some of the posts where you shall we say debated and just wow, all I can do is face palm and shake my head and just say remember not to feed the trolls, you know how hungry they can get. No worries, I won’t link the posts. Though again, have to say it was pretty funny to hear you become the new “leon”.


Oh don’t hate me cause I’m just

around at this point. LOL!

UGH ARGH AND People can be so stupid….RAGE/RANT

Ok, so I had a falling out with Lestat last night, he’s decided to go his way and I with mine. Why did this happen let’s just say that my choices in life differ than his? He wants to do things his way; he’s almost never wrong, (Which is wrong in itself.) others are to blame for some of his own short comings he created for himself. He could have been married with kids by now had he not fucked himself out a great relationship he had with someone we both knew mutually on good terms, but he fucked his relationship with her by overanalyzing almost everything she did that didn’t include him.

She couldn’t have male friends because he thought she might be cheating on him. He was overprotective, to the point of overbearing. His behavior was/is worse than my own at times (That’s saying a lot). I try to show him what path he should attempt to take for recovery and I was spat at in the face of our friendship. It’s just like with Phant, but with him it was trust issues and leaking our private conversations about a certain person to that very person. Tell me am I supposed to trust THAT person as well? I don’t think so…..

And another thing that pisses me off, when you try to talk to someone and they blatantly ignore you, not that they even give you a reason. No, this person just flat out refuses to talk. That’s rude straight out. At least I will give a person a reason of why I am ignoring them, and the reasons thereof. Point of example one “Phantomgrift” name withheld because I can be respectful enough to refrain from using a person’s real name lest it be able to be googled and used against said person in any type of instance. He’s basically burnt his bridge awhile back, his trust with me was busted when he gave out a private conversation about someone he knew I didn’t like and considered as an Internet troll, but that didn’t stop him from sharing that information with said troll and even twisting it around about on top of it.

All that for a laugh and a giggle. Part of the reason I removed him from my facebook, was the fact he removed posts that he thought his wife, one who doesn’t like much anyways and wondered why her husband was giving me the time of day anyway? Would find offensive after finding out thru a 3rd part fellow Facebook member and friend circle that his orders were cut and they had gone to Japan 2 months after the big incident that happened, and with things the way they were (Which I will not go into details with LEST I accused of STALKING them again) over there, I had stated simply that maybe it was in the best interest that maybe he and his wife hold back due to the event that were already in place for fear of her health and wellbeing.

He removed them several times and I got tired of it and removed him from my FB where as he promptly ran to the community we both “used” to freq at one point and time and decided to profusely mention me by name and belittle and ridicule me with no way as to defend myself either since I had been banned for whatever reason the administration at the time had concocted to justify it. As per usual of said community they had a good time ripping on me and my good name, ergo another notch on the way I do ignore Phant and his replies and such upon anywhere I go and see him attempting to get me to talk to him in some manner. And well to Coin a phrase Mordecai used recently with a twist, “Sure Jason I trust you, “OH” but wait, now I’m taking back that trust I told you could have and just throwing it away”.

He’s kept coming to the blog for a bit and I’m just ignoring him for the sake I just don’t care for his antics anymore and I find it rather odd and slightly annoying that he says he “googled” me because he was bored at work. He googles for people while he’s on Deck duty? He’s so bored that he can’t just Facebook or MySpace the time? I could find TONS of other stuff while I was on CQ Duty – The basic equivalent of Deck duty, rather than googling peeps I know. But seems my bud lestat, and Phant have taken a liking to each other, even against my advice to Lestat was not to feed a troll. I replied to lestat and I’ll even try to keep his leash tightened, but at times he draws trolls nearby, that’s when the leash gets tightened. I even banned phant from coming there after he registered but after the move and the re-establishment of the database his account was unbanned as well as a few others I placed on lock down, but I allowed his to remain unbanned in case he wishes to try to troll there or pull some type of internet shenanigans.

OH But lets not forget our other personality either don’t want her left out now do we? Isn’t that right A/V ? I’d rather spend time with the kids to playing TF2 or STALKER or hell even trying out a few MMO’s together again. This brings me to another point of order that burns my ass cheeks. Fair weather friends and Gamers, what type of lame ass excuse is “I don’t want to re-download steam and use my account to re-download my games because there are people I don’t want to talk to anymore. Hell if that was the case I’d have lost a lot of friends by leaving a community and just blocking everyone and anyone from said place.

But this is someone who has games DLM games that just need to be re downloaded is all. But because they have people on their steam list they no longer want anything to do with, they don’t want to play anymore. That just plain pisses me off because one, “I” liked playing with said person, it was fun to run thru the map and flame the hell out of the crew whilst Ms. Mimiiru mows them down with the mini-gun. Has several games thru steam and only reason Ms. Mimiiru doesn’t re install and take the plunge is because there is ass-hattery upon Ms. Mimiiru’s friend list, ergo makes me wonder why doesn’t Ms. Mimiiru just edit said list and NOT have said ass-hattery upon yon friend list?

