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The weekend is over and back to the work week for everyone else but today is my Wednesday. This morning started off ok, ran some quick errands for the family and such, came home and grabbed a mid morning brunch get some laundry started and linen changed. Installed prey finally and got the updates for it. I will be installing MoH Airborne and Pacific Assault as well after I get home for work tonight, but also decided to start carpool with one of my co workers. Which is a big help for him since getting from trax to the office is a bit hectic at that time of day with the traffic in that area.

I found out today that one of those few site I used to freq as a forumite is also added to the places that were. Battleforums is gone to that database in the sky. I only found out by attempting a drive by lurking and ended up at godaddy instead. I almost called and asked them to add it to my account for giggles for a year, but thought better of it as to let those that actually called it home? This would give them a chance to renew their domain. I mean just because a majority of the populace there were basically rude to me and that someone I thought I could trust stabbed me in the back twisted and busted the blade off btw the spinal column doesn’t mean I have to be dick and lower myself to that level. I’ll wish well for them and hope their community comes back online for them.

If not, then it will be the end of an era for those that called it home. As it stands I only talk with maybe only 7 from there as it is now days as well for various reasons. I guess it was rather silly it wish them ill will but with the way I was treated I don’t think I can agree with some of those that would say “ deserve all the trolling we could mustered upon you.” I don’t think anyone should really be trolled for malicious purposes or intent. There will always be trolling but I think personally people need to know where the limit is or at least have the common sense to realize, “Oh shit maybe I should stop now?”

That’s where a lot of problems become bigger problems and end up with some very “bad” end results. I’ve a small amount of trolling myself but only in defense and only when truly deserved and where there was no other recourse than to strike back fangs bared no matter how stupid it may be. Honestly tolerance is what needs to stressed is what I guess I am getting at because there just isn’t enough of it in the world as it is. If there was would the world be as fucked up as it now if we were a bit more tolerant with ourselves and well with other?

The week’s end.

Let’s see what did I do this week? Got the lawn mower in the shop, helped get the family just that little bit more squared away. Moved the TV back to the family room and help setup the cables as they were before. Took the twins to their Girl Scout Earth day Event and planted a cute Quaker Aspen up in the Draper today as well. They both were awarded with the other Girl scouts and they earned a Green Earth patch for it as well.

Adam came by and dropped up the other 1.5 gigs of ram for my machine so NOW “Officially” I have 4 gigs total on my machine. The most ram I’ve had on a machine ever. I was also able to get rid of the old lawn mower as well, the one with the busted wheel. Someone knew how to fix it and wanted to do it so I let him. I am Installing Photoshop 7 on the main machine so that I can start using the tablet again. I placed Photoshop 3 on the Xp unit so our oldest can get familiar with it. She’s already got pretty smart with gimp, so best to take it up a notch and get her involved with Photoshop 3 proper like.

I’ve also asked my vehicles modeler just what the heck is going on and why there hasn’t been any progress from him as of late? Any responses I’ve sent have got little or no response out him and I am at the tail end of the fuse. I mean our player modeler is hard at work on getting the models done so they can be rigged and tested. The maps themselves, I’m not sure what’s going on with them to be honest. Our Mapper and well my 2nd in charge has been laxed as of late and I really need to find some way to motivate him more. Well anyways in other news this week which has been rather interesting to say the least.

I recently reconnected with an old and very cool friend of mine who was at my wedding, whose wife helped out with the preparations of my wife’s nails for the wedding. Now 15.5 Yrs later, things have changed, he’s a bit distant, closed off, not sure why? It’s not like I didn’t try to look for him after we got married, when we got back to Utah I had to get back to work and get things ready for creating a home environment, being a father and husband.

I still at times wonder am I doing things right? I think we all get that way sometimes, but you have to step back and look from the outside in and see if and where you’re messing up at and correct yourself or look at what happened and go why and what could have been better and make sure you correct yourself next time. On the net however there are just trolls and you have to figure out how to avoid them and to steer around them or divert them elsewhere than near you. Maybe I just want to say the world is still a very confusing place and also quite vicious as well. Good thing that I have a few people I can call friends to help step up to the plate to help me out.

It’s almost time to leave, so I’m just going to post this up and let you all ponder what I’ve said…..

The Thursday MY Thursday anyway…..

