Guess the player pack for UT2004?

Can anyone guess who this is? Sonicst has been very hard at work on this and have to say turning out quite splendid.

But seriously, I’m just wondering how many out there can guess who the actual character is though? Anyone give a guess or two?
There will be a set of unique voice packs as well the Voice over actors/actresses will not be revealed till the release of the pack but I think people will be midly suprised and please with the work and effort going into this.

Other news, Allen has got the onramps and offramps done and bruce has been kind enough to uvlayout and texture them. Joseph has some issues he’s dealing with on the real side of the net, so we’re just waiting on him to get things taken care of there. In teh meantime we’re discovovering how to increase the Skydome and apply a progresssitional skybox to add to the enhancement to the overall enviroment. Overall I think its going to come out quite nicely once done.