I think it’s just Ms. Mimiiru way of saying piss off dude; I’m tired of gaming AND with you in general w/o having to say it out right. Which to me is a cope out and one the worst things you could pull on me. I really lose faith in humans when they pull crap stunts like that. It shows how distrustful we are as a species. Ms. Mimiiru is one of those examples of being wishy washy, and un-decisive about what Ms. Mimiiru wants to do with their life.

Shown specific sites Ms. Mimiiru has registered with and doesn’t want to be bothered with wanting to update them even though it might generate traffic for said web comic they and their flat mate do as a team. Let’s not forget the YUKU page they created back in 2003 that is still untouched since the days of old. I guess I’m just not friend fun enough to game with or to engage in conversation with anymore is my guess. If that’s the case, fine I can accept that and go on. It’s was one of the more reasons not to bother keeping the LJ anymore as well as others too. Also I took that extra step and extend the hand out to join my forum as well.

Nay, I did and it was “politely” slapped away and Ms. Mimiiru Left to go be abused, more verbally as well as emotionally, because believe it or not every time you intentionally go out of your way to insult, ridicule and outright belittle someone you are in fact emotionally bitch slapping them regardless of how whether its verbal or if you had walked up and slugged them in the head with a 2×4. It’s just as hurtful and just as much an injury just on a different level. Nowadays she’s not on anywhere, her DA? Dead, LJ probably hasn’t had an entry in over a few months, CB don’t know, don’t care. Tried to talk to her to resolve this shitfest and was ignored, YOU WANT BE A HIKIOMORI!?! (ひきこもり 引き籠もり, FINE! It’s your life if you want to be some social outcast? BE ONE YOU’RE SO GOOD AT IT! *RAGE*. I’m through with my rant for now….

Its tuesday for me and we have snow! ARGH!

That’s right, I purposely steamcleaned the inside of the saturn, and scrubbed some of the seats and removed and cleaned the mats as well with the steamcleaner. Why you ask? Because tommarow I take the uplander in for a Oil change rotation and Safety/Emission done in one shot in the morning. Oh and I apologize, Phantomgrift left today not yesterday, saw this elsewhere so had to make the update and the apology.

Thinking about getting this AMD PIC for the kids, 40$ the guy is asking for it. if I can sell the TV card and the Sound Blaster I can get it, let the kids use that for the internet and thier homework and I can rebuild the other machine at a later time. Still wating for my upgrades to arrive even though it may be another 2 days. Its the waiting that eats at you. I don;t even know if anyone is even reading this stuff. I know Phant did just so he could keep tabs on me, but with him gone that’s no longer a possiblity.

Sent paul this last night to see if he can build off this concept sheet.

I want to be able to push his abilities, hone that character modeler strength into him. He’s ok, but he can be better, I see it in his work, he just needs to apply himself more and open himself more to different techniques and styles and even test his ability with other programs like Adobe PS/Gimp/Z-brush. I want to see him advance in life.

My Monday and just wow.

Ok, day so far has been ok I guess? Our daugther went to her baskeball team’s end of season party, I was able to get maybe 85% of the kitchen cleaned, washed some laundry. My wife and other daugther left to do power walking this morning did the grocery shopping and came home. Our oldest just sat on the couch like a lump and played rune factory for 4 hrs. Yea, 4 hours long.

Wife gets back I take the two out for the party drop # 1 off then pizza for #2 get pizza then car wash because the car needed it and she wanted to drive thru it with dad. Got home and then attempted to boot into the laptop to install and run belarc to get the cdl code for that install of Xp. I’ll rebuild with that cdl on the new pc when the upgrades DO finally showup this week. Also trying to sell off some of my hardware to get a AMD PIC for the kids to play and homework on.

Oh and yea, Phantogrift is now on a plane to go Guantanamo Bay for a year, I’m sure the bobs are going to miss him something fierce. My condoelnces go to his wife, I know to some degree the stress that they will go thru on this period of thier lives. The payoff however will indeed be worth it when he returns I am sure. It’s jst going to be playing the waiting game for that 1 year period that’s going to be well, interesting. But I am sure she’s with friends and family and that they will be a major help and support line as well. Anyways, back to work.

Shadowmimiiru and her RPG world.

Mim Fellow anime/manga reader and watcher decided to build an RPG using RPGMaker XP. I’m basically just doing to PR work for her, why do you ask? Because even though she belongs to a community I rather have a running nasty history with? I don’t associate or lump her in with them, but I can see the hard work and effort she’s put into this and I’m just doing my part for it.

Links to the game itself should be forthcoming once completed as one full and compiled game.  This will prove to be quite interesting coming from personal knowledge about the cast and such.  Well, here you go kiddo………..