Review – The Cute Girl Network

The Cute Girl Network, what can I say but wow both in a bad and good way (I guess).Greg means did write an excellent if not (anger igniting) story.  I was indeed hooked into it but not for the reasons you might think.  This is a love story btw two people but the historical background history on the lead male character is what made me angry with regards to the story.


Enter Jack, a nice guy. He is a bit forgetful, sometimes clumsy and even slightly awkward with some small sense of tact upon him.  He truly is a nice guy, and in my opinion he got the dirty end of the stick in a few of his past romantic/relationship encounters.




Enter Jane, new girl in town. Has a friend she roommates with a few other girls, has a job at one the local skate shops (In hopes of bringing in more of a female clientele to the shop). Who happens to bump into Jack and seems to have some sparks and chemistry ensue.  The budding possible relationship starts to unfold.


Then the whole thing falls to shit and chaos. How pray tell?  Well while Jane was on her way to work and stopping by Jack’s Soup Cart to pick up a bite to eat one of her roomies shows up and Notices Jack and greets him rather rudely Jack responds defensively with a simple hello. Jane notices this and Nikki one of several roomies explains that She and Jack had once dated and to stay away that he was trouble.




Jane was taken aback by this due to the time she has already spent with Jack. She says he’s harmless but Nikki insists that he is trouble and that she will prove it by Exposing Jack to Jane through “The Cute Girl Network” some network of the local female populace that seem to look out for one and other by keeping tabs on the local male populace and whether or not these women have interacted with any of these males. Jack being one of the males, Jane is taken to several meetings where 90% of ex-girlfriends totally ripped on Jack due to his quirks and what some would call inadequacies, one of the ex’s who was also another one of the roomies of Jane’s stated “HE’S NOT RIGHT FOR ANYBOSY! He should be sent away to some wayward home for dipshit boys where he can make wicker baskets all day and not bother anyone!  


That isn’t the only incident either, several of his ex-‘s trash talked him made him look to be some type of asshole, which wasn’t even the case. One of ex-‘s did state that even though they broke up due to him causing her to lose her job, she did get a job with her roommate at the coffee shop her roomie worked at, with the slightly better pay and less stress and an enjoyable environment and in that instance he had done he a great solid, even though they weren’t going out anymore.

Yes there is an eventual Happy Ending on this graphic novel, but roughly 85% of it is the trash talking about how bad a person jack is to Jane like she needs protecting or something.  She even admitted herself she was no prize either and that she has had her fair share of messing things up as well.  That’s what life is about experiences good as well as bad and no matter what someone says to you? You sometimes just have to experience it yourself to understand.


At the end Jane chooses Jack, explains that she likes him for who he is. Later Jane and Jack are sitting and Jane is talking with Jack about the ex-‘s and he tells her what seems to be more logical of a scenario that what 90% of what was said about the relationships/encounters.  Jane and Jack date they go to the zoo and that’s basically where it leaves off at the end, them watching some Monkeys doing it in the habitat.


My opinion was even though it was a good story there was a  lot of trashing about the male lead it almost seems like bullying Jane and Jack about their relationship and you just can’t go and do something like that, it’s not fair to them and its degrading yourself to stoop to that type of level of immaturity 

Otakuism and the general populace

I hate crap like this, people like this bring very bad images to us and our class in society and places us back a few notchs on acceptable circles in society. Don’t people know it’s overly unacceptable behavior to post things like this?


Otaku, in the Twenty-first century, are (imo) regarded as the decedents of the twentieth century NetWare forefathers; individuals who are able to interface with the hardline and ether matrix with advancing the human race. Of course there are those that consider the word “otaku” a bad name still in society as lowly humans that are not deserving of any attention and in some cases society would more or less want all otaku to be abstained from society on the whole and preferable die out or stay within their small yet massing hikikomori communities and online circles.

Let me tell you, we otaku are people just like you, don’t let some weeboos too entrenched at being what people expect them to and not being themselves to convince you should be the same. Society seems to view us and mostly the overall Japanese society view us as drains on the economy, health care and on the local communities. Just because we like/prefer another country’s media culture shouldn’t make us outcasts. Society needs to be a bit more sensitive to the views of others. But then again this is a world where someone makes light of another’s religion MASSES Rise up and commit acts of violence and murder, and it was murder because people couldn’t just be Pffft whatever dude, it’s your soul. But that’s just a small example of how society can react and retaliate and it’s never a pleasant scene.

They paint a picture that isn’t pretty that we’re some type sect or worship the anime/manga/computer/military sections of daily life as cult-like devotion, almost to the degree of a religion. We’re viewed in society as online groups known as circles, and are fiercely loyal to the circles. Some circles devote themselves to zealous causes or even campaigns like OWLs or political parties in general.
Since we otaku seem to be targeted just because we attempt to stay focused like that of the flexibility of a child’s mind, to keep a fresh outlook out there and to keep faith that at some point that enlightenment will be brought around to not just us but to everyone and there will be no more trolling, no more cyber bullying, no more racism, nor bigotry an otaku often experiences a loss of belonging as they grow through adulthood. This is just normal changing of choices on life and career choices because being otaku, we at times generally seek out employment in the lifestyle and hobbies we like.

