Nice week, best way to end April in my opinion

Ok new job, started Monday same day I was hired, got my own cubicle, awesome intel7 workstation. It’s like Christmas; I am a higher pay scale than when I was with my last job. It’s for a Data backup and Recovery Software Corp. The stress level is almost nil, got a posh kitchen and break room; I can use wifi here on my laptop.

We’re expanding the other side of the floor as our own as well. It’s just uber cool, my superior is awesome! Quake and Starcraft weekend venture LAN parties? OOOOOO!!!!
If I am dreaming the person that wakes gets a size 13 E up side their cranial cavity.
Ok, just thought I’d post this up. I’m out for now.

Closing of the week

Got the front yard flowerbeds in with the new mulch my neighbor had extra of. I’ve got that soaked through and through and I hope the planets in front of the living room window recover faster from the winter freeze this time better than last year.

I have an interview at the DWF office here by our house on Monday. It looks like I might get that job I interviewed for 2 months ago and didn’t get a callback on through this program one the officers at the DWF wanted to get me involved in. I’ll know later and let you know how it goes.

Dinner was a Lumberjack flapjack night, complete with eggs and turkey bacon. I made a few waffles and my oldest decided she just wanted the eggs and made herself some rice, then upstairs to the PC like she normally does, I swear, sometimes I wonder if she has lcd vision replacements in her head rather than eyes?

Anyways, got back into playing borderlands, which is rather fun I have 3 achievements so far in the 3 hours I’ve played I think? Went to FB and updated the skype info so my team can get in touch with me same with family and friends that have skype, since I’m not on msn as much as I used to be.

Also, I want to get this off my chest again since it seems to be happening again, which is just plain annoying and really chafes my hide. Seems that the only real day I got traffic on this place was Tuesday, when someone I dropped from my FB for reasons we don’t need to go into anymore since it most is the same crap and I just got done with it and removed them while I was cleaning my FB out of people that just do not keep in regular contact with me on a day to day or smeg lets even say a week to week basis, shall we?

They ask why, I told them why, and yet they follow me here. I’m not even going to bother screening it because if I did? All they’d do is stalk me on my DA then. I’m done with the issue, they know how I feel, I know how their wife feels and I know how about 98% of their “online” buddies feel about me as well.

I can say w/o a doubt the feelings are mutual, it’s why I left, and the two times I did attempt to get access back to the site at their suggestion, was met with not a no, or sorry we can’t it was nothing, no reply no nadda. So I don’t care about that much anymore, the butthurt left long ago it’s been about 3 maybe 4 years now and I haven’t been by there in a few months so I’d just assume not have any CB’s around my blog since you all don’t seem to want me around I think it would be justified to have the same courtesy, thank you very much, and with that I’ll close the week out on that note.

Gosha-san at Sakura Con “2011”

Gosha made a post about where he’ll be next weekend! Sakura Con [link] is pretty much next week (April 22-24) in Seattle, WA. He ‘s in the artist alley this year. He’s be sharing the booth with Disko Warp Music. On Saturday he’ll be joined with his brother, he’ll be promoting his Rune Hunters comic [link]
There will be plenty-o-swag! on hand, and Disko Warp will have multiple CDs available for purchase as well! YAY! Gosha will of course have his gear from his online store (shirts, key-chains, charms, puzzles, etc) as well as prints, and the new charms set that are not available online as of yet. Artist alley will be open for all three days on the following hours.


Friday – 12 PM –10 PM
Saturday – 9 AM –10 PM
Sunday – 9 AM –3 PM

Artist alley is room 6B. You can find the full schedule here as well, [link]
Gosha is also involved in the AMV contest with Space Space Shooter, possibly. We’re not sure as of yet but if he is OH MAN OH MAN winner winner chicken dinner!
Head over to his booth, say HI! Tell you heard about it through me! He might get a small laugh out of it.


Ok, so I have a possible interview with a company I used to transfer my clients to when I used to work for my last employer, funny how that works out? That and I have sent my resume to XO corp. had to run around town most of the day doing errands. Talked with some of friends on Skype and discussed some issues that needed to addressed.

Been cleaning the address book out and just getting rid of people I just do not talk to anymore or who have just plain and outright pissed me right off more than a few times.
Heading to the Jazz Game tonight, with it being the final game of the season for them, although I wished I wasn’t I don’t get much into basketball, if anything I’m going because one the twins got 2 tickets for a game and with tonight being GS leader meeting night, her mother can’t go instead.

Also the unemployment office called got that mess all taken care of as well. Found the companies I did apply for the time periods they needed. There needs to be a system that can tell the legitimate from the fakes that just sponge off their benefit’s not putting forth any real effort in finding employment again. Ok I’m heading out to that game have fun peeps.


Tuesday and my daily routine

Ok, so today was uneventful. Went online checked on the local newspaper applied for jobs pertinent to my skill set and per hour amount. Went out for a drive to get the water filters and to get some legal documents I needed, I also got to pick up my oldest from school at the library. Scored a shojo beat manga as well for twenty five cents and in mint condition, not bad.

Other than that, just drove home, installed said water filters. I checked on my DA site, and my FB and not much there either. Attempting to find Adam so I can see if we can get together for a meet and eat and fix this &^2$ server and get the site back up and running.
Sent Bruce the email software for the team and the site and just waiting on the install and if he needs any help on setting it up or not?

Although even though it may be a bit outdated? I think this Linux Administration A Beginner’s guide 2nd Edition is a good a read and the fact that it comes with a install CD of Red Hat 7 to help get you started is also a plus because then you get the on hands training and experience on updating the install and placing in a GUI like Gnome, or KDE. Will keep you posted on this as I go along, that’s it for now, told you it was a boring day.

The weekend of weirdness

News said it was going to snow over the weekend and it did save for yesterday, which actually did turn out to be a nice day. Snow melted away, I was able to get back to the backyard and clean up the tree branch clippings and remove a branch off the dead tree, yes it is now 1 full year from a hopeful turn around and it ended up a failboat to the arctic. I’m posting on the free services group for anyone who wants free firewood to swing by with a ladder truck and chainsaw.

Got the licence plates for the explorer mounted and just have to return the old plates to my mother in law. Drives ok for “93” explorer, not too bad at all, I got the clock adjusted and checked the fluids, the air filter was replaced last week. Still trying to find a lcd monitor for that server of mine sitting in the corner waiting for a restore of the O/S. It will be soon I hope, or at least use the new install to port over the website. Other than that, its time for the yearly weeding of the garden bed and the turning of the soil. I also want to get back to the sprinkler system and repair that was well, -_-; cripes thats a pain I don;t like dealing with but needs to done at some point.
Anyways, back to the daily cleaning. TTYL