Genshiken Nidame get Anime Series !

HEY ! It’s Official! Genshiken Nidame HAS AN ANIME! *Victory dance* I read this at Oguie-p’s WP; I have to say I for one have been hoping for this. Now we can pick up where we left off at and it won’t seem as much time has passed at all for us fans.  I can’t wait for the fansubs THEN grabbing the official releases for the archive and random Genshiken power watching marathons.  Anyways,

So after the Madarame/Saki arc Genshiken would seem to relax a bit before going onward but Chap. 84 has some on edge.  In our last chap. Madarame announced was quitting his job at the Sakura Piping Company close the campus stating he’d be unable to visit the club often as he used to, disregarding Kasukabi’s advice from quitting his current employment.

Madarame seems alienated with the current club’s atmosphere, Yoshitake doesn’t help matters much by attempting to convert him to the BL circle of the Club, and Hato is having trouble coming to grips with his emotions being at odds with himself.  Ogiue asks him to help out with a “Tiger & Bonny” doujinshi, Hato begins to think about his friendship with Madarame, and the thoughts of doubt Kaminaga placed in Hato’s head on whether he’s straight, gay or bisexual.


Now, Sue of all people has shown feelings for Madarame in the process too, though her character might make it appear stranger than that.  This doesn’t change the demographic in Genshiken as the base issue for Madarame’s decision. I think that Madarame’s relation to the Genshiken as an on-campus club is waning. I had the same type of experience when I attended SCAN at SDSU but after I moved out to Utah, things gradually changed.  I’m still friends with people I knew from back then, however our friendship has survived in a certain sense, which even though we’re not around together to meet up and watch anime and RPG together afterwards doesn’t mean we’re not still friends.

Seeing as how Genshiken has this focus on Hato, the realization he will more or less be the most psychologically complicated character in this part of the series. Ogiue as one thing, as her story cuts to the bone, but Hato’s situation you can’t say Oh gee he’s gay! That might be a possibility, or it could be something else entirely and we’re all reading more into it than we suspect. However, with what we have read in the recent past about he doubting his sexual orientation it’s easy to see that it’s not the only thing going on behind or in front of the curtains everyone.

An End to the old and a beginning for the new!

fireworks final

Ok, well as I’m typing this out I’ve restructured the podcast, have registered or at least applied for a press badge for AnimeSaltLake on March 23rd & 24th where we’ll be covering panels and events from salt lake’s 2nd Anime based Convention. What was received from Christmas and St. Nicholas?  I received few pair of jeans, and a nice button up shirt, an omnibus of Genshiken covering issues 4 5 & 6, I also got those great Gashapon figures from Genshiken 2 sets as a matter of fact. So I have 2 Madarames I can build into a set of Genshiken Bookends for the office!


I’ve also reconnected with someone I didn’t think would still be around from the old community I hung out a few years ago. It seems that real life had got their meat hooks into him and made him get a social life somehow. Well he’s clipped those hooks and seems to have got back on track with writing and such and doing the net shtick again, which is cool because I’d like to see how the web comic he was doing before the meat hooks into him and tore him away from that. I really hope he picks it back up, the story plot was good, had some pitfalls which gave the story some attention grabbing.


We’ll be rearranging the office and moving it downstairs soon while at the same time rebuilding the old office back into a bedroom. We want to get a futon for our eldest so she has something to sit on in her new room downstairs since she’ll have room in there for one and she can have friends camp out in there as well if need be. Anyways, I’m currently at the office enjoying the 1st Genshiken Second Season Volume One and it does indeed have a slightly different translation than the scanlations, but it keeps pretty much to what I have read fan wise, which is what prompted me to buy the 1st Vol. and cont. to purchase the series as the volumes get released. Other than that, it will be a peaceful transition from 2012 to 2013, I wish everyone a Decent New Years and we will see you in the New Year tomorrow.

Genshiken Fanlist found and listed

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Greetings everyone, this is basically a shameful but much needed recruitment drive post for Genshiken fans! I’m a fan of slice of life anime and manga always have been to one sense or another. Bakuman, Otomen, Genshikn, Love dot com and related. But none have reached more than Genshiken because it takes me back to my old days at SDSU and S.C.A.N. at Nastor Hall.

Genshiken Music Tribute

Genshiken is Manga/Anime series that delves into the lives of one of the many types of circles (A University approved Group/Club in Japan) this one being for the visual studies of modern culutre.  I always saw it as an Oasis for Otakus. A place where one can be creative with one’s self and related interests. Like Model bashing/casting/assembly, doujinshi writing and publication, cosplaying and costume design. Video Game programming and creation. Just to name a few.

So, not only was it cool to find the Genshiken Fanlist Group, but I have built up my own group on facebook as well. I hope that some of you that have read this will join up on both groups and have fun interacting as a group.  Till then happy reading and may the imaginative portals open to wisk you away to those places you yearn for……

What Type of Genshiken Character would I be?

What Genshiken character Persona am I ?

Name: Harunobu Madarame
Location: Suioh University
Occupation: Student/tech
Interests: Genshiken, Gaming, Manga, Anime
Website: Genshiken on Facebook <— Come Visit us.

Harunobu Madarame is not the leader of the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture. That honor goes to the mysterious “original president,” whose name and personal history was never really revealed. Madarame is however the closest thing to a driving energy behind the club. His fanboy does outdo that of any other members of the club.

A Avid fanboy of anime, manga, and doujinshi from a very young age, Madarame does at times loudly defend his 2-D complex against anyone who tries to attack it. Once he gets in a ranting mood, he can be pretty hard to stop. He’s very intelligent, but sometimes that doesn’t quite come across through his lack of social skills. Doujinshi is Madarame’s particular weakness. OH and Madarame is SO not a Sou Uke! ARGH!