While this transition can halt or delay this growth process, most otaku lose their interests by the time they reach the age of 35. However there some otaku, do not experience this for reasons unknown and still retain their otaku likes and dislikes and will usually express them openly. The “next-generation” of the generation of Otaku will be those that will break through and start us on the road to medicine, fashion, technology. Seriously take a look at some of the examples of gen X.0 Peter Payne is one such Otaku who dreamed of wanting to make it big in the world. By a fluke he made his dream come true by opening J-list which one of several Japanese exporters of anime/manga and other goods to the global population. Otaku are just people like yourselves, don’t judgmental of others just because of their choices of media subculture. Tolerances must be re-established and be acted upon rather than acting irrationally killing others because their views and lifestyles were not of the common masses of the world.


The A.D. Police saga is one of the fan loved series spin-offs from the BGC anime franchise. As the cyber crime ratio rises in MegaTokyo escalates, political pressure mounts towards the A.D. Police to stop the increasing numbers of mutating cyborgs known as VOOMERS. During this surge of outbreaks, the friendships between members of the AD Police’s Elite team are stretched out a bit to one degree or another.

Small Background history

The year is 2020, and after a devastating earthquake, MegaTokyo also known as Genom City, was being rebuilt at the hands of the cyborg VOOMERS—Voodoo Organic Metal Extension Resources—built by Genom Corp, whose office tower now dominates the skyline. The machines, known as Voomers, have become an integral part of life now, doing heavy construction and maintenance, in addition to more mundane and menial chores. A number of these nits have been known to go rogue for one reason or another, and their destructive rampages can be fatal. To counter this increasing menace, the Advanced Police were formed as an elite police division, focused on Voomer crimes.

Setting is 19 years later after the Quake and the ongoing rebuild of MegaTokyo – Circa 2039

ADP Officer Kenji Sasaki has to come to grips when accepting Hans Kleif as his new partner. He has his own personal demons to deal with, if he is to deal with what faces him and faces the A.D. Police as well all the while investigating the Cyber-espionage and keep the VOOMERS from wreaking havoc on MegaTokyo into a Techno-Warzone. He tends to be the lone point man in his own regards, he takes risks, he also has attitude adjustments that reflect on being someone who is not really that much of a “team player”, but he is good at what he does, and that is what it takes when dealing with machines that have the capacity to take down a building with a few well places blows to the infrastructure, and where lives are at risk.

Unfortunately, the free spirit does not work well with social skills, Kenji’s first meeting with his new partner Hans Kleif, who transferred in from the NP (Normal Police) of Germany, is well let’s be honest, it was less than friendly. Kleif is the good looking Action Hero/Officer type, being shot in the line of duty and losing part of his long term memory and with a possible love interest with the doctor, who is supposedly help him out in trying to regain those memories makes him one the characters the viewer will somehow relate with and stay engaged with the story.

Let’s introduce the rest of the team! We have Jose Collins, who is also the team leader and the demolitions expert. Next the rather tall and blonde explosives expert, Karen Jordon who hails from New York City USA. Then there is also her partner and bud at the bar Ms. Mary Malone who hails from California USA, the resident firebee and aerial combat vehicle pilot. Then comes the part of who they report to, El Jefe Ms. Nancy Wilson also from New York USA as well, who is over the operations of this ADP Squad. Being involved over a city with a growing Voomer threat, crimes are high, as well as something new developing in MegaTokyo.

The Voomer market has expanded worldwide, creating opportunities to insert a criminal element involving mafia/yakauza organizations one especially known is The Backers syndicate, exporting Voomers of questionable background to other companies in need of said merchandise. One of the more notorious of these crime syndicates leaders is Mr. Liam Fletcher, who becomes a major suspect for the A.D. Police, since a series of incidents start to end connecting and centering around the Backer syndicates operations.

Now I love the BGC Franchise as a whole, I have watched all the OVAs, The TV Series, The Manga and Magazine articles over the years. The Three part OVA Set from 1989 comapred to this 1999 pre-quel, you can’t really compare the two series. I liked the OVA as well as The TV series they are both engaging but the TV series has a more intertwinging and plotline which was what got a hold of me and kept my interest. Now with the OVA series it was more due to the individual stories and how they intertwined and yet didn’t as well.

It did have a equal gritty feel to it but a different sense on a social scale, there is a better interaction with cast development and intrigue, and there is a definite sense of “Action Hero” involved in it as well. Back to the TV series, as I went through I got a sense of familiarity growing within the team structure and how Hans and Kenji started to work more as a dynamic duo (No pun there huh?), but at the same time also building a better working force as well as you’ll see as you watch it yourselves. Lots of great involvement on character interacting and some plot catching scenes to keep the viewer engaged and wanting to watch to the end of the series.

