Just mulling around……..

What has been going on this month? Not much, attempting to get the back lawn back under control and groomed before the onslaught of fall rain is heaped upon us. Got a new machine a 2.4 Quad core Media PC from gateway 4 gigs of ram, media slots, 2 DVRWs lightscribe and dual layer with some type of portable media drive as well. There is a TV card installed as well and I need to attempt to see how much a remote would be for it since there is an IR Sensor for the TV card. Think once I have the TV moved upstairs I’ll setup a media center there and stream video from there and see how that goes.

Nerd swap came and gone grabbed some cool dvds, and the “RedSkull Incarnate” 1 thru 5 set. I am hoping to get the office downstairs straightened up (Yea yea don’t say it). If all I do is getting it presentable and useable as an office/Podcast Studio again is fine by me. I’d also like to be able to get the fabric for the Drapes/curtains for the office hung up and installed as well. Watched “Date a Live” season one and now I am back to a *waiting for season two* angst like anger like I did with accel world when they stopped with 1 season / ova. Enjoying the rain here it’s well needed.

Other than that, pretty much the usual and same old. Till next time…….