It’s funny the things that you eventually end up at a few yrs down the road. Today for instance, I was doing a search on a web comic I once followed pretty much dedicated due to the mirth and comical mayhem it caused and the fits of laughter I would suffer afterwards. I came across someone that was part of the cast as well. Seems she’s getting married and all type for happy are happening for her. All I can say is good for her and wish her well, I know we didn’t get along or were buddy/pal like, but we still from time to time and on rare occasions had decent exchanges of verbal communications. It is/was good to see her succeeding in life and partially being where she wanted to be. I think we all just grow away from things at some point in our lives. It’s just a sign of saying I’m done and need to move and expand from what I’ve seen.

I can say that I really don’t miss much from some of the older times from the early yrs of my “forum” days. Lots of asshattery and douche bag teabagging cyber bullying on …..(Pondering) I’ll say 78% of the forums that I went to and that only 4 % of them are still in existence still. Maybe I’m wanting to rant again maybe I’m just thinking what type of messed up people I’ve dealt with on line. Then again there “are” (yes there are) people out there who aren’t douche bags and are actually quite fun to pal around with and discuss things with. Then there are the near-do-wells, you know the ones that you think are your friends, but they talk shit behind your back and cut up on your expense and you don’t even know because it’s all behind closed doors or it’s on irc or such? Yea, I’ve dealt with those too. The worst are the ones who prefer their games or other things rather than wanting to or at least PRETEND to show an interest in what is troubling you and what has you upset. Those are just the worst type of person you’d want to contend with. The only way you can actually deal with them is to make a clean break and just not bother with them and hope that someday they will realize what they did and correct themselves for future encounters with other people.

On the light side of things, I did get the family room doorways fixed and realigned, I even caulked the nail entries and the older indentured in the woodwork from past slamming and fits of rage that have happened over the yrs. Alright, enough ranting and feeling sorry for myself, I guess. Back to work and back to reading genshiken again from front to back and the official guide as well. I’m currently waiting for RE:play Vol.3 to hit the library and my hold list. Otomen Vol. 5 is out as well and a Co worker and fellow manga reader is grabbing a copy at the Barnes and noble’s this Friday and as soon as she’s done with it I get to read it next SQUEEEEEEEE! Wife got our oldest a Finishing Sketch Pad for Easter, she doesn’t want it! ZoMg, “fine” I’m taking it and I’ll see what type of sketch I can do on one the sheets myself! I love art pads like that, I think they’re great. AH! It’s almost time to go home must get pack ready to saunter to the car and drive home. Not sure what I will do after dropping oldest off at school but I know I’ll do something with the kids on the day before they go back on track. C ya later

Last week/This past weekend

Been a long week, so far on the family room we got the crown molding up with the help from my wife’s uncle. Took us about 4.5 hrs but we did get it done. I have been able to get the backyard cut finally after a 3 hr fight with the lawn itself. Neighbor helped with the garden since h had a decent tiller whereas ours pretty much sucks dirt. I finally was able to find our long lost web comic artist after 3yrs of being MIA, so this means that there may indeed a 3rd installment of Peter Glock ace detective and all around comic/hero in The Web Comic known as “Chief Tiger”.

Got the garden area fertilized, and had the kids rake and spread it out. We did get a number of vegetables and herbs this year as well. Also made sure our house was secured fence doors mended and latches replaced/repaired. The reason being is my neighbor let me borrow his lawn mower to cut the backyard, I made sure the things in his shed were placed properly so as not to knock anything over. I cut the yard 2.5 hrs and returned the mower to where it was.

Well, this morning it seems someone broke into the shed and stole his father’s power washer. That means there are NOW criminal elements in our neighborhood that DO not belong there.
A Few of us have concealment permits and do pack when we’re out an about. But do we have to feel forced into having to take back our neighborhood from some snot nosed crack addict that busts into sheds at night just to get some quick fix? Seriously, some dillhole tries that while I am at home? Not only will they leave my house as a cripple, they might even die from lead poisoning.

I and my neighbors do not stand for thievery in our neighborhoods let alone our city. But the house is secured alarm system taken care of as well. So when I get home I’ll be watch the neighborhood a bit before bed. I might watch some more of this NEW Perfume Single! SQUEE!! >o<; SQUEE!!!

Brainhex class huh? Ok I’ll play……

Your BrainHex Class is Achiever.
Your BrainHex Sub-Class is Achiever-Socialiser.

You like collecting anything you can collect or doing everything you possibly can as well as hanging around with people you trust and helping people.

According to your results, there are few play experiences that you strongly dislike.