The story development has some weak points like any other story, but the character design was well thought out, however the uniforms were a bit inconsistent as far as uniformity was concerned. This world here shows a more realistic environment of a Japan that has been hit by an earthquake and is still recovering from said disaster even after being 19 years later. The story has a gritty but enjoyable feel to it for those of us out there that enjoy a cool cyberpunk type environment, RPG games, graphic novels and the ilk.

ADV has this out on the Market as a 2 DVD Boxed set, in my opinion its well worth getting and the pricing is more than reasonable. Some of you may not be a big fan by reviews, but I have seen and read what’s out there regarding the BGC/ADP Franchise that’s been translated in English and I am impressed and own a copy of this box set myself. The Artwork and the fact that it also has a decent opening and closing textless video theme sequence was also an added bonus as well.

Cool things in Robotics and arduino! PLUS Daicon III is 30 Yrs old this year!

I was recently checking out some more of the Omnibot projects there were out there & came across a Robotics Hobby Master the Bot Master, who admins & I emailed him requesting a possible guide on the project he did with his Omnibot. Here on this link you’ll get a feeling on how he built his using Arduino as the control module for it.

Now he used the arduino as the controller but he an add-in from here to control the motors, & used this ping back sensor to avoid collisions. He did a great review/write up on this project hold the same concept. Once I get the necessary parts he & DJ Sures will be able to lend me some advice & help. Here take a look at his & DJ Sures projects involving The Tomy Omnibot, l I think you’ll find them as enjoyable as I am. The one that especially creative was the one that was repainted and converted into a pc, with a mouse cradle for the right arm, which I though was a nice touch.

In anime related news, it had occurred to me & I kick myself for it because its been 30 Yrs since it was made & shown at a Particular Tokyo convention mainly the Nihon SF Taikai Cons Daicon III (1981) & IV (1983)Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga Music by Koichi Sugiyama, Yuji Ohno Kitarō, Electric Light Orchestra –ELO (Twilight which is also used in the TV series Densha Otoku ).

Distributed by DAICON Film Release date(s) 1981 (III) 1983 (IV) Running time approx -5½ mins for III & – 6 mins (IV) creation point was Japan Language English & Japanese So for Hiroyuki Yamaga and Crew and the cutie that is the Daicon Bunny-Chan We say Happy 30th Anniversary and we love you and the work you brought to us which still goes strong to this day and is loved by otakus around the globe!

Air Doll – A Movie on Par with Densha Otoko

Ok, so I decided to do a write up on this movie. Let’s get this out of the way 1st. It’s not the fact that she’s a blowup sexdoll, so get the childish giggling out of the way with now ok? We done yet? Good, now let’s get to the seriousness of the movie, shall we?

This is the story of Nozomui, a doll created by a Doll Master of a fashion, who gives her a soul thru his work. Afterwards, she becomes Hideo’s (Middle aged Otaku) partner. She after awhile decided to go out into the city while Hideo-san is at work and while during these little ventures in the city she comes across people who share the same type of thoughts she does. Am I just an empty vessel to help fill the void of who was supposed to be where I am now?

She also discovers love, the truth behind, and other insights that we normally take for granted. I have only watched the clips of this movie that was presented at the 2009 Cannes Festival, but I’ve been an anime/manga/pc/game/rpg Otaku for 34 yrs and married for 15 yrs. (God bless my wife for putting up with me lol).

I can see JUST by watching the clips reading some of the articles out there as well? this is one of those movies that will indeed be not only entertaining but also quite moving as well. More can be found here at the website itself kuuki-ningyo/Air Doll the Movie. I do hope there will be some serious commentary on this rather than just “Oh hahah sex doll OMGWTHBBQ” crap that seems to be out there in droves.

Code monkey & Me

Am I codemonkey? or Am I Otaku? I am Otaku, why? for I wake up to theme of Robotech (Macross era) and eat white rice and and green tea for my morning breakfast. I prefer watching Shinchan VS the morning news. I like reading Andromeda stories VS The Andromeda Strain. I like model building rather the roof repair. So I love my family and protect my way of life, for I am Otaku and this is who I am.

Office Otaku, inner office hijinx

I thought this had enough hilarity to share. I have to admit, this is something I actually saw happen to two people I worked with when I was with microsoft on the MSN project in mac/pc techinical support. Quite a unique experince ot actually watch something like that develop in a inner office enviroment.

Needless to say, things didn’t go as well as expected . They did get married, but she divorsed him as soon as she got the breast reduction job she needed for health reason. Very uncool of her to use him like that, and I was suprised to have heard what had happened. But he remarried after a few years of recovery, he’s happy and again suprise he’s working at the same company I am working for as well. He in sales and billing, and me in tech support.