Halloween 2009

Seems I’m spending it at work as a normal night. Nope, nothing new no pizza, no free candy, but I did get a dvd and cookie from the days off I was on. Baby for sale the dvd, yea I really want to have something like that. Figure got something still in the wrap? Going to gra ywhale with it.

Maybe I can get something cool, intead. Got the laundry done, helped out a littl ebit with our oldest’s Xion costume from Kingdom hearts 358/2 days. Her Keyblade looks awesome, The “13” Robe/Hood setup came out great My wife did a super job indeed with it. Got the chains and hooks and the Keyblade chains placed and all of that good stuff as well.

Me? I’m sitting here at work typing away on keyboard doing my job and helping people as I can. But honestly Halloween does let all types loose on the phone.

Food, fun, CORN MAZE !

WOO! Just got home and I got to say that tonight was one the best ones yet. We went to a corn maze here in town and we raced thru it in record time with our oldest leading the way. She’s a real spitfire let me tell you.

She got the map and off she went sisters in tow. All while me and my wife decided to trail along behind nicely taking and easy pace of it all.
One twins got super scared because there was some kid with a werewolf mask on and talk about grabbing hold and not letting go. Wow, kid’s developed a lock on the arm like you wouldn’t believe either.

Finally got her to relax and catch up with her sisters. After that we headed to dinner at one the better Chinese gourmet buffet places. Mongolian BBQ was the best part in my opinion. Two bowls of that and 4 plates of eggrolls and I was done. Got the paints my oldest needed for her keyblade taken care of as well.

Halloween and Video Games plus yardwork

Hi day off here, decided to go out back and try to get the garden done and failed. I got the tomatoes up and out and pulled the dead plants out. But at the same time I was able to get front yard cleaned up and raked, I was able to finally cut and clean the yard and redo some of the Halloween decorations as well.

Our oldest wants to dye her hair black for her Halloween costume. She’s going as Xion from KH 358/2 days and even made her own keyblade with her grandmother’s help. (HEY I work ok…. Sue me) we also got the garage finally cleared out of the computer stuff there was inside as well. Including that HUGE HP laser printer as well. Got to jet hitting the Borderlands as we speak.

C ya on steam

Windows 7 and Anime Gadgets

Hey, how you all doing? Enjoying the windows 7 goodness yet? I am and The Nana theme as well. But to add to the wnder of that theme ? I added The Anime System Admin Gadget and a few others at anime theme dot com. Seems you can have some pretty fun times with it as well.

It’s cool and I recommend it to every otaku out there as well. It works well in Xp, Vista and Win 7, not sure about windows 2k. But seriously if you love anime as much as I do ? Give the site a try and alive as well. You can even get a @animetheme.com email too if you look carefully enough as well. I got mine.

Windows 7 and The Otakus in Redmond


For the past decade-plus, the renowned otaku community has idolized and actually gave birth to various Windows versions as cute anime girls called “OS-tans “. Our MS Otaku brethren in Washington State have created and adopted and released to the global OS-Tan Family Nana!

From ME-tan’s clumsiness to 2K-tan’s formal and business like demeanor and attire to XP-tan’s big boobs; earlier OS-tans still have a community-driven love towards them. They embodied actual user reactions to the operating systems the warm and smiling Nanami looks like a very cute and yet seasoned Os-Tan that and her cat that she has with her as well.

The Lovely OS-tan family have been given names to the OS they are derived from however this time had a little puntastic twist her official name: is Nanami Madobe also small fact time Nana is Japanese for the number Seven. Nanami even has her own voice actress, and graces a bundled desktop theme for the Japanese pre-ordered otakus. I will also add I LOVE My NANA! ^^;


Yes I Squee’ed like a lil girl! Because borderlands is out and Once home after work I shall proceed to log into Steam and start dueling and pwning n00bs. Question is will Mimzi be around to help me out in the co-op? I do hope so, afterall I did explain how to reinstall her games on steam after re downloading and installing the steam client.

Borderlands! & Yesy Forums

Squee! Less than a hour before Borderlands is avlib to play on Steam! I can’t wait WAI! *Facefaults* This is going to be so cool! My hope is that at least some of the people I know on steam will have it for some mutual co-op fun.

CRIPES! I can’t get on the yesy forums. I knew I forgot at least on forum that I needed to update my info on! X3 Now I have to try to get on IRC *again* and see if one the admin on the yesy channel can help me out and reset my password. Then I can access and update my account info.

less that 72 hrs and Counting

Oh lord (oh lord)…

Oh boy oh well I told you
Well I told you but I thought you’d know
There ain’t no heaven
Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven
There ain’t no heaven
On the county road

Don’t talk about it
Oh boy, don’t talk about it
Don’t talk about it
If you do, I’ll cry
Don’t come around me
Oh lord, don’t come around me
Don’t come around me
If you do, I’ll die

Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven
Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven

Down at the station stood my dear ol mother
Oh well she keeps on, keep on screamin’ and cryin’
“Oh lord I wonder what my son has done”

Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven
Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven
Oh lord

Ah Did you bring me, bring me any silver
Oh did you bring me, bring me any gold
Oh did you see me, workin’ on South Carolina
Oh just to see me work on the county road

Oh lord (oh lord), there ain’t no heaven
Oh lord (oh lord), there ain’t no heaven
(Oh lord, oh lord)

There ain’t no heaven (there ain’t no heaven)
(Oh lord, there ain’t no heaven)
Oh lord (oh lord), there ain’t no heaven

THE *ONLY* decent edition of Borderlands to speak of? Is already preloaded on my Windows 7 box and new hdd. I can’t wait ! I’ve already convicned a few other techs to get it too so monday will be the real test of our co-op skills. Oh you think you can take me ? You think you’re anthony monoya, is that what you think? I found you playing in a musical version of Rabmo 7 as a Gigalo for Madame Bettle! You wanna go back to that !?! FWAP/TROUT!

God I can’t believe some of you. But nonetheless the questin remains which one of you will be the one to duel me…. you wanna phone card to call your next of kin before the match ? You might need to…..

Soupy Sales a Legend in his own time Passed on Age 83

Milton Supman AKA Comical Legend Soupy Sales passed away at age 83. His comedical stunts and wit were obtained During World War II oddly enough. During his time in the U.S. Navy he entertained his shipmates using the ship’s PA system. After the war he decided to the airwaves as a DJ like Kasey Kasem. Using his material from his military duty he aquired and soared into Television History with The Soupy Sales show!

My dad and Grandfather grew up with Lunch with Soupy Sales which was live in 1953 and lasted till 1966 when I was born. Soupy was a Do it all type of person. Not only did he do his show but game shows, voice acting in cartoons in his life. It was also his wonderful sense of comedy and bringing laugther to us all thru television that endeared him to us all in heart as well as mind. We will miss you Soupy……

NEW Hdd, Windows 7 and Hopefully Steam too

Took the plunge, got a new 320 Gig HDD to replace the old 40 gig Xp one. Yes, I will be be installing my Windows 7 Ultimate Signature edition.
From what I understand that with some games you’ll more ore less have to set it as a permenant admin privs for it to work right, and sometimes using Xp mode works as well for it too.

Also got the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of chernobyl, Quake Wars Enemy Territory, Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter, oh yea and Serious sam II (yay). Which I will test one by one as I install unto Windows 7 U/S.