Learn more about your classes and exceptions at

Your scores for each of the classes in this test were as follows:

Achiever: 20
Socialiser: 15
Conqueror: 14
Mastermind: 13
Seeker: 9
Daredevil: 8
Survivor: 4

And wtf are you eh?

Otaku takes the next step but is it a step too far?

Old article I know but still it was a draft I didn’t know I had not finished on .
Otaku weds Body Pillow, what will the honeymoon be like? I mean seriously, will this guy have a heavy drycleaning bill? Does he own his own drycleaning buisness? If he gets a Matching bed set does that mean he’s 2x on her with her twin sisters? (Bedsheet and bedspread.) and what about the lolita factor for the Pillow? OMG,wth, I swear he couldn’t go out and find a 3D, or even a Girl next door type? No he has to get a Pillow with a 2-D on it. Sadness, despair.


I fear for our youth, this Gen “Z” (I was born in the mid 60’s so I’m classified as Gen “X”) we’ve brought into this world of ours. We had the Berlin wall come down, the end to the cold war, USSR and USA actually talking and resolving most of the differences we had. We saw advancements in technology as well, the birth of the cd, home PCs and Macs.
What does our offspring have? A Corpse pile from 9/11 a number of dead stars we gen X grew up with. There is HIV, Bird Flu, natural disasters, and terrorism that runs more abundant that fleas at a Dog Show.

Supposedly the world as we know will change in 2012. Yea yea, the movie, big whoop, I knew about this way back in the mid 80’s with the Mayan calendar and the Chinese calendar as well. If it does, it does.

My hope is they were wrong or maybe there was if mankind doesn’t do something the end of times will befall the earth. I know I’m not an innocent, and I should watch how I step in life in case everything as far as religion and such are concerned.

I consider myself lucky. I’ve seen space travel leaps in technology as far as bettering ourselves as a race/species. Seeing ourselves finally open our eyes to how we’ve shit on our world and are now at least trying to repair the damage we’ve done to our home.
Honestly, I do think that we’ve had the technology the entire time, but our world governments didn’t want to introduce them to the open public due to the way it would hit and hamper our economy and ways of life.
My hope is that this whole 2012 is a mistake the Mayans made and that I will be able to see my possible grandkids and see some of the better things this world can offer us as a people.

Yea, call me crazy but I still have some hope that at some point people will stop acting like asshats to each other and see the bigger picture within the picture, but I might be asking too much. Who knows some people used to call me batman, now they just call me crazy? Anyways, less than an hour here at work and then home to play TF2 for a bit and then bed to hopefully see the next day’s sunrise.


Been a busy week on vacation, I can tell you that much. I have been working on the family room. I’ve been doing the taking the shelving apart, putting it back up. Remove and haul the old nasty laundry room shelf out and mount up nice new ones after getting them trimmed so the dryer exhaust piping will fit as well. We fixed the overspill issue on the washer and got a dump tray under it to keep any future spillage contained to that area. It now has a nice blue to it as well.

In lighter news, I’ve started doodling again and will be uploading the ones I like up to my DA. OH and I have to mention that F.O.Z gave me a llama Badge at da over the weekend YAY! Here is her link An Artist type I know at DA. hire her for art commissions! Got to give pimpage where it’s due. Our kids are on Spring Break and enjoying themselves while being able to take a break from the stress of the classroom it seems. I might even take them to go play some tennis at the park nearby to burn off the excess energy they have.

Still haven’t got the cd/dvd drives sold yet, but there is hope. I found the GF 4200 Asus AGP I lost a few months back. I’m placing that on craigslist as well. I even came across the Adotron 4 port hub I used to use when our old quake 3 team was still around doing LAN parties. It works great, even has a bnc connector on it, yea a bnc can you believe that one? Oh and I decided to place the other Hauppauge TV card / FM Tuner on craigslist too. Why? Because I know it will sell and it’s something less to clutter the upstairs office with.

Waiting on Chris to show us the work he’s doing on revamping the hornet. He says he’s got a texturing style to show us to give the hornet that weathered and used look a vehicle like that should have. Paul’s working on the pilot model and texturing it, says it should be done within the middle of next week hopefully. Paulo says he needs content for the Hughes map, so I am having Joseph work with him to help get content created and textured so it can be ported into the map’s park/recreational areas of the plaza.

I just woke up a bit ago myself and need food now. So this is where I will start out my week for this portion of the April blog.